Best Tummy Tuck Surgeons in Turkey

Tummy Tuck Surgery is also called Abdominoplasty Surgery done for 1) Removing unwanted abdominal saggy skin 2)Elimination of defects in the stomach and proportions restoration. After a childbirth or sharp weight loss, Tummy Tuck helps you in getting rid of the hanging belly fat. Usually, Abdominoplasty surgery is combined with a liposuction procedure to remove unwanted fat and sagging stomach skin.

What are the Top 5 Reasons for Tummy Tuck surgery?

  • Significant Weight Loss
  • After Pregnancy
  • C-section Abdominal surgery
  • Aging Factors
  • Your natural body type


Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey 2023

Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey Average Cost (US Dollars)
Minimum Cost $1,850 – $2,000
Average Cost $2,500 – $8,500
Maximum Cost $5,000 – $10, 000

Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey attracts several international patients to have the latest aesthetic procedures. The tummy tuck is one of the most famous and trending cosmetic surgery. Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey varies widely depending on surgeon experience, clinic location, procedure extent, and facilities. Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey may range between $1,850 (minimum) – $10, 000 (Maximum). The average tummy tuck cost is $2,500 – $8,500. However, the actual cost will differ for every patient—Consult with an expert board-certified plastic surgeon in Turkey for an accurate cost estimate. We can also provide second opinions, personalized quotes, and Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey based on customized needs and health conditions.

Turkey is the leading Global Destination for the Tummy Tuck procedure because,

Highly Experienced Tummy Tuck Surgeons in Turkey. Latest Tummy Tuck Technology availability in Turkey. Innovative Tummy Tuck Methods in Turkey. Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey is Affordable. Tummy Tuck Surgery Reviews in Turkey is very good. Availability of Tummy Tuck Packages in Turkey, Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos sharing by Doctors.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey


Tummy Tuck Type in Turkey Top 3 Cities in Turkey Cost in Turkey (USD)
Abdominoplasty Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 3500
Standard Tummy Tuck Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 3500
Extended Tummy Tuck Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 4000
Panniculectomy Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 3000
Reverse Tummy Tuck Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 3800
Mini Tummy Tuck Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2500


Low-cost Tummy Tuck in Turkey is 2,500 USD. Tummy Tuck price in Turkey starts from $ 2,200 and cost varies based on required correction, current medical conditions, required facilities, etc. The average Abdominoplasty price in Turkey is 2,200 USD.

Abdominoplasty price in Turkey is highly competitive because of the availability of multiple Tummy Tuck Hospitals and Tummy Tuck clinics in Turkey.

Tummy Tuck cost in Istanbul starts from 2,500 USD. Low-cost Tummy Tuck in Istanbul is mainly because of the availability of multiple options. The average Abdominoplasty price in Istanbul is $ 2,400.

Tummy Tuck cost in Ankara starts from 2,600 USD. Low-cost Tummy Tuck in Ankara is mainly because of the availability of multiple options. The average Abdominoplasty price in Ankara is $ 2,200.

Tummy Tuck cost in Antalya starts from 2,700 USD. Low-cost Tummy Tuck in Antalya is mainly because of the availability of multiple options. The average Abdominoplasty price in Antalya is $ 2,300.

Abdominoplasty surgery reviews from past clients are very favorable in Turkey. Vaginal rejuvenation reviews in Turkey are very good mainly because of the availability of the best Abdominoplasty surgeon in Turkey.

Tummy tuck Istanbul

Tummy Tuck Type in Istanbul Cost in Turkey (USD)
Abdominoplasty $ 3200
Standard Tummy Tuck $ 3300
Extended Tummy Tuck $ 3900
Panniculectomy $ 2900
Reverse Tummy Tuck $ 3700
Mini Tummy Tuck $ 2200

Tummy tuck Istanbul’s price starts from $2200 to $3900. You’ll find the best tummy tuck surgeon in Istanbul, with more than 10 years of experience, and helps in obtaining the best results. Tummy tuck in Istanbul, Turkey prices are lower than in any other country.

Tummy Tuck Turkey Cost in Best Hospitals

Clinic Name Tummy Tuck Price (USD)
Istanbul Aesthetic Center (Medical) $4,400
Estetik International – medical $4,800
Hisar Hospital Intercontinental $2500
Medlife Group – Medical $3500
Memorial Healthcare Group $4702

Tummy Tuck Turkey Cost changes in every hospital. The best hospital in Turkey offers the latest technologies and advanced procedures of a Laser tummy tuck, VASER tummy tuck, and high-definition tummy, based on which the exact Tummy Tuck Turkey Cost will be provided. As every hospital has different facilities and availability of plastic-cosmetic surgeons, Tummy Tuck Turkey Cost will vary. Aesthetic procedures are popularly known in Turkey due to their affordable cost than other countries for similar procedures. Turkey is the most preferred country for trending body contouring surgery via tummy tucks for men and women after pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck In Antalya

Antalya is a mesmerizing coastal city located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Antalya has become increasingly trending as a destination for health tourism in recent years, particularly tummy tuck procedures. This popularity is driven by several factors, such as the medical facilities of hospitals, state-of-the-art technologies, and highly trained medical professionals. Tummy Tuck In Antalya Cost range between $1,750 – $9,500. The average Tummy Tuck In Antalya Cost is $4,000. Tummy Tuck In Antalya Cost will change depending on the experienced medical professionals and skilled plastic surgeons whom the International Plastic Surgery Board recognizes. Antalya provides affordable cost benefits with high-quality care. International tourists can have easy Visa accessibility, medical help, food, and entertainment. Choose Tummy Tuck In Antalya Cost wisely for various options of the latest procedures.

Turkey Tummy Tuck Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Ankara $1,850 $4,200 $9,850
Antalya $1,750 $4,000 $9,500
Bursa $1,855 $4,120 $9,700
Istanbul $1,900 $4,450 $10,500
Izmir $1,650 $3,900 $8,200

 Turkey is a diverse country with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities. Here are some of the most popular cities in Turkey, each offering its unique attractions and experiences of health tourism, including plastic-cosmetic surgery for tummy tuck and aesthetic improvements.

Istanbul is the largest metropolis city that straddles two continents of Asia and Europe. Turkey Tummy Tuck Cost in Istanbul range between $1,900 – $10,500. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is known for governmental organizations, Universities, and museums.

Ankara is another popular city for Tummy tuck procedures. Turkey Tummy Tuck Cost in Ankara range between $1,850 – $9,850.

Antalya situated on the Mediterranean coast. Antalya is a widespread destination for its captivating beaches, historic sites, and resorts, relaxation, and adventure. Turkey Tummy Tuck Cost in Antalya range between $1,750 – $9,500.

Bursa City Located near Istanbul, Bursa is known for its historical value as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Tourists can explore its mosques and thermal baths. Turkey Tummy Tuck Cost in Bursa range between $1,855 – $9,700.

Izmir Situated on the Aegean coast, Izmir is Turkey’s third-largest city and is known for its pleasant climate, historic sites, and dynamic cultural scene. Turkey Tummy Tuck Cost in Izmir $1,650 – $8,200.

Tummy Tuck Cost Comparison in Different Countries

Countries Average cost
USA $10,000
Germany $6,100
Spain $8,300
UK $5,568
Thailand $3,200
UAE $6,000
Turkey $2,500

 Find out different countries’ Tummy Tuck Cost comparisons in the above table. Turkey is the one country providing lower Tummy Tuck Cost than other countries because Turkey prefers to manufacture medical goods rather than importing from other countries. This approach of Turkey makes Tummy Tuck Costs affordable. Turkey not only focuses on low cost but also aims to provide high-quality healthcare, advanced technologies, experienced surgeons, and comprehensive care.

Cost Of Tummy Tuck In Turkey for Different Procedures

Every person man or woman seeking a tummy tuck procedure has different demands because of different body sizes and shapes. A tummy tuck is a plastic surgery designed to smooth, firm, and contour the abdomen. Reputed clinics and best hospitals in Turkey offer different procedures, which include the Cost Of a Tummy Tuck for Abdominoplasty $ 3200; Cost Of Tummy Tuck Standard procedure $ 3300; Cost Of Tummy Tuck for an Extended procedure $3900; Cost Of Tummy Tuck Panniculectomy $2900; Reverse Tummy Tuck cost $3700; Mini Tummy Tuck cost $ 2200.

Tummy Tuck Turkey Price for Latest Advanced Technologies

Tummy tuck is a plastic surgery for cosmetic enhancements in the abdomen region. The tummy tuck procedure helps to flatten the stomach and abdomen by removing excess skin and fats, which determines the Tummy Tuck Turkey Price. Turkey’s health industry provides the latest and advanced technologies of 3D imaging and Printing to create a digital model of the patient body, making them visualize the results of the surgery before they operate. This technology is specifically helpful for complex procedures such as facial reconstruction, critical planning, and measurement of the surgery area. Tummy Tuck Turkey Price for the 3D imaging and Printing cost will start from $2,000.

Tummy Tuck In Turkey Prices for Virtual reality (VR) technology

The modern world has developed Virtual Reality technology for plastic surgery for tummy tuck procedures. VR technology allows the patient to have different options before undergoing surgery. The Tummy Tuck In Turkey Prices with VR technology is $4900. Tummy Tuck In Turkey Prices may change depending on the use of VR technologies. VR technology provides information on how the body looks after surgery, which will help make decisions. The VR technology is also helpful for better understanding and preparing Tummy Tuck In Turkey Prices for suitable procedures.

Tummy Tuck Prices Turkey Advanced Imaging Techniques

Advanced imaging techniques like MRIs and CT scans are frequently used in plastic surgery for tummy tucks. With advanced imaging techniques, the Tummy Tuck Prices Turkey range between $5,000 – $9,000. Tummy Tuck Prices Turkey change for all procedures as different options suit a particular body type. These advanced imaging techniques help plastic surgeons plan better patient body anatomy and detect problems before surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost In Turkey Non-invasive Procedures & Regenerative Medicine

Turkey offers Non-invasive procedures and Regenerative medicine for Tummy tuck procedures. Non-invasive tummy tuck procedure uses laser and injectable treatments, which are performed in clinics with general anaesthesia. Regenerative medicine allows stem cell therapy to regenerate tissues to bring natural results. Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost in Turkey range between $6,000 – $8,000 for Non-invasive procedures. Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost In Turkey $ 15,000 – 26,000 for Regenerative Medicine.

Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Turkey

Several Best Tummy Tuck surgeons in Turkey offer advanced procedures for body contouring and aesthetic improvements. Various board-certified and renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons are available in Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya. Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Turkey also offer specialized and customized plastic surgery for tummy tuck. Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Turkey specializing in reconstructive surgery offers skin correction and rejuvenating overall body procedures. Please contact us and book an appointment with a suitable Plastic Surgeon in Turkey.

Best Place For Tummy Tuck In Turkey

Best Place For Tummy Tuck In Turkey include Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Istanbul, and Izmir. These places are well known for plastic surgeries and highly attract tourists from other countries. Affordable cost and high-quality treatment are available in the Best Place For Tummy Tuck In Turkey. Find specialized cosmetic and plastic surgeons, prices, and reviews. Best Place For Tummy Tuck In Turkey offers affordable surgical procedures, high-quality healthcare packages, advanced technologies, supportive care and follow-up.

Abdominoplasty Cost In Turkey

Tummy Tuck is also called Abdominoplasty in Turkey’s plastic surgery procedures. Abdominoplasty removes excess hanging fat and skin and creates a more contoured or defined abdomen area for a more attractive appearance. Find two different types such as complete abdominoplasty and partial abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty Cost In Turkey is $15,500 for a complete abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty Cost In Turkey is $6,000 for Partial Abdominoplasty.

Why do Tummy Tuck costs vary in Turkey?

The cost of Tummy Tuck in Turkey varies and depends on the following:

Tummy Tuck Types: Abdominoplasty, Standard Tummy Tuck, Extended Tummy Tuck, Panniculectomy, Reverse Tummy Tuck and Mini Tummy Tuck.

  • Size of area
  • Preferred cities: Istanbul or Antalya or Ankara
  • Desired Results
  • Technologies and Techniques Used
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Post-surgery services
  • Type of hotel accommodation
  • Does the Tummy Tuck package includes
    • Anesthesia fees
    • Medicines
    • Pre-surgery Tests
    • Operation Theatre Charges
    • Surgeon fees
    • Post Surgery medicine
    • Consultations

Tummy Tuck In Turkey Price

Tummy Tuck in Turkey Prices starts from $3500. The best tummy tuck surgeon in Turkey will be found, they are well experienced and have performed 100s of successful surgeries. Tummy Tuck in Turkey Price is not fixed, it depends on many factors such as the surgeon, their experiences, type of tummy tuck surgery, procedure techniques, and many other factors. You can get the best place for a tummy tuck in Turkey here, plastic surgery in Turkey cost much lower than in the US and UK.

Abdominoplasty Turkey

During an abdominoplasty Istanbul treatment, the loose skin around the lower abdomen is gently trimmed away. Once the patient has healed from surgery, their abdominal profile and size are now reduced and more in proportion. This can have a life-changing effect on the patient in terms of their confidence, self-esteem, and body image. Abdominoplasty cost Turkey is around $3400, and surgeons are experienced and perform the best abdominoplasty in Turkey.

Mini Tummy Tuck Turkey

A mini tummy tuck Turkey is a specific kind of abdominoplasty that targets the lower abdominal region. Patients with a belly pouch but otherwise fit the specified weight range might consider it. Mini tummy tuck cost Turkey is $2500, the cost depends on the area of fat removal. Also, the mini tummy tuck reviews are found to be very positive as the surgery is performed by expert surgeons in Turkey.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost Break-up in Turkey

Price for Tummy Tuck Cost
Medical Test $ 120 – $ 230
Anesthesia $ 310 -$ 410
Medicines $ 230 – $ 620
Surgeon’s fee $ 350 – $ 650
Hospital $ 700 -$ 1100
Surgical facilities $ 320 -$ 850
Post-surgery garments $ 20 – $ 120
Post-surgery consultation $ 130 – $ 230

How much is a Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey?

Tummy Tuck cost in Turkey is around $3500. It is considered the best tummy tuck in Turkey in the World. You can find the best surgeon in Turkey for a tummy tuck, the surgeons are well experienced and are trained from top institutions of the world. Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey is much lower but the services provided by the surgeons are high quality, which assures a highly successful surgery result.

Is it safe to get a tummy tuck in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular choice for tummy tuck surgery because the country has top-notch specialists who perform the procedure with expert knowledge at reasonable prices. Tummy tuck surgery Turkey has a high rating from his past patients and many positive reviews. Turkey has reputable experienced surgeons who are thought to provide the best treatments and tummy tuck surgeries. Turkey tummy tuck surgeons guarantee their patients highly successful outcomes. Furthermore, the cost of tummy tucks in Turkey is very low when compared to other countries. In Turkey, tummy tuck surgery is performed using cutting-edge technology and modern medications.

How long does Tummy Tuck bruising last?

After a tummy tuck, some people may suffer numbness or a pulling sensation for a few weeks or months, although this is usually common and usually goes away over time. The swelling and bruising can go away completely in three months, but it might take longer for your scar to diminish.

Tummy Tuck in Turkey Reviews

Tummy Turkey Turkey is a popular surgery among people all over the world, due to Turkey’s tummy tuck’s high success rates at a very affordable cost. The surgery is also famous for the best Tummy Tuck in Turkey Reviews get from past patients, as the surgery is performed by top tummy tuck surgeons in the world. Tummy Tuck in Turkey Reviews are very positive, it states that the tummy tuck in Turkey is performed under expert surgeons using high-end technologies in the best clinics in Turkey. You can get all types of previous patients’ Turkey tummy tuck reviews.

Tummy Tuck Photos Before and After in Turkey

Tummy Tuck surgery Turkey is famous for the best results obtained from it. Photos of tummy tucks before and after Turkey will be available on a prior basis so that you can make a decision about getting the surgery from Turkey or not. To get Tummy to tuck Turkey before and after photos contact the clinic or surgeon to give them details and photos, and they will contact you with the before and after photos for comparison.

Any Botched Tummy Tuck cases in Turkey?

Turkey Plastic surgery, Tummy tuck is famous all over the world. People from other countries take flights to Turkey for Tummy tuck surgeries. As the cost of a tummy tuck in Turkey is only around $3500, which is very affordable than flying to the US and Uk, Turkey is a popular destination for Tummy Tuck. Similarly, Turkey also has the world’s best tummy tuck surgeons performing tummy tuck procedures with a high success rate. But finding the best surgeon is important to avoid any botched tummy tuck case in Turkey. You must have a background check before opting for any surgeon, such as checking the experience, surgeon’s reviews, and finding the history of his success rates.

How is Tummy Tuck Surgery is Performed?

Tummy Tuck Surgery is performed using General Anesthesia and it takes 2 to 3 hours for performing a Tummy Tuck procedure. Tummy Tuck Surgery can be done through different techniques and Tummy Tuck Surgeon suggests the best option based on the amount of body fat to be removed, Concerned areas to be operated on, current medical conditions, etc.

For doing Tummy Tuck Surgery first surgeon clearly marks the abdomen, sides, and back for desired areas of fat removal. Next anesthesia is administered. Tummy Tuck surgeon now cuts the unwanted skin, and subcutaneous tissue exfoliates the tissues. Non-absorbable threads are used to suture back muscles to restore the standard abdominal wall, back, and desired sides. Next unwanted skin is removed and the incisions are sutured with self-absorbable sutures. Wounds are clearly washed and drainage is placed for the removal of liquids.


What are Different Types of Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey?

There are mainly two categories of Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey. Based on your required fat to be removed and sagging skin, your Tummy Tuck surgeon will suggest the best option.

  1. Mini abdominoplasty: Some clients do not need correction for the whole stomach zone. Extra sagging skin is removed first and stretch marks are eliminated from your belly button.
  2. Full abdominoplasty: Many clients prefer full abdominoplasty for 1) First removing fat and then sagging skin from the lower to the middle area of the abdomen 2) Adjust the belly button as desired and tightening muscles to achieve the required.

How long Should I stay after Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey?

Once the Tummy Tuck procedure is done a client needs to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. Stay depends on the amount of fat to be removed and the Tummy Tuck surgery method used. Staying in a hotel for 2-3 days or more to regularly visit a Tummy surgeon for recovery updates is required. It’s required an average of 8 Days in Turkey for the Tummy Tuck procedure.


What is Minimum Tummy Tuck cost in Turkey?


Tummy Tuck Type in Turkey Minimum Cost in Turkey (USD) Maximum Cost in Turkey (USD)
Abdominoplasty $ 3500 $4,550
Standard Tummy Tuck $ 3500 $4,550
Extended Tummy Tuck $ 4000 $5,200
Panniculectomy $ 3000 $3,900
Reverse Tummy Tuck $ 3800 $4,940
Mini Tummy Tuck $ 2500 $3,250


What is Tummy Tuck Advantage in Turkey?

The first big advantage you’ll find is an almost immediate change in your appearance. Although this cosmetic surgical procedure is minimally invasive, it is still a surgical procedure, and as a result, it can yield results quicker than anything else.

This also means that your tummy tuck operation will have to take on some extra risks, making it all the more important to ensure that you are only entrusting this overnight transition to the most qualified and competent professionals.

The second big advantage you’ll find directly after a tummy tuck is that your self-confidence will skyrocket. Many people who have worked very hard to lose a large amount of weight are almost heartbroken when they see a low number on the scale but see the costs of losing the weight when they look in the mirror.

Nearly all men and women who have lost a large amount of weight in the past have to struggle with loose skin and fatty tissue that is virtually difficult to remove – unless they opt for a tummy tuck.


Who are the best candidates for Tummy Tuck?

Both men and women in good health are candidates for a tummy tuck.

Women who have had multiple pregnancies can benefit from the procedure to tighten their abdominal muscles and reduce skin.

A tummy tuck is also a choice for men and women who were obese in the past and still have excess fat deposits or loose skin around the belly button.


Tummy Tuck or Liposuction which is better?

While both liposuction and tummy tucks seek to enhance the shape of your midsection, they are vastly different in terms of the results they offer and how they work.

Liposuction is a relatively quick procedure with little risk and recovery time. A tummy tuck is viewed as a more serious treatment. Your best guide for deciding which treatment is right for you would be your doctor or future surgeon.


Long-term results of Tummy Tuck?

Long-term results of Tummy Tuck surgery are:

  1. Desired shape and size of the abdomen
  2. Tightened abdomen


What are Risks of Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Like every other surgery, Tummy tuck surgery to has possible complications. Anesthesia complications, bleeding, hematoma, infection risk, loss of sensation, scarring, seroma, and constant pain are all common tummy tuck risks.

Complications can be prevented if the operation is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Tummy Tuck All-inclusive packages

Tummy Tuck Details
Surgery Tummy Tuck (Fat Removal)
Package Cost 3,200 USD
In-Patient / Out-Patient In-Patient
Anesthesia Type General Anesthesia Used
Surgery Duration 4 to 5 Hours
Number of Days Stay in Hospital 1 – 2 Days
Number of Days Stay in Hotel 4-6 Days
Pressure Garments Required Yes
Bandage and Caps Required Yes
Recovery Time 4-5 Hours
Expected Final Results Final results will be seen after 3-4 months
Possible Side Effects Pain and Burning Sensation. Mild swelling
Desired Results Yes
Success Rate 99.98%
Surgeon Qualification Board Certified Tummy Tuck Surgeon with 10+ years’ experience
Before and After Photos Availability Yes
Video Consultation Available Yes
Reviews Available Yes
Instagram and Facebook Link Available Yes
Website Link Available Yes
Cost Fixed No. Varies based on Required treatment
Payment Options Credit Card / Cash / Net Banking
Advance Payment Required Yes. Small token Payment for Confirmation
Medical Visa Support Yes
Confirmation Mode Email and WhatsApp
Airport Pick Up and Drop Yes
Hotel Booking Yes
Local Transfers Yes
Food Arrangements Yes
Language Translation Yes
Personal Assistant Support Yes
SIM Card and Currency Exchange Yes

Tummy Tuck Turkey All Inclusive 2023

Tummy Tuck Turkey All Inclusive includes all facilities for international patients and domestic patients. The facilities include Tummy tuck surgery costs (surgeon, anesthesia, hospital, and corsets), VIP transfer facilities from Airport, Clinic, hotel, and Hospital, Aftercare from qualified nurses and patient representatives, patient guidance 24/7, and post. Tummy Tuck Turkey All Inclusive Cost ranges between $1600 and $10,000. Tummy Tuck surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Tummy Tuck surgery removes fat tissues and sagging skin structure. Tummy Tuck Turkey All Inclusive package provides 2 – 3 hours surgery duration, 5 – 7 days shower for patient, 1 – 2-night hospital stay, corsets, 24 – 48 hours downtime, anaesthesia type, and follow-up care.

Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Istanbul

While planning to undergo tummy tuck surgery. Finding the best and most experienced plastic surgeon is essential to get a successful tummy tuck outcome. Istanbul is a popular place in Turkey to find board-certified plastic surgeons associated with international plastic surgery boards. We can help you find the Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Istanbul by providing a second opinion. Schedule consultation with multiple plastic-cosmetic surgeons to discuss tummy tuck goals, expectations, and suitable type of procedure. Our experts will provide the right information about the Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Istanbul, which is a reputed hospital with hygiene and safety standards. Our expert’s second opinion will help you find a reputable plastic surgeon and prevent choosing low-quality doctors with malpractices and botched surgeries.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Turkey

Tummy Tuck Surgery Turkey is famous for advanced technologies like laser plastic surgery and Vaser technologies for aesthetic surgeries. While Turkey is most famous for successful aesthetic improvements and youthful appearance procedures, turkey surgery death also trends worldwide. Looking at Turkey surgery gone wrong in 2023, various patients share about botched surgeries on the internet and social media. Turkey’s surgery gone wrong often make people uncomfortable and creates question on the safety and quality of tummy tuck and other plastic surgeries. Turkey offers the best plastic surgeons and innovative plastic surgery procedures, but there are also low-quality procedures operated in some places, resulting in scams and botched results. You can prevent choosing such low-quality surgeries by finding tummy tuck in turkey reviews and Tummy Tuck Surgery Turkey before and after photos. Hospital, Plastic surgeon reviews, and Tummy Tuck before and after photos will make patients understand the positive outcome and success. Many years of plastic surgeon experience provide fine skills in handling complex Tummy Tuck Surgery Turkey.

Tummy Tuck Insurance coverage in Turkey

In Turkey, the majority of insurance companies do not cover Tummy Tuck operations. Make sure your insurance company offers coverage for Turkey Tummy Tuck before you have the procedure by contacting them in advance. Tummy Tuck surgery is only covered by many insurance companies in Turkey if it is necessary for medical reasons, such as to repair unintentional injuries.

Otherwise, very few companies in Turkey offer insurance coverage for cosmetic Tummy Tuck. Your surgeon may be able to classify the Tummy Tuck procedure as a medical surgery, which you can discuss with them.

Can I use Credit care for Tummy Tuck payments in Turkey?

You can use credit cards to pay for tummy tuck in Turkey. Visa, Mastercard, and other major foreign credit cards are accepted at the Turkey Clinic. It is encouraged that you get in touch with the clinic with any questions you may have about using a credit card while visiting Turkey so that you can set up the source appropriately. Taxes and credit card usage fees are added to credit card payments by the Turkish plastic surgery facility.

Tummy Tuck Cash Payment in Turkey

In Turkey, several facilities that do tummy tuck demand cash payments. Since all clinics in Turkey accept cash payments, paying for tummy tuck surgery is simple.

You can also be eligible for a special discount on Tummy tuck surgery facilities in Turkey if you pay in cash with US dollars. Turkish plastic surgery centers accept US dollars freely.

Other International Currencies are accepted in Turkey for Tummy tuck surgery:

  • Tummy tuck Surgery payment by Euro (€)
  • Tummy tuck Surgery payment by Pound Sterling GBP (£)
  • Tummy tuck Surgery payment by Dhiram (د.إ)
  • Australian dollar (AUD) Accepted for Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey
  • Singapore dollar (S$) also accepted for Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey
  • Only a few clinics accept other currencies like Indian Rupees (INR, ₹) and Russian ruble (RUB,  ₽) for Tummy tuck in Turkey.

Tummy Tuck EMIs Payment in Turkey

EMI option for Tummy Tuck surgery in Turkey is available through multiple sources,

  1. If you have an international account and debit card, several banks provide EMI alternatives for Tummy Tuck plastic surgery in Turkey.
  2. Tummy Tuck EMI with Credit Card: Credit cards are also accepted in Turkey for rhinoplasty EMI. Your payment will be converted to EMIs by the credit card company.

Tummy Tuck Package Includes

  • Consultation with Tummy Tuck Surgeon
  • Tests required before Tummy Tuck Surgery
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Surgeon Fees
  • Routine Medicines
  • Operation Theatre
  • Routine Consumables
  • Hospital Charges

Tummy Tuck Package Excludes

  • Tummy Tuck Investigations (If required)
  • Cross Consultations
  • Professional charges of other consultants (If required)
  • Extra requested services like Laundry, Telephone, special meals, etc.
  • Stay in Hospital beyond the package period
  • Stay in Hotel beyond the package period
  • Treatment of Pre-Existing medical conditions
  • Treatment of Non-Procedure related conditions
  • Additional Antibiotic and medicines after discharge
  • Additions Implants apart from package

Best Clinic in Turkey for Tummy Tuck

Best Tummy Tuck Surgeons in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions for Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Who is Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Turkey?

You can easily find Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Turkey Based on Rating and Reviews from past clients in Medcontour portal

What is Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey?

Tummy Tuck cost in Turkey is between $2,500 to $4,000. Cost varies based on Multiple factors like Required Grade of Tummy Tuck Treatment, Tummy Tuck Technique used, Auxiliary Services requested, etc. Contact us for Cost Estimate by providing required Tummy Tuck details

What is Tummy Tuck Success Rate in Turkey?

Tummy Tuck is common procedure and has high success Rate. Tummy Tuck Success Rate is defined by No Major Post Operative Complaints, Patient Satisfaction, No Recurrence, etc. Doctor will explain expected Tummy Tuck results during Consultation

Can I get Before and After Photos for Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos are available. Client privacy is utmost priority hence Doctor will share only Client approved photos with all personal details hidden.

Tummy Tuck Itinerary & Travel Diary

Day 1:

  • Arrival in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Transfers to Hotel
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery Briefing


Day 2:

  • Travel from Hotel to Tummy Tuck Clinic
  • Consultation with Tummy Tuck Surgeon
  • Tummy Tuck-related Pre-Surgery Tests
  • If test results are ok, plan for Surgery time
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed
  • Stay at Recovery Room
  • Shift to Private or Suite Room


Day 3:

  • Consultation and Check up by Tummy Tuck Surgeon
  • If everything is a fine shift to Hotel


Day 4:

  • Dressing if required
  • Recovery
  • Local sightseeing
  • Consultation with Doctor if required
  • Plan for travel back to home country


Day 5:

  • Discussion about aftercare with Surgeon
  • Discharge summary from Hospital
  • Medicines handover
  • Return to Hotel
  • Airport Drop