Dr. Okan Parmaksız – ENT & Plastic Surgery Specialist

Dr. Okan Parmaksız is an ENT and plastic surgeon in Istanbul. He has 13 years of experience in the medical domain. Today, he is a coveted surgeon for his aesthetic nose surgery. A Turkish board-certified surgeon, Dr. Parmaksız, has performed over 450 facial aesthetic procedures so far (2024). His patient base spans people from Italy, Germany, the US, the UK, Canada, Serbia, and Switzerland, among others.
Dr. Okan does nose jobs using custom designs and precision craftsmanship. The careful blend of technology and his fine artistic vision results in the creation of natural-looking and beautiful noses, no matter the nationality of the patient. Besides rhinoplasty, Dr. Okan is known for his cosmetic ear procedures. From ear augmentation and pinning to ear reduction, he corrects various types of ear aesthetic concerns.
In the past, Dr. Parmaksız worked at Semdinli State Hospital and Bahçelievler State Hospital. Here, he performed facial surgeries to improve his appearance and correct medical deformities. Today, he employs all those skills and knowledge gained to his patients in a private clinic in Ataköy, Istanbul. Learn all about his qualifications, experience, and prices here. You will also find patient reviews and photos. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Okan.

Educational Background

  • MD from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine: 2005
  • Residency in Ear, Nose, Throat, and Head and Neck Surgery from Health Sciences University Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul: 2012-2017

Experience To Date (2024)

  • Semdinli State Hospital
  • Bahçelievler State Hospital
  • Private clinic in Ataköy, Istanbul – Currently working

Areas Of Expertise

Dr. Okan Parmaksız is skilled in the following procedures:

  • Reduction rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose
  • Septoplasty to correct a deviated septum
  • Revision rhinoplasty to correct or improve the results of a previous rhinoplasty
  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty to add volume to the nose
  • Nasal Valve Repair to correct breathing difficulties
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of the nose of different ethnicities
  • Barbie nose surgery for a strong, slender, and lifted nose
  • Minimally invasive ultrasonic rhinoplasty
  • Ear pinning to correct protruding ears
  • Ear reshaping to correct ear irregularities
  • Earlobe reduction to minimize the size of elongated earlobes
  • Prominent ear surgery using the Davis Procedure and the Mustarde Procedure

Dr. Okan Parmaksız Prices Of Treatments – 2024

This table lists the average prices associated with Dr. Okan’s treatments.

Treatment list by Dr. Okan Parmaksız  Cost in USD 
Tip rhinoplasty $2022 – $5332
Otoplasty  $1724 – $2966
Revision rhinoplasty $4249 – $5815
Closed rhinoplasty $2566 – $4032
Rhinoplasty  $2006 – $4032
Septoplasty  Up to $4000

Dr. Okan Parmaksız Reviews

Dr. Okan Parmaksız is a successful surgeon. Patients who have traveled to him have left glowing testimonials about him. According to a majority of clients, Dr. Okan is very communicative, honest, and skilled. He explains the treatment process clearly and all the related side effects and complications. Contact us to find more reviews of Dr. Okan.


Botched Surgery By Dr. Okan Parmaksız?

Dr. Okan has not done any botched surgery so far. There is no evidence or complaint from any client dealing with poor consequences after his treatment. On the other hand, they proudly show off their before and after photos of facial aesthetics.

Dr. Okan Parmaksız’s Clinic

Dr. Okan’s clinic, located in Istanbul is a haven for those wanting rhinoplasty. Medical tourists visit it often and receive excellent treatment from the staff. The clinic also offers additional services like language assistance. Patients can find comfortable accommodation near it. The address of the clinic is given below.

Ataköy 7-8-9-10. Kısım Mahallesi Ataköy Towers B Blok K:15 No:157, 34158 Bakırköy/Istanbul, Turkey

Distance from the Istanbul airport: 40.7 km

The average time it will take to reach: 30 minutes