Dr. Bora Ok Cost, Reviews, Photos

Dr. Bora Ok is one of the famous surgeons in Turkey. He provides combined plastic and cosmetic surgeries creatively to fulfill his patients’ desires about their appearance. Let’s learn more about Dr. Bora Ok Cost, Reviews, Photos. Dr. Bora Ok started his journey toward plastic surgery after completing his secondary education at Vefa Anatolian High School. Something successful given him inspiration that is Prof. Dr. Halit Ziya Konuralp( a founder of Turkish Plastic Surgery), who has given him complete support since Dr. Ok was a child.

He headed toward his inspirational career and completed graduated as an honor student from the Faculty of Medicine at Karadeniz Technical University. Then Dr. Bora started taking specialized training at Istanbul Haydarpasa Training and Research Hospital, where he learned about intensive surgeries in Turkey and how they are performed. After passing the medicine specialty examination with a high grade, he started participating in several hand surgeries, congenial anomalies, burn, microsurgery, repair surgeries, and plastic surgeries.

Dr. Bora worked as an assistant, performed successful microsurgery procedures, and became a specialist. Later, he provided a thesis on a comparative study of different breast reduction surgery methods, long and short-term results, aesthetic surgeries, patient satisfaction, and laser treatment at Istanbul’s Newest Plastic Surgery Center.

Dr. Bora’s clinic is affiliated with the Turkish Health Ministry, which makes them qualified as International Patient Health Care Clinic. In almost 50 countries, patient visit here to enhance their appearance. His quality treatment has honored him with many prizes and awards. Dr. Bora gained a lot of experience operating ethnic rhinoplasty, also called African rhinoplasty; he also performed Asian rhinoplasty, which needed special attention. He accepts every country’s patient for cosmetic and plastic surgery treatment.


Dr. Bora Ok Education, Experience, and Achievements

Education Graduate from the Faculty of Medicine at Karadeniz Technical University
Experience 17 years

Rhinoplasty Society Of Europe (RSE)



ethnic rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty


American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Address Fenerbahçe, Lalezar Sk. No:7/9, 34726 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Bora Ok Cost For Aesthetic Surgeries 2023

Aesthetic Surgeries Avg. Cost
Closed rhinoplasty $2,732
Open rhinoplasty $2,613
Ethnic rhinoplasty $3,240
Powered microsaw rhinoplasty $1,080
Revision rhinoplasty $2,970
Breast Aesthetics  
Breast augmentation $3,078
B-lite breast implants $3,240
A breast lift and augmentation $3,024
Breast reduction $2,970
Breast lift with own tissues $3,078
Tuberous breast surgery $2,862
Gynecomastia (enlarged male breast) $2,160
Facial Aesthetics  
Thread & lift $3,834
Fox/cat eye lift $1,080
Eyelid surgery $2,052
Brow lift $2,781
Prominent ear surgery 2 506
Facelift $3,780
Endoscopic facelift $1,080
Fat injections $2,538
Chin implants $1728
Neck lift $3,078
Body Contouring  
Liposuction $1,728
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) $2,916
Mommy make-over $3,888
Thigh lift $1,674
Arm lift $1,566
Calf implants $1,296


Dr. Bora Ok Prices for Plastics Surgery and International Cost Comparison 2023

Dr. Bora Cost USA UK Thailand Mexico Germany
Body Contouring $1600 £11,750 $7700 $8300 $15200
Rhinoplasty $5,483 £4,000 $3800 $3500 $9600
Facial Aesthetics $8,005 £7990 $500 – $1200 $1,173 $2000- $5000
Ear Aesthetics $3,736 3,069 $600 – $2900 $1,500 $US 2,000. $US 2,500
Breast Aesthetics $4,866 £3,500 $3,000 $4,300 5,328
Mommy make-over $9,000 5,925 $8050 $6,750 $10511
Liposuction $3,600 2371 $1000 $4,500 $6,000


While abroad cost comparison, you will get a 70% lower cost than the USA and UK because they are the most developed countries and their cost of living is very high. That is why medical surgeries are expensive, and several patients seek treatment in other countries like Mexico, Turkey, and India. They provide similar treatment at a low cost. Quality and medications, and advanced technologies will remain the same. Only the thing people should consider is choosing an internationally accredited and A+ clinic approved by the government. Also, check the good and bad reviews of a hospital and surgeon to remain safe and under the hands of an expert. The above-given cost may also change depending on the surgery requirement, like shape and size. You may need to pay additional for the number of sessions required. Therefore, plan everything carefully to travel.

Dr. Bora Ok Price for Different Types of Plastic Surgeries, Cosmetic Treatments, and Reconstructive Procedures – 2023


People dissatisfied with their nose shape and size can choose rhinoplasty. Some conditions like injury, accident, or trauma that cause nose issues can also have reconstructive nose jobs. Rhinoplasty helps to contour irregularities, shape, nasal obstruction, and asymmetries. Dr. Bora provides different types of nose surgeries, such as:

  • Closed rhinoplasty Cost $2,732
  • Open rhinoplasty Cost $2,613
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty Cost $3,240
  • Powered micro saw rhinoplasty Cost $1,080
  • Revision rhinoplasty Cost $2,970

Breast Aesthetics

Dr. Bora has used improved technologies and trending options asked by patients to have breast surgeries. Most women from developed countries prefer to have contoured bodies. They choose breast aesthetics for specific reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, and weight loss. Here are the breast plastic surgery options offered by Dr. Bora.

  • Breast augmentation Costs $3,078
  • B-lite breast implants Cost $3,240
  • A breast lift and augmentation Cost $3,024
  • Breast reduction Costs $2,970
  • Breast lift with own tissues Cost $3,078
  • Tuberous breast surgery Cost $2,862
  • Gynecomastia (enlarged male breast) Costs $2,160 

Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics demand is increasing in the present world. The ability to offer benefits with or without surgery has been a perfect match for people. Facial aesthetics provide the best solution through advanced aesthetics improvements. It removes wrinkles, aging signs, and sagging skin around the cheeks and eyes. Dr. Bora offers several types of facial plastic and cosmetic treatments that improve your jawlines, nose bone, and cheekbones, and tighten overall face skin, life face, and eyes. Here are facial aesthetic options:

  • Thread & lift Cost $3,834
  • Fox/cat eye lift Cost $1,080
  • Eyelid surgery Cost $2,052
  • Brow lift Cost $2,781
  • Prominent ear surgery Cost 2 506
  • Facelift Cost $3,780
  • Endoscopic facelift Cost $1,080
  • Fat injections Cost $2,538
  • Chin implants Cost $1728
  • Neck lift Cost $3,078

Body Contouring

Body contouring is all about full-body makeovers for suitable candidates. Body contouring may be performed at multiple sessions for safety. The body contouring involves tummy tuck, thigh lift, abdominoplasty, back fat removal, and calf implant with the help of advanced liposuction techniques: Here are the body contouring options at Dr. Bora’s clinic.

  • Liposuction Cost $1,728
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) Cost $2,916
  • Mommy makeover Cost $3,888
  • The thigh lift Costs $1,674
  • Arm lift Cost $1,566
  • Calf implants Cost $1,296

Dr. Bora Ok Reviews 2023

  • Dr. Bora is the best-qualified plastic surgeon in Turkey.
  • The Turkish health ministry approves his clinic to provide treatments to international patients.
  • His clinic offers incredible services, and the medical staff and hospital are the best.
  • There may be delays due to many patients, but they attend to every patient.
  • A plastic surgeon, Khanh Tran, said she was happy to perform surgery with him at his clinic in Istanbul.
  • He is more famous for providing nose surgeries.
  • Dr. Bora Ok is an associate of the American, Turkey, and Europe plastic surgery and rhinoplasty associations.
  • Dr. Bora provides a complete package of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, such as facial contouring, body contouring, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, BBL, and rhinoplasty.
  • They provide an airport pickup facility that is near their hospital.
  • Patients’ comfort and satisfaction is their primary goal.
  • Dr. Bora does a complete health analysis before taking any procedure.
  • They will also provide post-surgery follow-up care and guidance.

Dr. Bora Ok Bad Reviews

  • Patient coordination was not good, and delays in response to revision rhinoplasty
  • Some patients did not feel they were professional because they took time to response
  • Another patient felt the cost is expensive and customer service could be better.

Dr. Bora Ok Botched Surgery

A patient wrote that she got botched rhinoplasty and a fat graft by Dr. Bora in Turkey. After six months of surgery, her nose was terrible, and the fat graft on the abdomen asymmetry was not good.

She is not happy about the asymmetrical nostril and swelling on the cartilage. There was a depression on the nose’s left side for many months. She did not have any changes after the fat graft on her face. They did not do a fat graft on the nose.

Her abdomen was very asymmetrical and had more fat left above.


What Is The Solution For Botched Surgery?

As Dr. Bora is a famous surgeon, he will not leave his patient in trouble. There might be delays and miscommunication among staff. You can directly connect with him on Instagram or YouTube. Keep trying or now visit the clinic and discuss the solution. If there is the possibility of correcting the botched surgery, then they consider it. You should also take a second opinion from another surgeon to prevent the risk of an unexpected second or third procedure.

Dr. Bora Ok Success Rate

Dr. Bora has 17 years of experience performing plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, and reconstructive procedures. The success rate is Dr. Bora is very high. He has achieved 99% of success in satisfying his patient’s desires about their facial and body aesthetics.

You may see some bad reviews that can happen when patients need more consultations or more timely treatments. It happens due to several patients having treatment from Dr. Bora. Therefore, please contact us we will provide a second opinion and book your appointment.


Dr. Bora Ok Photos | Dr bora Ok Instagram

You can see the photos of some patients who have undergone plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery on Instagram handle drboraokbb_bydrboraok. These photos typically provide results of aesthetic procedures. If you are worried about your surgery picture, ask the medical team to keep your vision private.


Dr. Bora Ok YouTube

Find Dr. Bora’s youtube channel @boraokmdplasticandaestheti2552. You can find here regular updates on plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments. In addition, they provide patient reviews and case studies. This will help you understand the procedure of Dr. Bora.

Consultation at Dr. Bora Ok Clinic

The consultation process is essential as they like to listen to the patient’s worries, problems, and desired results. Then Dr. Bora examines the patient’s health and discusses previous health problems or any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery they had. After that, the doctor will tell you about the possible surgery options and results.

The patient needs to be very clear about what aesthetic they desire and keep realistic expectations.

If you do not get an appointment due to your busy schedule at Dr. Bora’s clinic, please contact us, and we will provide a position and a second opinion.

Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Cost / Ethnic Rhinoplasty Cost

Dr. Bora’s rhinoplasty cost is $6,390, including surgery, hotel expenses, and food. Each patient will get different cost quotations because of the change in size and shape. Every surgery is unique and may need additional time and effort to achieve an outstanding result for everyone.


Which Airport International Patient Should Choose while coming to Dr. Bora Ok Clinic?

Dr. Bora’s staff suggested their patient use Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW). The hotel facility and clinic they perform surgeries are situated in the Asian part of Istanbul and SAW.

What Safety Measures Does Dr. Bora Take?

Dr. Bora says health is critical, and they do a detailed assessment before surgery. They do general health analysis and anesthesia tests. They might do repeated tests to ensure everything is standard so that the surgery procedure happens smoothly.

Dr. Bora also gives more importance to post-surgery care. They will regularly have follow-ups with patients and provide information about medications and care guidelines, making patients comfortable to transform.

Does Dr. Bora Provide Insurance for Aesthetic Procedures?

Dr. Bora is a successful plastic surgeon who has been practicing for many years. Unfortunately, as plastic and cosmetic surgeries are not for emergencies, they are not covered by insurance plans. Still, you can ask for reconstructive surgeries to correct the damaged skin due to injury. Please check with your insurance company if they offer any insurance plans. You can also check with Dr. Bora for financing options for the chosen cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure because this surgery is affordable but still have some expensive medications for treatment. In addition, they require standard serums and techniques with the finest tools to create the right shape and size.


Dr. Bora is one of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey. He has his clinic perform different types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. He is providing successful treatments at an affordable cost and financing facility. Patients can have a comfortable stay during the treatment. Several patients reviewed him best doctor for correcting inappropriate and unusual appearances. Please contact us to book your appointment.



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