Dr. Galip Arda Pelen – Aesthetic Surgeon & ENT Doctor

Op.Dr. Galip Arda Pelen is a plastic surgeon and ENT specialist in Istanbul. He has 14 years of experience as a facial plastic surgeon in Turkey. Dr. Pelen’s most popular cosmetic treatment is rhinoplasty. His expertise in providing a natural-looking nose that looks cute and is strong from within is sought after worldwide. Dr. Galip became interested in nose shaping and reshaping after completing his specialization in Ear, Nose, Throat, and Head & Neck Surgery at Istanbul Göztepe Education and Research Hospital.
He undertook training in rhinoplasty, which made him specialize in this aspect of facial surgery. Today, he skillfully combines his capabilities as an artist and a surgeon. Dr. Arda Pelen shapes noses so that they look completely organic. His experience as an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist also allows him to create natural noses for people of all races.
Besides being a surgeon, Dr. Galip is a noted cosmetic medical influencer. He showcases his work through before and after photos on his social media platforms, such as Instagram, where he has amassed a following of more than 80k people. To keep up with the latest innovations and use them on patients, he regularly attends national and international conferences. Dr. Arda’s plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul is a place that medical tourists love to visit. It provides exceptional aesthetic treatments in a comfortable and serene atmosphere. Read this listing to learn about Dr Galips’s reviews, estimated prices, and CV.


  • Graduation from Şehremini High School
  • Medical studies from Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul University: 2004
  • Specialization in Ear, Nose, Throat, and Head & Neck surgery from the Istanbul Göztepe Education and Research Hospital: 2010

Experience To Date (2024)

  • Military service in Malatya Military Hospital: 2010 – 2011
  • Compulsory service in Bingöl Public Hospital
  • Own clinic in Metroport Busidence/Bahçelievler: 2017 to present (2024)

Dr. Galip’s Special Interests

Dr. Galip Arda Pelen’s expertise shines in different types of nose jobs and facial aesthetics. He has been performing nose jobs since the early 200s on people of all nationalities. Dr. Arda Pelen is especially renowned for creating lifted and curved noses. Through his open and closed rhinoplasty, tip-plasty, revision rhinoplasty, and Piezo rhinoplasty, he is able to create a functional nose that aligns perfectly with the patient’s features.
Dr. Galip spends considerable time evaluating and examining a patient’s nose before proceeding with the surgery. He uses 3D Simulation to visualize the new nose and then plans the operation. Post-treatment, he provides complete instructions for optimal recovery. Dr. Pelen is dedicated to performing facial aesthetics with as little scarring as possible and by using minimally invasive procedures to conceal incisions.

Prices Of Treatments – 2024

This table lists the average costs of plastic surgery by Dr. Pelen. 

Procedure list by Dr Galip Arda Pelen  The average cost in USD 
Open rhinoplasty $6,020
Closed rhinoplasty $6,199
Ethnic rhinoplsty Up to $5,900
Revision rhinoplasty Between $4,800 to $6,000
Piezo rhinoplasty Up to $5,297
Nasal valve surgery Up to $6,000
Sinus surgery Up to $1,009
Septoplasty From $3,800
Blepharoplasty  Between $1,555 to $5,338
Cheek surgery From $5,080
Chin aesthetics  From $3,020
Lip lift From $3,276

Dr. Galip Arda Pelen’s Reviews

According to a majority of patients, Dr. Pelen’s procedures give them the desirable results. They love the shape of their facial features that are operated upon by him. His staff is also approachable and takes care of every need. You can contact us to find more reviews of Dr. Pelen.

Bad Reviews Of Dr. Pelen

Most patients are satisfied with the quality of Dr. Pelen’s treatments. So far, there are no complaints about his procedures. We also don’t have any evidence of a botched procedure by him.

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