Facelift Surgery in Dubai

You can not stop aging, but you can slow down the process of aging and look young. Facelift surgery is an option to have a more youthful-looking face. Aging mainly affects the skin, especially the face skin, because facial skin is very delicate compared to other body parts skin. Facelift surgery, also called Rhytidectomy, is a surgical method to remove the sagging skin of facelift muscles and tighten face skin tissues. Dubai is a famous destination for facelifting surgeries. Let’s find out Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai.

Facelift surgery in Dubai is performed for aesthetic reasons to bring a younger look by lowering the visible effect of aging and sagging skin.

Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai

The average facelift surgery cost in Dubai is AED 45000. Other facelift surgeries cost range between AED 7000  – AED 18000. A jawline sharpening can be expensive, but it could become a budget friend if you choose installment plans. These plans are interest-free without additional cost.

Facelift Prices, Mini Face Lift Cost, Lower Face Lift Price 2022

Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Cheek Lift $3,200 11,200 د.إ.‏
Cutaneous Lift $2,800 9,800 د.إ.‏
Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift $3,400 11,900 د.إ.‏
Jaw Line Rejuvenation $4,200 14,700 د.إ.‏
Liquid Facelift $2,400 8,400 د.إ.‏
MACS Lift / QuickLift $3,900 13,650 د.إ.‏
Mid-Facelift $3,300 11,550 د.إ.‏
Mini Facelift $3,500 12,250 د.إ.‏
S-Lift $3,700 12,950 د.إ.‏
Temporal Facelift or Browlift $2,100 7,350 د.إ.‏
Traditional Facelift $3,800 13,300 د.إ.‏

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Find Face Lift Cost, Mini Face Lift And Non Surgical Face Lift Cost 2022

Facelift Cost Dubai and Different Options

 Cheek Lift Cost in Dubai:$3,200

The patient wishes to get a cheek lift as a complementary procedure to a facelift. It restores the patient’s confidence by lowering the aging signs in the central part of the face. The cheek lift has a short time recovery. A facelift is different from a cheek lift because a facelift target neck, jawline, and lower jaw. Cheek lift focus on the central area of the face.


Cutaneous Lift Cost in Dubai: $2,800

A cutaneous facelift is a traditional plastic surgery method to remove only excess skin from the face. A long incision is created near the hairline, and the surgeon will remove loose skin to tighten and smooth facial skin. The method does not interfere with the underlying facial muscles.


Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift Cost in Dubai: $3,400

Deep Plane/SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) Facelift focus on removing sagging skin, loss of volume, and excess fat from the lower 2/3rd of the face. Surgeons have developed the SMAS method as a less invasive method to traditional facelift surgery, representing a critical advance aesthetically, creating natural results.

The deep plane and SMAS procedure involve incisions at the temples over the hairline to hide them.


Jaw Line Rejuvenation Cost in Dubai: $4,200

Jaw Line Rejuvenation did on the female with the square jawline and needed to lower the squareness of it. However, apart from restoring the feminine look, jawline contouring in Dubai also creates a balance between the narrow upper half of the face and the broader lower half. The cause of a square jawline in a woman is genetic.


Liquid Facelift Cost in Dubai: $2,400

A liquid facelift, also called a Sculptra liquid facelift, is a non-surgical procedure that aims to reshape, contour, and lift facial appearance with the help of cosmetic injectables. Liquid facelift in Dubai is performed to rejuvenate the face by tightening the skin over the face and lifting it aesthetically.


MACS Lift / QuickLift Cost in Dubai: $3,900

The Quicklift features a middle and oval-shaped purse string covered by comprehensive encircling pure string. When the purse string break sutures are tightened, the SMASH is consolidated, creating multiple gyri, which then fibrose and provide longevity to the procedure.

Minimal access cranial suspension (MACS) is a famous short scar facelifting method. This technique uses purse string sutures with less skin undermining to get a clear vertical tissue repositioning.


Mid-Facelift Cost in Dubai: $3,300

Mid-Facelift is also called a cheek lift. It is a cosmetic technique to pull the skin of the upper mouth and around the eyes part. Mid-facelift can provide a more youthful appearance and less under eyes skin. This option of facelift does not target the forehead or jawline.


Mini Facelift Cost in Dubai: $3,500

A mini facelift is a lightly modified version of an old facelift. Both are invasive cosmetic surgeries that use incisions to help clear and pull up sagging skin. A person is suitable for a mini facelift if you have minor skin to remove with fewer incisions.

It is an anti-aging surgery that targets sagging skin by lifting the skin. Mini facelift Dubai cost according to customized need.


S-Lift Cost in Dubai: $3,700

The S-lift is a short flap and short scar facelift method. The S-lift combines the benefits of a limited dissection and incision with the help of SMAS lifting and manipulation. This technique involves the effective use of purse-string sutures, plicating the mobile SMAS and more Supraplatysmal plane to the fixed periosteum fascia of the zygomatic arch.


Temporal Facelift or Browlift Cost in Dubai: $2,100

A temporal brow lift, also referred to as the lateral brow lift, includes creating changes in the forehead part while lifting the eyebrows simultaneously. It helps to correct the outer 1/3rd position of the eyebrow while providing the eye with a beautiful appearance.


Traditional Facelift Cost in Dubai: $3,800

The traditional facelift is the most popular type of facelift. This invasive cosmetic procedure is applied to reposition the neck and face skin. First, it helps to enhance the overall jawline. Next, the plastic surgeon will pull back the face skin, which removes sagging muscles, deep lines, and wrinkles. It also trims excess skin to get a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

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Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai – 2022

No one wishes to look old; several people care about them enough and want to look younger and spend a more happy life with their loved ones.

Cosmetic procedures have become more advanced in the past few years, and Dubai is famous for various anti-aging treatments, including facelift surgery.

In Dubai, several communities from abroad visit for cosmetic treatments. Dubai is a tourist place, so it has cosmetic clinics and hospitals in different locations. There are places in Dubai where you can find the best cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics. Other areas have different types of cosmetic surgeries where costs vary depending on the size and shape of the procedure.

  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Al Bastakiya in Dubai: AED9,800
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Al Karama in Dubai: AED10,094
  • lower face and neck lift Cost in Bur Dubai: AED10,290
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Business Bay in Dubai: AED9,996
  • Mini face Cost in Downtown Dubai: AED9,947
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai Marina: AED10,045
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai: AED10,143
  • Average cost of facelift Cost in Al Ain Road in Dubai: AED10,241
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Al Baraha in Dubai: AED10,829
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Al Barari in Dubai: AED11,025
  • Face lift prices in Al Jaddaf in Dubai: AED11,123
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Al Khail Road: AED11,221
  • Mini facelift Cost in Al Qudra Road: AED11,613
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Al Quoz: AED11,270
  • Mini face lift jowls Cost in Al Satwa: AED10,731
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Al Sufouh: AED10,633
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Barsha Heights Tecom: AED10,829

How Much Is A Facelift In Dubai?

Facelift in Dubai Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Al Bastakiya AED9,800
Al Karama AED10,094
Bur Dubai AED10,290
Business Bay AED9,996
Downtown Dubai AED9,947
Dubai Marina AED10,045
The Palm Jumeirah AED10,143
Al Ain Road AED10,241
Al Baraha AED10,829
Al Barari AED11,025
Al Jaddaf AED11,123
Al Khail Road AED11,221
Al Qudra Road AED11,613
Al Quoz AED11,270
Al Satwa AED10,731
Al Sufouh AED10,633
Barsha Heights Tecom AED10,829

Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai and Global Cost and Prices 2022

Every country offers different costs and prices for facelift surgery. The cost depends on several things, from the size and shape of the surgery to other medical expenses. Here are facelift surgery costs and prices in Dubai and other countries.

  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai, UAE is AED 45000 ($12,251.57).
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in anywhere between 1.2-2 lakhs ($1,220) in India
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in Iran ranges from $1,700 to $3,300 based on the surgeon’s experience and level of expertise, the procedure’s complexity, and similar problems.
  • Facelift Surgery Costs in Turkey start from USD 3,500 to a little over USD 5,000. In Comparison, the average cost of facelift surgery in Thailand is $3450, the lowest cost is $90, and the highest cost is $9950.
  • facelift surgery cost in Mexico is $5200, the lowest price is $3500, and the highest price is $12,000.
  • The average cost of facelift surgery in Switzerland is $14,100
  • Facelift Surgery Cost in the US is $7,048.
  • Mini facelift cost in UK: £7,000 to 8,000($7,966).
  • The average cost of facelift surgery in the Republic of Korea is $7450, the lowest price is $1800, and the highest cost is $14000.
  • Facelift Cost from ¥248100 ($1,692)

International Cost and Prices and Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai – 2022

How Much Does A Facelift Cost?

Country Facelift Surgery Cost
UAE (Dubai) AED 45000 ($12,251)
Iran $1,700 to $3,300
India $1,220
Turkey $3,500
Thailand $3450
Mexico $5200
Switzerland $14,100
UK £7,000 to 8,000
US $7,048
Korea $7450
Japan ¥248100 ($1,692)


Factors Influencing Facelift Surgery Cost In Dubai?

Clinic Location

The cosmetic clinic location for the treatment facility is the primary factor determining the facelift cost. Clinics in highly developed area experience more demand, so they get higher costs. These clinics charge extra also because of the more expense of living.

Doctor’s Experience

If the cosmetic surgeon is experienced and board certified, the charges will be high for facelift surgery in Dubai than less experienced doctors. Still, higher cost only sometimes has better quality; you need to find high-quality treatments.

Anesthesia Cost

The type of anesthesia monitored before the facelift may affect the surgery cost. For example, general anesthesia costs are always more than local anesthesia. Therefore, it is mainly because of more cost and prices of anesthetic solutions and expertise needed to monitor this solution for facelift surgery in Dubai.

Other Costs Related to Surgery

You should expect different fees to increase the facelift cost—for example, the lab tests before the procedure. The cost of these tests and additional expenses like medical facility and surgeon costs are included in the total treatment cost.

Who Can Have a Facelift?

  • Anyone who desires to have younger looking face can undergo facelift surgery. However, the facelift procedure is recommended for people aged: 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Who is the Suitable Candidate for a Facelift?

  • Generally, a good candidate for a facelift includes:
  • A health person
  • A person without diseases
  • Nonsmokers
  • A person with realistic goals and expectations

Who Can Not Have Facelift Surgery?

  • A person with obesity
  • A person who smokes or consumes alcohol

How To Prepare For A Facelift In Dubai?

For facelift surgery preparation, your surgeon may ask for:

  • Get medical evaluation
  • Watch out for your current medication
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicine, aspirin, and herbal supplement that increase bleeding.
  • Stop using recreational drugs

Medical Visa Dubai Requirements 2022

An abroad person willing to have facelift surgery in Dubai needs a medical visa, which will need the following documents to apply:

  • A valid passport copy
  • An invitation letter from the hospital for treatment
  • Financial transaction proof
  • a passport-sized photograph
  • Medical insurance proof that covers your stay in Dubai

Facelift Surgery Insurance in Dubai for Foreigners

  • Enquire about cosmetic surgery cost coverage in your health insurance company in your Country.
  • Or Dubai offers HALA medical insurance coverage for people abroad, which covers medical emergencies and other expenses.
  • Note: If facelift surgery is minor, it will not come under insurance, and you must pay for it from your pocket.
  • Can I go to Dubai without health insurance?
  • According to February 2022, every abroad traveler coming to Dubai must show proof of medical insurance and the cost of COVID-19.

Which Conditions Include Cosmetic Surgery in Health Insurance Coverage?

  • Insurance companies include cosmetic surgery coverage only if it is necessary for the following reasons:
  • If cosmetic surgery is considered to be reconstructive
  • If the surgery s necessary for body function.

Facelift Surgery Success Rate in Dubai 2022

A facelift surgery comes under cosmetic surgical production using different techniques. Approximately 80% – 90% of patients achieved positive results in facelift surgery. Although the best results are expected after a facelift, there is yet to be guaranteed. In some cases, you may need extra cost than the surgery to get the desired result. To ensure the surgery is successful, you must provide an experienced and skilled surgeon. You also need to follow the surgeon’s instructions and prepare for aftercare.

Note that the facelift surgery result is not permanent because aging will not stop with any cosmetic surgery.

Dubai Reviews About Hospitals and Clinics

Dubai is one of the most expensive locations in the world for a facelift and other cosmetic surgery. According to the leading surgeons in the UAE, the cost of cosmetic surgery in Dubai is increased by up to one-third.

Private HealthCare

Apart from public clinics and hospitals in Dubai, several abroad patients choose private healthcare, including facelifts.

Patients with international private health insurance can have the choice to get 130 facilities from 150 different medical specialties in Dubai Healthcare City.

Emergency Care

There are two options:

Public health services in Dubai provide free services for emergency conditions.

Private clinics also provide emergency treatment but are expensive without comprehensive health insurance.

Professional Care

In Dubai, you do not need any reference for a doctor or hospital. There are qualified health professionals available at a public or private hospitals. You can also consult online services to book an appointment.


There are enough pharmacies open 24 hours to dispense prescription and over-the-counter medications.

The Best Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery Clinics And Hospitals In Dubai

  • The nova clinic
  • American academy of cosmetic surgery hospital
  • Aesthetics plastic surgery clinic in dubai by kch
  • Drhc
  • Medcare
  • You new plastic surgery
  • Cocoona

Facelift Surgery Procedure in Dubai

Initial Consultation with Plastic Surgeon in Dubai

After diagnosis and considering facelift reasons, you can contact us to book an appointment with an expert surgeon.

We will provide you video consultation with an experienced surgeon. During the facelift consultation, you should expect the following:

  • Discussion about why you choose a facelift and what your goals are with the cosmetic procedure
  • Understanding medical history
  • Evaluation health problems
  • The options available for surgery
  • An evaluation of the part to be treated, measurements, and photography to record what the part looks like before the procedure is undertaken.
  • Options explanation, step involved, treatment, risk, and possible complication.
  • Feeling apprehensive before the surgery takes place is complete.
  • An examination part is to be treated, measured, and recorded in photography before undergoing the procedure.
  • Feeling apprehensive before the surgery takes place is entirely normal.
  • Make sure to discuss any concerns or fears you get from the surgeon, and do not hesitate to ask questions related to the results you desire to achieve.

During facelift surgery (Rhytidectomy)?

There are multiple steps involved in facelift surgery; here are the steps:


Cosmetic surgeons will use anesthesia to numb the affected part of the face. The surgeon will recommend a good option for the type of surgery.

The Incision

According to the chosen facelift type, your surgeon could make incisions on this area during surgery:

  • around ears
  • in hairlines near the temple
  • at lower scalp
  • under the chin
  • in mouth

The size of the incisions will depend on your facelift type. Your surgeon will explain this before surgery.

The Procedure

The facelift involves removing or repositioning facial skin or fat and tightening facial muscles. Depending on your facelift type, the surgeon may do one of these actions or all. The patient and surgeon will tell the process in detail before surgery.

Closing the incisions

After the procedure, the surgeon will close the incision with of the below options:

  • Dissolvable stitches
  • skin glue
  • stitches that require remove


After Facelift Surgery

  • After facelift surgery, medical staff will take you to the observation room while you wake up. You will be able to leave the hospital once you are stable. However, it usually takes some time.
  • You may have a bandage around the face to lower swelling and bruising.
  • You may also have a small drainage tube.
  • Before leaving, the surgeon will offer facelift surgery recovery guidelines, including how to care for the incision site and drains. After that, you can schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Then, your surgeon will prescribe medication to control pain if needed.

When Should You See The Doctor If You Had A Facelift?

After facelift surgery, if you get the following problem, contact your healthcare provider:

  • fever
  • extreme swelling
  • bleeding
  • abnormal discharge on the incision site
  • extreme pain

Facelift Without Surgery

Liquid injectable lifts and PDO thread lifts are two nonsurgical options for a facelift. However, the most effective nonsurgical alternative is currently a famous treatment.

What Is A Silent Facelift?

A silent facelift is a highly personalized and unique 360-degree approach that increases neck and face rejuvenation without surgery.

Benefits of Facelift Surgery in Dubai

  • Remove unwanted skin from the face
  • Face look younger
  • Tighten skin tissue under the skin
  • Lower drooping cheek around the jawline
  • Lift the mouth corners by removing creases
  • Eliminates jowl forming the jaws and cheeks
  • Prevent stress, harmful effects, and exposure to elements

Facelift Risks and Complications

  • Bleeding
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Infection
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Deep vein thrombosis,
  • cardiac complications
  • Facial nerve injury with weakness
  • Persistent pain
  • Prolonged swelling
  • Numbness
  • changes in skin sensation
  • skin loss
  • Poor wound healing
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Skin irregularities
  • Skin discoloration
  • Permanent or Temporary hair loss at the incisions

Unsatisfactory results may have a surgical scar, asymmetry, and unacceptable visible deformities at the end of the incisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Facelift Surgery in Dubai

How Long Do Facelifts Last?

A facelift surgery gives younger-looking skin, but the results may not be permanent. Aging and lifestyle habits can affect and bring back loose and saggy skin.

How Painful Is A Facelift?

Facelift surgery has little pain, but there will be a deep bruised sensation due to swelling.

Is A Facelift Worth It?

Yes, a facelift helps to lower fine lines, face aging, and wrinkles.

Can I Smile After A Facelift?

Yes, you can smile after having facelift surgery, but it may feel tight for some days.

Can I Wear Makeup After The Facelift?

It is essential to avoid makeup for at least ten days after surgery to prevent chemical reactions.

How Do You Maintain A Facelift?

Avoid sugary food, eat healthily, and drink more water.


A facelift is a standard cosmetic procedure in Dubai that involves removing extra skin and wrinkles, smoothing out folds, and tightening the facial tissue.

However, it is necessary that you are in good mental and physical health t consider all the risks and get facelift surgery. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your aim, concerns, and needs.

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