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Are you here after being tired of searching for the best plastic surgeons near me? Well, you are at the right place, MedContour is Internationally collaborating with the best plastic surgeons in Turkey. Seeking the best doctor for beauty enhancement can be challenging and you may end up in a dilemma about whom to choose. We are sharing one of the top plastic surgeons Dr Cagil Meric Erenoglu. He belongs to Kadikoy Istanbul and presently serving as founder at VOMER health and aesthetic developer. He provides the latest plastic and reconstructive surgeries for aesthetic appearance improvement.

Dr Cagil graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine and received specialty training from Ege University for plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgery. During his fellowship training, he was involved in several international scientific and training activities as a speaker and participant. He has written several national and international scientific activities. Presently you can visit his private clinic in Şişli Vital Fulya Plaza for personalized plastic surgery treatments.

According to GlobalNews, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons stated that around 1.3 million cosmetic surgeries were done in 2017 which is a 4% increase from 2015. The research found that presently not only women but men are also concerned about their aesthetic appearance and seeking plastic surgery. According to research analysis, particularly 25% of young men are seeking body contouring procedures with liposuction,12% have tummy tucks, and 30% choosing Gynecomastia aka male breast removal surgery.

Dr Cagil is the best plastic surgeon offering advanced plastic surgery procedures for the Nose, Face, Breast, and Body. His Aesthetic procedures include Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, facial stretching, neck lift, double chin removal, face fat removal injection, almond eyes, and dimple aesthetics. Find a boob job at Dr Cagil’s clinic for breast augmentation, reduction, breast lift, and Gynecomastia. The full-body plastic surgery procedures available at Dr Cagil’s private clinic include Liposuction, Tummy tuck surgery, abdominal muscle tightening, arm lift, butt aesthetics, and thigh stretching.


  • Dr Cagil Meric Erenoglu studied M.D. in Medicine from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey 2003-2009.
  • He did Specialization in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery from Ege University Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery from Izmir, Turkey 2010-2016.
  • He completed a Fellowship in Burns and Reconstructive Surgery from JMS Burn and Reconstruction Center, Mississippi, USA, in 2015.
  • He completed Residency at JMS Burn and Reconstruction Center Hospital, Mississippi, USA


  • Dr Cagil has started career as a General doctor at Almus Akarcay Health Center in 2009-2010
  • He practised Mandatory Duty at Sirnak State Hospital in 2016
  • Completed Mandatory Duty at Cigli Regional Training Hospital, Izmir, 2016-2017
  • Dr Erenoglu worked as Specialist Doctor at Necip Fazil City Hospital, 2017-2018
  • He served as best plastic surgeon at Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, during 2018-2019
  • Dr Cagil served as the best aesthetic surgeon at Huseyin Guner Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, 2019-2020
  • Currently, Dr Cagil offering the latest plastic surgery procedures at Erenoglu Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, 2020-Present


  • International Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Turkish Aesthetic Surgery Society
  • Turkish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons


  • During 2014 He attended Association National Congress for Plastic & Reconstructive

Dr Cagil Meric Erenoglu Reviews 2024

  • Dr Cagil has 16 years of experience in providing different types of advanced plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery in Turkey.
  • He has done specialization training in Aesthetic improvements and believes in providing the best version of a person.
  • He also added value to his plastic surgery experience by publishing scientific publications and articles and attending conferences.
  • Dr Cagil offer surgical aesthetic for full body like nose operation, face lift, breast surgery, and liposuction.
  • He provides non-surgical cosmetic procedures like fillers for face and nose, mesotherapy for face and hair, and botulinum toxin.
  • The patients are happy about facelift surgerytummy tuck surgery, and Vaser liposuction.
  • This plastic surgeon has received remarks as polite and friendly during the consultation procedures.

Dr Cagil Meric Erenoglu Cost 2024

Every year, several people travel to Turkey for plastic surgery procedures due to affordable cost and quality treatments. The plastic surgery cost in Turkey at Dr Cagil’s clinic may differ for every procedure as they are calculated depending on the size and shape of surgery the patient needs. Dr Cagil offers all-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages in Turkey that cover accommodation, surgeon fees, medicine, treatment cost, transfer, and tour facilities. The plastic surgery cost in Istanbul Turkey, at Dr Cagil Meric Erenoglu clinic includes

  • Nose Aesthetics $2559
  • bichectomy surgery $950
  • Almond Eye $2,350
  • neck lift procedure 4,360
  • augmentation procedure $2,600
  • breast reduction surgery $3,580
  • liposuction surgery $2,470
  • tummy tuck surgery cost $3,407
  • Abdominal Muscle $1,640
  • Butt Lift $2,480
  • mesotherapy cost $9,90
  • fillers treatment cost $899

Bad Reviews & Botched Surgery

Dr Cagil Meric do not have bad reviews and botched surgery claims because he is highly qualified plastic surgeon in Istanbul. If you are seeking a correction surgery, please consult with Dr Cagil and transform your botched surgery to beautiful appearance. You can also contact Medcontour for consultation booking, appointment scheduling, and more guidance for plastic surgery in Turkey.


Does Dr Cagil Meric Erenoglu provide chin lipo for patients seeking double chin treatment?

Yes, Dr Cagil provides chin lipo for a sharp chin appearance.

What type of Rhinoplasty surgery is available at Dr Cagil clinic?

Dr Cagil offers best rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery for large, arched, or crooked nose.

Can you find brazilian butt lift surgery at Dr Cagil clinic?

Dr Cagil offered liposuction surgery of brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, and thigh stretching.

Is Dr Cagil Meric provide liposuction before and after photos?

Dr Cagil do not provide before and after photos plastic surgery on the website, you can check during the consultation.

Is permanent non surgical nose job safe and effective?

Non surgical nose jobs are safe but temporary as they are performed with hyaluronic acid filler.

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