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Dr M Fatih Sonmez is a best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey. He is also recognized as the best otolaryngologist in Turkey. This doctor has 6 years of experience in providing the latest treatments to rhinoplasty operations, Snoring Surgery, and Swallowing Disorders. This doctor helps people seeking rhinoplasty nose surgery for arched nose, saggy or low nose, wide nose, and large or very small nose.

Being the best otolaryngologist in Turkey, Dr Fatih Sonmez believes in resolving nose appearance complaints, correcting nose abnormalities, and creating a more beautiful face. Dr M Fatih Sonmez Samsun discusses in-depth the patient’s doubts and desires about their appearance. They shoot before and after photos of rhinoplasty nose job to provide the most desirable outcome. Dr Fatih ensures to evaluation of the functional issues and aesthetic improvement possibilities before starting the procedure.

Seeking nose reshaping surgery can be challenging when a person has the narrow nose or wide nose with a saddle or crooked nose, which can cause bruising for a week after surgery. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey like Dr M Fatih work with advanced technologies while also protecting tissues and redefining the nose tip and resolving breathing issues.

Additionally, Dr M Fatih Sonmez Samsun provides otoplasty in Turkey, which is scoop ear aesthetic surgery. The ear surgery helps to reshape and adjust the facial structure. Otoplasty removes the birth defect of the ear and enhances social life with a better feeling of self in patients. Dr Fatih examined the head-ear separation angles by taking pictures and starting the procedure. Contact us for consultation booking and more guidance.


  • Studied otolaryngology Faculty of Medicine at The University of Dokuz Eylul 2009
  • Dr M Fatih completed Specialization ENT training in 2014.
  • He completed mandatory service at Igdir State Hospital


  • Dr M Fatih worked as an observer doctor on facial plastic surgery at Lewisham & Greenwich Hospital in London in 2015
  • Presently he is offering ENT surgery as an otolaryngologist specialist in Turkey.


  • Turkish Medical Association
  • National ENT&HNS Foundation
  • National Society of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • European Society for Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr M Fatih Sonmez Samsun Reviews 2024

  • Dr M Fatih is the best otolaryngologist specialist in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • This doctor offers rhinoplasty surgery, otoplasty, and ENT procedures.
  • He is available as an emergency otolaryngologist at his private clinic in Atakum/Samsun.
  • He offers fat injection, facial filler, chin aesthetics, nasal bone curvature, and chronic sinusitis.
  • Dr Fatih offers world-class aesthetic procedures and innovative techniques for nose, jaw, and ear aesthetics.
  • He offers painless plastic surgery without affecting the surrounding tissues and complications.
  • Dr Fatih Sonmez offers reasonable Rhinoplasty cost which will be provided during consultation and evaluation of patient’s nose or ear appearance.

Dr M Fatih Sonmez Price 2024

The Rhinoplasty and otoplasty cost at Dr Fatih clinic are available differently for every procedure. There is no fixed price, and it changes as per the size of surgery required. This doctor offers various rhinoplasty surgeries in Turkey, including open, close, and revision rhinoplasty, and he offers breathing and structural corrections. Seeking otoplasty at Dr Fatih’s clinic is also a good choice as he provides ear reconstruction, ear list surgery, and prosthetic ears with advanced technologies and innovative instruments and medicine. Dr Fatih values patients’ expectations and ensures that meet aesthetic goals. Here are the average expected prices for different procedures:

  • functional rhinoplasty cost $3,500
  • nose correction cost $2,600 and $5,500 
  • revision plastic surgery $2,500
  • otoplasty surgery $2,276

Bad Reviews & Botched Surgeries

Dr M Fatih Sonmez does not have bad reviews or any botched surgery claims. He has received a 4.9 rating and positive feedback about the satisfying outcomes. He is the best otolaryngologist and rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, providing the latest procedures in Atakum/Samsun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of plastic surgery Dr M Fatih Sonmez provide?

Dr. M Fatih Sonmez offers rhinoplasty operations and otoplasty in Turkey.

How can I contact Dr Mehmet Fatih Sönmez?

Book an Appointment with Dr Mehmet Fatih by visiting his website contact page, or write to us to get expert help and guidance.

Can I have functional nose problem treatments at Dr. Mehmet Fatih Sönmez’s clinic?

Yes, Dr Fatih offers the best treatment for snoring, swallowing disorders, and Tympanostomy tubes.

Why is Turkey so cheap for surgery?

Several international people seek plastic surgery and other medical treatment in Turkey due to the low currency exchange rate and affordable facilities.

How safe is Dr M Fatih Sonmez for nose job surgery?

Dr M Fatih Sonmez is one of the top rhinoplastic surgeons and also a member of national and international associations.


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