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Facelift surgery tightens underlying muscles, lifts tissues, and removes excess skin.  This results in face and neck look more youthful. Facelift treats sagging and smooth deep wrinkles and folds.

Facelift Surgery Cost in Turkey


Facelift Type in Turkey City in Turkey Cost in Turkey (USD)
Mini Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 3000
Mid Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 3500
Deep Plane Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 4000
Silhouette Instalift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2500
Ultherapy Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 1500
Non Surgincal Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2000
Stem Cell Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2500
Thread Lift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 1800
Lower Facelift with Neck Lift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 3500
Cheek Lift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2300
Upper Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2000
Complete Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 4500
Endoscopic Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2500
SMAS Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2000
Short Scar Facelift Istanbul / Antalya / Ankara $ 2500

Turkey is leading Global Destination for Facelift procedure because,

Highly Experienced Facelift Surgeons in Turkey. Latest Facelift Technology availability in Turkey. Innovative Facelift Methods in Turkey. Facelift Cost in Turkey is Affordable. Facelift Surgery Reviews in Turkey is very good. Availability of Facelift Packages in Turkey, Facelift Before and After Photos sharing by Doctors.

Facelift Surgery Cost Break-up in Turkey

Price for Facelift Cost
Medical Test $ 130 – $ 240
Anesthesia $ 350 -$ 450
Medicines $ 200 – $ 600
Surgeon’s fee $ 320 – $ 620
Hospital $ 700 -$ 1120
Surgical facilities $ 330 -$ 840
Post-surgery garments $ 30 – $ 130
Post-surgery consultation $ 120 – $ 220

Facelift Turkey cost

The purpose of Facelift Turkey Cost is to give you all the information you require regarding the operation and Facelift Costs in Turkey. Today, facelifts are a popular and commonly used cosmetic treatment. Due to its expert doctors, experienced medical personnel engaged in health tourism, and competitive face and thread lift prices, Turkey has become one of the most popular locations for facelift surgery. Turkey facelift packages are cheaper than those in many other countries, and we’re here to help you have the most transformative experience of your life with the help of our highly trained professionals and the country’s top face-lift surgeons.

How much is a Facelift in Turkey?

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Turkey, and the medical tourism sector is growing quickly. The majority of Turkey’s top cosmetic hospitals feature state-of-the-art infrastructure, and cutting-edge equipment, and fulfill high standards for medical care. The hospital staff, nurses, and surgeons are all highly qualified and experienced. In Turkey, all types of medical care are accessible at affordable prices. The Facelift price in Turkey is around $3000.

Why choose Facelift in Turkey?

In Turkey, where numerous procedures are carried out, there are many plastic surgeons who gain a lot of experience. Due to the high demand for surgeries, the most recent advancements in facelift technology are continuously monitored. Due to reduced overall Facelift Turkey costs and plastic surgeon fees in Turkey compared to regions like Europe or the USA, facelifts in Turkey are more affordable there.

Facelift Turkey Reviews

Each year, more people travel to Turkey for Facelift as the country’s medical services and health tourism industry reach previously unheard-of levels of excellence. For clients who desire to improve their forms and overall appearance, numerous Turkish hospitals and clinics offer face and neck lifts. Facelift Reviews are very positive by the past patients as they are well satisfied by the surgeries.

How long will the effects of Facelift Turkey last?

Usually, a facelift in Turkey lasts between seven and ten years. While some patients choose to have the treatment redone later, others feel they do not need another procedure.

Is Facelift in Turkey safe?

Turkey is a trustworthy location for facelifts; for instance, in clinics for aesthetic procedures, patients are assessed before surgery and given medication to reduce the risk of complications. So, the facelift is very safe in Turkey.

Turkey Facelift Insurance

A facelift is a popular cosmetic surgery widely performed in Turkey. The surgeons performing the procedure are well experienced and guarantee the best outcomes from the surgeries. Many international clients come to Turkey to get a Facelift at a very low cost. In Turkey, facelift Insurance coverage is hard to find, as it is a cosmetic surgery rarely any insurance company covers Facelift surgery cost. Before coming to Turkey contact your insurance company and ensure if they provide a facelift insurance coverage or not.

Summary of Turkey Facelift

Operation: Facelift
Operation Time: 2 to 4 hours
Type of Anesthesia: General
Side Effects: Bruising, redness, itchiness, numbness.
Risk: Bleeding, swelling, scarring.
Recovery Time: 4 months

Top Facelift Surgeons in Turkey,

Frequently Asked Questions for Facelift in Turkey

Who is Best Facelift Surgeon in Turkey?

You can easily find Best Facelift Surgeon in Turkey Based on Rating and Reviews from past clients in Medcontour portal

What is Facelift Cost in Turkey?

Cost of Facelift in Turkey varies based on Multiple factors like Required Grade of Facelift Treatment, Facelift Technique used, Auxiliary Services requested, etc. Contact us for Cost Estimate by providing required Facelift details

What is Facelift Success Rate in Turkey?

Facelift is common procedure and has high success Rate. Facelift Success Rate is defined by No Major Post Operative Complaints, Patient Satisfaction, No Recurrence, etc. Doctor will explain expected Facelift results during Consultation

Can I get Before and After Photos for Facelift in Turkey?

Facelift Before and After Photos are available. Client privacy is utmost priority hence Doctor will share only Client approved photos with all personal details hidden.

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