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Dr. Engine ER is the finest plastic surgeon in Turkey. He works at Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center. He has been practicing facial and body aesthetic surgeries and hair transplant surgery for 30 years. He has become a phenomenon in Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe with his innovative works in aesthetic surgery. Learn more about Dr. Ergin Er Cost, Reviews, and Photos. Dr. Ergin Er is well qualified and has several higher educations, such as M.D. Degree, Advanced Emergency in medicine, an expert in Reconstructive and Plastic surgery, Microsurgery, facial aesthetics, and liposuction. He has worked for several years and has gained experience in plastic surgery and hair transplants. He also worked for the military burn center and restored the patient’s condition.

Dr. Ergin Er is an honorable plastic surgeon in Turkey. He has achieved honors and awards from 2000 to 2004. In addition, he got first prizes in many research and competitions from different events conducted in Turkey from the Turkish Society of Surgeons, Hacettepe University, and the Turkish Armed forces.

As Dr. Ergin Er works at Istanbul Aesthetic Center, it is a famous and reputed hospital founded in 2014 with innovative technologies. Dr. Ergin and other surgeons perform around 6,000 aesthetic surgeries every year. The surgeons, including Dr. Ergin Er, working at Istanbul Aesthetic Center, are Internationally recognized for their specialties. Several certificates and awards confirm it, including EBOPRASTSAPS, and ISHRS.

This clinic provides the main benefits of the high professionalism of surgeons and modern equipment. The modern technologies of the 21st century have created new opportunities to improve appearance. Istanbul Aesthetics center closely practices the world standard of aesthetic and plastic surgery to get effective results.


Dr. Ergin Er Education, Experience, and Achievements

·       1992 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, GATA University in Ankara.

·       2001 Title of Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery from Gata University in Ankara.

Experience 30 years

· 2000 Turkish Surgery Association Research Competition first prize, Izmir,

· 2000 Hacettepe University research competition first prize, Ankara,

· 2001 Turkish Plastic Surgery Association Competition first prize, Istanbul,

· 2002 GATA Scientific Research Support Scholarship: Genetic Treatment for Cranial Bone Treatments

· 2002 GATA Scientific Research Support Scholarship: Genetic Treatments for Bone Transplantation

· 2004 Research Award and Scholarship, ISHRS

· 2004 Research Award and Scholarship, ISHRS



·       Liposuction

·       Breast augmentation, reduction surgery, breast lift

·       body contouring

·       Rhinoplasty

·       Hair transplantation

·       Facial aesthetic surgery

·       Extremity reconstructions

·       Maxillofacial surgery

·       Gene therapy in plastic surgery

·       Tissue engineering in plastic surgery


·       1993 ECFMG Basic and Clinical Sciences

·       1994 ECFMG Certificates

·       1994 USMLE 1st and 2nd step certificates

·       2004 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).


·       European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS)
Address Esentepe Mah. Keskin Kalem Sk. No.1 Şişli / İSTANBUL, Sisli, Istanbul, 34394, Turkey, Behind Kuveyt Turk Bank

Plastic Surgery Cost Offered by Dr. Ergin Er

Plastic Surgery Average Cost (US Dollars)
Rhinoplasty $3080
FUE hair transplant $1980
DHI hair transplant $2090
Liposuction $2310
VASER liposuction $2640
Breast augmentation $3410
Facial aesthetic surgery $3630
Breast Reduction surgery $1500 – $5000
Breast lift $3300
Body contouring $3850

International Cost Comparison of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery USA UK Thailand Mexico Germany
Rhinoplasty $5,483 £4,000 $3800 $3500 $9600
FUE hair transplant $4,000 £3000 €3,600 $3,500 $3,197
DHI hair transplant $2000 £4,500 $7,500 $2,990 $5,328
Liposuction $3,637 £2,500 $8210 $5,500 $1550
VASER liposuction $6,500 £2,940 $3200 $2,500-3,000 $15200
Breast augmentation $4,866 £3,500 $3,000 $4,300 5,328
Facial aesthetic surgery $8,005 £7990 $500 – $1200 $1,173 $2000- $5000
Breast Reduction surgery $5,913 £6500 $6,596 $2,500 $6,809
Breast lift $5,012 £6,500 $6,596 $4,100 $1,582
Body contouring $1600 £11,750 $7700 $8300 $15200

These are the average cost of cosmetic and plastic surgeries in different countries. You can get an idea to prepare your budget, but every patient still has an additional cost depending on their treatment requirement.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Prices at Dr. Ergin Er Clinic 

Dr. Ergin Er Specialties: Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ergin Er provides plastic surgery to reshape and improve the body contours. It could be performed to remove body scars or repair damaged skin caused by an accident or disease. Plastic surgery lifts the skin tissues and boosts self-esteem.

Every surgical procedure is performed to correct the non-life-risking defect and can wait as cosmetic surgery is not an emergency. Both plastic surgery and elective surgeries can be planned.

People use the terms cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery interchangeably, but there is some difference between both procedures. Plastic surgery is applied to reconstruct defects that present since birth, burn, accident, or any disease. Here are the plastic surgery types to choose from Dr. Ergin:

  • burn repair surgery
  • breast reconstruction
  • lower extremity reconstruction
  • hand surgery
  • scar revision surgery
  • Congenital defect repair

Istanbul Aesthetic Center prices

Cosmetic surgery is also plastic surgery done to improve a person’s appearance. Any procedure performed to enhance aesthetic appeal comes under cosmetic surgery. But the surgery benefits should be considered. In addition, some cosmetic procedures may be necessary for a person’s psychological health.

Here are the most preferred cosmetic surgery procedures:

Breast Enhancement Cost at Dr. Ergin Er Clinic 

Breast enhancement is a common cosmetic surgery around the world, some of the commonly desired improvements such as:

Breast augmentation involves increasing the breast size with the help of fat transfer or implants. Breast augmentation Costs $3410.

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, involves eliminating extra skin. This method helps to tighten and shape the breast. Breast lift Cost $3300.

Breast reduction helps lower the size and remove large breast size. Breast Reduction surgery costs $1500 – $5000.

Body Contouring Cost at Dr. Ergin Er Clinic 

Body Contouring: This is preferred to enhance the midsection of the body shape: Body contouring costs $3850.

Tummy Tuck: It involves the extra skin from the tummy and enhances the tummy shape.

Liposuction is a procedure that breaks and sucks extra fat from the body and is commonly utilized for thighs, buttocks, and tummy.

Gynecomastia Surgery: Treatment applied for men suffering from sagging breasts because of hormonal health and weight gain.

Facial Contouring: It helps to improve nose shape, cheeks, and chin or restore nose functions to enhance its aesthetic reasons shape called rhinoplasty. Facial aesthetic surgery costs $3630.

Facial Rejuvenation: This cosmetic surgery involves an eyelid lift, facelift, neck lift, and brow lift. This treatment removes extra skin and reshapes facial features.

Skin Rejuvenation: This cosmetic surgery procedure at Dr. Ergin’s clinic is combined with the minimally invasive method, which is affordable and less traumatic. Here are some types of skin rejuvenation treatments:

Dermabrasion: It involves removing the upper skin layer with the help of a rotating instrument, beneficial for small lines, skin defects, and scars.

Laser Resurfacing: It removes the upper skin using a laser and eliminates skin defects.

Botox: This skin improvement treatment uses botulinum toxin injection in the skin to relax and smoothen wrinkles.

Hair Transplant Cost at Dr. Ergin Er Clinic 

FUE Hair Transplant

Dr. Ergin Er provides advanced hair transplantation technologies. FUE hair transplant involves extracting more hair follicles in a day and planting them in the affected part of the scalp without any scarring. FUE hair transplant Costs $1980.

DHI Hair Transplant 

Dr. Ergin Er also offers a DHI hair transplant. It involves removing hair follicles from one part of the scalp, commonly from the head’s back, and implanting to bald parts in the head. DHI hair transplant Costs $2090.

Dr. Ergin Er performs this cosmetic and plastic surgery with advanced surgical techniques, which is less risky. Abroad patients can get a successful cosmetic procedure from Dr. Ergin as they provide better treatments. In addition, they understand the patient’s need and desire to improve their appearance.

Dr. Ergin Er Reviews 2023

  • Dr. Ergin Er Work at Istanbul Aesthetic Center
  • Istanbul Aesthetic Center is an ISO-certified Turkey hospital. It is famous for offering the best treatments of liposuctions, cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, body aesthetics, BBL, and dental surgeries. This hospital also can handle around 3000 inpatients and 2000 outpatients yearly.
  • The medical team who works with Dr. Ergin is dedicated to offering professional care such as high-definition plastic surgeries, FUE, and DHI.
  • Patients will get 99% satisfaction as they get treatment from expert surgeons and nurses.
  • The Istanbul Aesthetic Center offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and the best multi-cuisine food.
  • Istanbul Aesthetics center provides high technologies and VIP patient services.
  • Patients’ comfort and satisfaction is their primary goal.
  • The patient can have an intensive care unit for emergency conditions.
  • According to patients, the medical team was excellent and provided good coordination from airport pickup to hotel transfer. In addition, they behaved friendly and helpful.
  • The hospital was highly organized, professional and clean.

Dr. Ergin Er Bad Reviews

  • A patient writes to be cautious because the hair transplant results are undesirable, and he is disappointed even after paying $5200.


Dr. Ergin Er Botched Surgery

A patient writes that her rhinoplasty surgery has gone wrong. The nose was not symmetrical. It was easy to find that she had nose surgery. Even after three years, there was swelling in the nose. She paid $3000 and needed $10,000 to correct it. She experienced bad about her surgery. When she contacted the center through Instagram, they deleted her message.


How to Recover from Botched Surgery?

Manage your Emotions

Unexpected results of plastic surgery can cause emotional imbalance. You might feel ashamed and blame yourself for the bad results of surgery. It might make you angry at the surgeon. You might get more frustrated when they respond to you slowly. Your frustration could ruin your relationship with your surgeon, and he could refer you to another surgeon. Try to be patient and take the help of family and friends to approach your surgeon.

Take Help from a Surgeon

Talk to your surgeon for further treatment as required. They will refer you to another surgeon if they agree that you need another surgery and lack that expertise. Your surgeon cares for you until you get the right plastic surgeon and results. If your surgeon disagrees, then take a second opinion.

Take help from New Surgeon

Choosing a new surgeon can be good if you are unhappy with your original surgeon. The new surgeon will revise your plastic or cosmetic surgery, which is not covered by insurance and can be more expensive. Because correcting a botched surgery require more skills and it be challenging.

You can check with your original surgeon for a refund for revision surgery. If they disagree, then consider legal action. In this situation, you need to prove that surgeon did not meet the standard and caused terrible results.

It would help if you also researched new surgeons, checked reviews, and their successful surgeries to prevent other malpractice.

What to do during a New Plastic Surgeon for Botched Surgery Correction consultation?

It would help if you remained sensitive and patient because every surgeon does not prefer botched patients due to specific reasons, which include:

  • botched patients are disturbed
  • they are financially depleted
  • correcting botched surgery might be impossible
  • it can be a challenging case

Dr. Ergin Er Before and After Photos

Dr. Ergin Er shares every surgery before and after photos of their patients on Instagram “drerginer”. Usually, people choose to correct facial features to look beautiful. Choosing a nose job, breast enhancement, and body contouring at a young age to mid-age helps with confidence and prevents mental and emotional pain. Dr. Ergin provides liposuction for better abs, plump lips, well-shaped chin, tummy tuck, and mommy makeovers.

Does Istanbul Aesthetic Center Provide Insurance Coverage?

Modern lifestyle demand cosmetic correction of the face and body. Everyone wishes to have a well-shaped body and younger looking face. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery can help to reshape your body as you desire. However, the medical plans do not cover the cosmetic surgery cost during the procedure. The primary reason for not getting plastic surgery coverage and procedure under your health insurance plan is that they are emergencies to save life or make the body function.

You need to check and apply for insurance in your existing health insurance company or the clinic you wish to get treatment.

Here is the medical procedure that is related to one another but still different.

Cosmetic surgery procedures have specific body parts for a new look and attractive contours. In addition, cosmetic surgery will improve self-esteem and confidence.

Reconstructive surgery is a surgical method to treat physical defects, trauma, ailments, and diseases caused due to an accident or abnormality. Usually, these surgeries improve the complete aesthetics of organ normalizing or body parts to enhance appearance.

Therefore, discuss with Dr. Ergin Er about insurance and whether the type of plastic surgery you have chosen can get coverage.

How to Consult with Dr. Ergin Er? 

Dr. Ergin Er is available for online consultation. Patients must share their medical documents and pay fees to book an appointment for a video consultation.


Dr. Ergin Er is the best plastic surgeon at Istanbul Aesthetic Center. He does not have a personal website, but he has Instagram (drerginer), where you can find every cosmetic surgery before and after photo. The surgeon works with JCI-accredited hospitals, which provide comfort and advanced technologies for their national and international patients. They also offer online consultations to ease the patient. Please contact us to book an appointment and get a second opinion about your plastic surgery treatment.

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