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Dr. Serkan Balta is the best plastic surgeon in Turkey. He is specialized in Aesthetic Surgery, Reconstructive surgery, and Plastic surgery. Dr. Serkan is also popularly known as an international doctor as he received certificates from top countries like the USA, England, and Germany. He has excellent training and experience in Cartilage Graft Resorption. He also worked on facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty. Let’s find out more about Dr Serkan Balta Cost, Reviews, Photos.

Dr. Serkan operates all the aesthetic surgeries at Elit policlinic, founded in 1996. Elit International Clinic provides a unique experience to patients. They focus on giving memorable medical experiences.

Dr. Serkan and his team mainly look to offer the highest quality treatments and medical follow-up standards.

Before starting his clinic, Dr. Serkan Balta worked at many private and public clinics in Turkey. In addition, he has worked on aesthetic operations and microsurgeries covered by the press.

Dr. Serkan Balta has several publications, congresses, and seminars at his clinic and international locations. In addition, he was also a translator and editor of three plastic surgery books.

You can choose Dr. Serkan Balta for facelifts, facial aesthetics, mid-face lift, neck aesthetics, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, breast reduction and augmentation, Tummy tuck, and hair transplant.

Dr. Serkan Balta Team

Dr. Serkan Balta has a qualified team of 25 members, including surgical nurses, patient advisers, Anesthesia technicians, surgeons, and management. Dr. Serkan and his team plan and execute all the surgeries to provide successful results. As a result, every international patient gets good advice and recommendation for plastic surgery during the consultation.

Dr. Serkan Balta Education, Experience, and Achievements

Education Experience

University Faculty of Medicine at Antalya Akdeniz – 1999

Radiology Training at Kartal Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital – 2005-2007

Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Department in Trakya

18 years
Address Achievements
Ataköy Towers B Blok K:8 D:107, 34140 Bakırköy, Turkey

International Doctor European countries, especially in America, England, and Germany

European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Prices at Dr. Serkan Balta Clinic

The cost and prices of turkey plastic surgery at Dr. Serkan Balta’s clinic depend on the type of cosmetic surgery the patient chooses. They offer facial aesthetics surgery, Breast improvement surgeries, and lower body plastic surgeries, including bbl/Brazilian butt lift.

Patients can talk about different treatments during the consultation, such as mommy makeover cost, rhinoplasty cost, nose job cost, blepharoplasty cost, neck lift cost, facelift cost, and lips filler cost. Depending on size and shape, the cost will decrease or increase. Every patient gets a different price. Here is the average price of the aesthetic surgery clinic of Dr. Serkan Balta.

Facial Aesthetics Cost at Dr Serkan Balta Clinic

Facial Aesthetics Dr. Serkan Balta Cost
Nose Surgery with Piezo $3,300
Prominent Ear Surgery $1,100 – $3,850
Eyelid Surgery $2,090 – $3,245
Face Lift Procedures $2,750 – $4,400
Nose job $1,375 – $7,150
Face Lift $3850 – $5,500
Botox $55- $605


Breast Aesthetics Cost at Dr Serkan Balta Clinic

Breast Aesthetics  Dr. Serkan Balta Cost
Breast Lift and Lift Surgery $3,630
Breast Augmentation Surgery $3,300 and $4,950
Breast Reduction Surgery $1,980 – $5995
Gynecomastia Surgery $2,860

Body Aesthetics Cost at Dr Serkan Balta Clinic

Body Aesthetics Dr. Serkan Balta Cost
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) $2,200 and $3,850
Abdominoplasty $2860 – $3,080
Arm Lift Surgery $2,640 to $3,300
Vaser Liposuction $1,650 – $4,950


Plastic Surgery Pricelist at Dr Serkan Balta Clinic

  • Nose Surgery cost: $3,300
  • otoplasty istanbul price: $1,100 – $3,850
  • blepharoplasty istanbul price: $2,090 – $3,245
  • Face Lift cost turkey: $2,750 – $4,400
  • breast lift surgery turkey price: $3,630
  • Breast Augmentation (breast surgery cost/boob job cost): $3,300 and $4,950
  • Breast Reduction cost: $1,980 – $5995
  • Gynecomastia Surgery cost: $2,860
  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Cost: $2,200 And $3,850
  • Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey: $2860 – $3,080
  • Arm Lift Turkey Prices: $2,640 To $3,300
  • Vaser Lipo Turkey Price: $1,650 – $4,950

Dr. Serkan Balta Reviews 2022 – 2023

Plastic Surgery In Turkey Reviews

  • According to google reviews, Dr. Serkan Balta got 4.2 ratings and many good reviews.
  • Dr. Serkan Balta provides excellent plastic surgery treatments.
  • Dr. Serkan performs cosmetic surgeries at Elit International Clinic, which is A++ and has JCI accreditation. This hospital has the latest technologies related to plastic surgery and got well recognition at the global level.
  • They provide accommodation facilities in 5-star hotels.
  • Dr. Serkan Balta performs each cosmetic surgery with a qualified team.
  • The patient writes Dr. Serkan Balta is a very understanding and polite doctor who handles the case patiently.
  • The patient finds Dr. Balta very safe after meeting him face to face as he explains the condition and the expected outcomes.

Dr. Serkan Balta Bad Reviews

Few people write about Dr. Serkan that he is greedy about money and you may fall under a money scam.

Well, that’s not real because Dr. Serkan has vast experience, and he has a clinic in Turkey with a valid address. Furthermore, he performs several cosmetic surgeries and shares them on his Instagram. So, you can see he is not a scammer but a real doctor to choose from while looking for aesthetic treatment in Turkey.

Serkan Balta Botched Surgery

A patient got botched by Dr. Serkan Balta. She was seeking plastic surgery for her chin, belly, arms, back, bbl, and inner thighs. She paid all the cost and wanted an excellent contoured shape.

She writes that Dr. Serkan did liposuction for the chin and stomach and didn’t do JPlasma. She finds her skin sagging and her back, arm, and thighs are not done. She is disappointed with the doctor and finds her body ruined.

Doing multiple plastic surgeries might not give you desired results. Therefore, go for one plastic surgery and give time to your body to heal it, and then try for the next surgery. This way, you will have fewer chances of getting botched surgery.

Other’s Botched Surgery Corrected by Dr. Serkan Balta

A woman, Geordie shore star Sophie, opens up about her horrifying plastic surgery experience. She underwent a reverse tummy tuck, breast reduction, and BBL (Brazilian butt lift) to fix her previous surgery. She had many surgeries and felt happy, but she also got some botched surgery, which disappointed her with her body appearance. She was inspired by Kim Kardashian and had BBL surgery.

She had surgery from a surgeon from turkey, who contacted her through social media. After surgery, she didn’t have fluid drains, there was bleeding, and she felt like a horror film. After two months of surgery, she developed a severe abscess and fell sick. She had a liter of puss drain from the lump on her butt in the UK clinic. Her body didn’t accept the bbl surgery, and it went wrong.

After some time, she again decided to correct her body and kept researching and finding a good plastic surgeon. Finally, she found Dr. Serkan Balta in Turkey for tummy tucks. She explained how Dr. Serkan quickly told her everything was wrong with her bbl and promised to fix the condition.

After having Dr. Serkan’s plastic surgery, she felt satisfied with her body, her back pain was gone, and awkward things disappeared.

How To Choose a Plastic Surgeon with Good and Bad Reviews?

When seeking a good plastic surgeon, it is common to find good and bad reviews on the internet. Bad reviews will confuse you about whether to choose the surgeon you want. However, you can prevent that dilemma with the following tips:


Do good research about the chosen cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Look for their specialties, experience, board-approved certificates, and cost comparisons.

Check Reviews

You can find reviews about surgeons on Google from real people. All the surgeons will say they are excellent and expert, but real people write precisely how they feel. So you will find both good and bad reviews to compare.

Make Appointment

Take an appointment with the selected surgeons and discuss your goals and cost. Get an opinion from the surgeon about your condition and discuss your expectation. You can have appointments with different surgeons, and later you can decide where you feel safe and trust. A good surgeon will not pressure you to go ahead with his suggested surgery, but they will inform you about the risks.

Dr. Serkan Balta Before and After Photos

Dr. Serkan Balta is a leader in providing exceptional quality plastic treatments. He owns Elit International Clinic, facial plastic surgery, bbl, body contouring, nose surgery, ear surgery / Otpalsty cost, liposuction, lips fillers, and skin removal surgery. You can view before and after plastic surgery photos on Serkan BALTA Instagram @dr.serkanbalta.

Dr. Serkan Balta Success Rate

As Dr. Serkan has been practicing sings for 18 years, he has achieved a high success rate in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Getting success in complicated plastic surgeries can be difficult, and patients get botched results and return to the doctor for fixing. Fixing surgeries also challenges the skills of a plastic surgeon. Nevertheless, they have correct and prove themselves and meet the patient’s desire for their appearance. With more years and expertise Dr. Serkan have a high success rate of 90%.

Does Dr. Serkan Balta Provide Insurance Coverage?

In Turkey, International patients can get coverage from the universal health insurance system or private clinic insurance options in emergency cases. For example, plastic surgeries are not covered by insurance, but there will be emergency insurance coverage. However, the patient needs to pay from their pocket for facelifts or filler. If you are undergoing extensive surgery due to a health problem, check with your insurance company or Dr. Serkan Balta if they offer an insurance plan and whether you are eligible.

Dr. Serkan Balta Cautions Health Tourists Against Commercialized Operations

At present, Turkey is gaining more popularity for aesthetic surgery around the world. Plastic surgery attracts more healthy tourists, but Dr. Sarkan Balta’s detailed research should be done before choosing any surgeon.

Dr. Serkan evaluated the aesthetic surgery and said Turkey offers the latest technologies and medical equipment to provide the best treatment for needy and emergency conditions. International patients get good results to attract more patients, but those with failed surgery talk badly about the country’s image.

A Patient’s Bad Experience Damages the Surgeon and Country Image

Dr. Serkan Balt talk about a patient should always pay attention to services. He said his clinic provides the best comfort during travel, treatment, and recovery. They provide airport pickup facilities to wound care follow-up.

Choose An Aesthetic Surgeon but Not a Commercial Surgeon

Dr. Serkan Balta says he understands the patient’s concern from a different geographical location. He noted that health tourism has recently increased in Turkey, where commercial operation is also taking place, which patients should be aware of. The faulty operation, malpractices during surgery, incorrect methods, and poor-quality material ruin both the patient’s and the successful surgeon’s image. Therefore, it is important to do good research to prevent scams.

Op.Dr Serkan Balta Consultation

During a consultation with Dr. Serkan Balta, you will get complete guidance about reconstructive or cosmetic procedures. Dr. Balta will discuss the final goal and suggest plastic surgery options. He will also ask about your habits like drinking or smoking, as it may affect cosmetic surgery and limit the results. Please contact us to get in touch with Dr. Serkan. Our appointment will prevent you from scams and getting influenced by bad reviews.


Serkan Balta is a famous plastic surgeon in Turkey. With more experience in aesthetic surgeries, he is performing several cosmetic surgeries. International patients seeking plastic surgery in Turkey can choose after researching and feeling comfortable, as suggested by Dr. Serkan. You can get all types of plastic surgeries in Dr. Serkan’s clinic, such as BBL, Breast reduction, facelift, and tummy tuck. As Turkey prices are affordable for treatment, you can have choices and different options for different types of surgeries.

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