Breast Implants Cost in Dubai

Breast implants refer to creating fuller and bigger breasts than the actual size. Breast implant surgery is done for cosmetic reasons to reshape the breast or for reconstructive purposes like breast cancer or mastectomy. Let’s learn about Breast Implants Cost in Dubai, types, procedures, and complications.

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are medical shells made of silicone. It contains silicone gel or salt water. They come in different sizes and shapes, from round and large to the shape of a drop, for a look that is like natural breasts. The outer part of breast implants is made from silicone elastomer, a smooth and firm material. It is utilized in breast augmentation surgery because it is soft, strong, and pliable and does not have an allergic reaction.

Difference Between Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation

Breast implants refer to the medical prostheses (medical condition of a missing body part) added under the breasts during breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast augmentation refers to breast improvement surgery to increase the shape, fullness, and contours.

Who Is an Eligible Candidate for Breast Implants?

A good candidate for breast implant may have the following reasons:

  • A woman with too small breast
  • A woman seeking to reshape her breast after childbirth
  • A woman desire to have perfect size breast and correct uneven shape
  • To improve self-confidence

Breast Implant Illness 2022

Breast implant illness is a group of symptoms that may be linked to breast implants. The exact reason has yet to be discovered. It may be related to inflammatory or autoimmune responses. Common Symptoms include joint pain, fatigue, rash, and brain fog. Other names of breast implant illness include:

  • silicone implant illness
  • breast implant disease
  • inflammatory or autoimmune syndrome triggered by adjuvants

Causes of Breast Implant Illness?

  • Inflammatory or autoimmune reaction
  • bacteria may develop on an implant surface and lead to infection
  • Surgery reaction 

Breast Implant Illness Symptoms

  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • brain fog
  • Memory loss
  • fatigue
  • difficulty concentrating
  • hair loss
  • chronic pain
  • low vision or dry eyes
  • rashes


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Breast Implant Dubai Reviews

Several international travellers prefer Dubai as the travel destination for their medical wellness and cosmetic purposes due to the rising health care cost. Dubai got around 630,000 international medical tourists who visit Dubai from Europe 22%, Asian countries at 3%, and GCC nations at 22%. The research report also revealed 55 % of international health visitors and 45% were female. Around % of treatments offer multidisciplinary clinics, including aesthetic clinics in Dubai.

The healthcare facilities in Dubai provide the highest international standards and work under the permanent supervision of the Dubai Health Authority to ensure the highest quality.

Standard Quality Breast Implants In Dubai

How Safe Are Breast Implants Now?

A breast implant is safe in Dubai as skilled and board-certified plastic surgeons are available. Several abroad patients can find various options for implant features. Primarily there is cohesive silicone gel ad medical grade silicone, CE marked, FDA approved. Top surgeons provide every desired goal of the patient.


  • According to 2021, silicone implants overpowered the breast implant market because of the natural similarity of the breast tissue.
  • Saline implants are expected to indicate considerable growth during the given time because of the low risk of complications during the implant rupture.
  • Round-shaped implants held the highest market share in 2021, with fewer complications during implant rotation.
  • Anatomically shaped devices are predicted to have lucrative growth in the future because of their natural design, which became famous implants for breast enhancement.
  • The cosmetic surgery component dominated the market in 2021 because of the more cosmetic procedures conducted internationally.

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What Do You Need To Carry For A Breast Implant In Dubai?

  • Medical documents about health details
  • Hospital invitations for treatment
  • Valid passport
  • Medical visa for Dubai

Is Medical Required for Dubai Visit Visa?

Getting travel insurance and a medical visa for Dubai, UAE, is mandatory.

Breast Implants Cost in Dubai

The average Breast Implants Cost in Dubai ranges between $3,882(13,587 د.إ.‏) – $5,543(19,399 د.إ.‏).

Breast Implant surgery costs in Dubai may differ from AED 18,000 to AED 30,000. This cost can vary from person to person depending on the surgeon’s skill and desired fullness.

Breast Implants Dubai Price and Breast Implants Cost in Dubai 

Breast Augmentation Cost In UAE

Breast Implants cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Saline Breast Implants $5,251 18,378 د.إ.‏
Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants $5,834 20,420 د.إ.‏
Composite Breast Implants $5,543 19,399 د.إ.‏
Polypropylene Breast Implants $5,834 20,420 د.إ.‏
Gummy bear breast implants $3,882 13,587 د.إ.‏
Round breast implants $4,107 14,373 د.إ.‏
Smooth breast implants $5,004 17,514 د.إ.‏
Textured breast implants $5,453 19,085 د.إ.‏

Types of Breast Implants

Different Implant Styles

Breast specialists aim to offer the perfect implant solution for desirable improvement to the breast for creating as the patient desire.

Saline Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $5,251(18,378 د.إ.‏)

Saline Implant refers to a silicone shell containing a sterile salt solution. They are very safe and do not leak. If it leaks, the salt water can be absorbed without any infection.


Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $5,834(20,420 د.إ.‏)

Silicone gel-filled breast implants contain a silicone outer shell containing silicone gel. They may come in different sizes and have textured or smooth shells. Silicone gel-containing breast implants are approved for breast implants in females aged 22 or older and breast reconstruction in females of any age.


Composite Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $5,543(19,399 د.إ.‏)

It is a method that incorporates the use of implants and fat transfer to enhance breast size. This method is best for a petite female who does not have the required amount of breast tissue to cover the implant.


Polypropylene Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $5,834(20,420 د.إ.‏)

Polypropylene breast implants, string breast implants, are a type of breast implant with polypropylene. These implants slowly absorb water at around <0.01% in 24 hours. Unfortunately, polypropylene, similar to yarn, leads to irritation to the implant pocket and sebum production, which fills the implant pocket continually. This caused continued breasts to expand after surgery.

The growth of polypropylene can be decreased only by serum removal by a syringe.


Gummy Bear Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $3,882(13,587 د.إ.‏)

Gummy bear breast implants are another option for breast implants. The term gummy bear refers to teardrop-shaped implants containing gel. They are famous for their shape better than other implant types.


Round Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $4,107(14,373 د.إ.‏)

Round breast implants are available in different sizes and shapes. When considering breast enhancement surgery, it is necessary to review the shapes and their impact to find which is the best fit you like to look. The shape is most common for breast implants.


Smooth Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $5,004(17,514 د.إ.‏)

This allows the implant to change its shape like the natural breast with a body position change. Normal implant movement required a slight wrinkle at the top duet to underfill.


Textured Breast Implants Cost in Dubai: $5,453(19,085 د.إ.‏)

Textured breast implants grow scar tissue to stick to the implant, creating them low to move around in the breast and get repositioned.

Breast Implants Cost in Dubai

Dubai offers different costs and prices for breast implants in its different locations. Therefore, an abroad patient can choose a suitable place in Dubai that is less distant from their country.

Breast Implant Surgery Dubai Price

Breast Implants Cost in Dubai

Average Cost (UAE Dirham د.إ)

Al Bastakiya AED20,420
Al Karama AED18,930
Bur Dubai AED19,297
Business Bay AED18,746
Downtown Dubai AED18,654
Dubai Marina AED18,378
The Palm Jumeirah AED19,022
Al Ain Road AED19,205
Al Baraha AED20,308
Al Barari AED20,676
Al Jaddaf AED20,859
Al Khail Road AED21,043
Al Qudra Road AED21,778
Al Quoz AED21,135
Al Satwa AED20,124
Al Sufouh AED19,941
Barsha Heights Tecom AED20,308

Breast Surgery Cost, Natural Looking Implants

  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Bastakiya, Dubai: AED20,420
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Karama, Dubai: AED18,930
  • Breast Implants Cost in Bur Dubai, Dubai: AED19,297
  • Breast Implants Cost in Business Bay, Dubai; AED18,746
  • Breast Implants Cost in Downtown, Dubai: AED18,654
  • Breast Implants Cost in Dubai Marina, Dubai: AED18,378
  • Breast Implants Cost in The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai: AED19,022
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Ain Road, Dubai: AED19,205
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Baraha, Dubai: AED20,308
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Barari, Dubai: AED20,676
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Jaddaf, Dubai: AED20,859
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Khail Road, Dubai: AED21,043
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Qudra Road, Dubai: AED21,778
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Quoz, Dubai: AED21,135
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Satwa, Dubai: AED20,124
  • Breast Implants Cost in Al Sufouh, Dubai: AED19,941
  • Breast Implants Cost in Barsha Heights Tecom, Dubai: AED20,308

Factors Affecting the Breast Implant Cost in Dubai

Type of implant

The cost of a breast implant depends on the quality and type. For example, silicone implant prices are more than saline implants. In addition, breast implants from fat transfer cost additional.


The technique applied in breast implants also increases or decreases the cost based on the location and incision type of implant.

Surgeon’s Expertise

The cost of the surgeon is based on their expertise and experience. A reputed surgeon with several successful surgery records will increase the cost.

Cosmetic Clinic/ Hospital

Fees are also based upon the quality of the facility chosen for the surgery and also whether the procedure is performed as outpatient or inpatient using general anesthesia.

Geographic Location

The chosen cosmetic clinic location also has a different cost for the same procedure. For example, larger metropolitan cities might cost additional costs.

Other Expenses

Other costs include the following for breast implant surgery:

  • Medical tests
  • Anesthesia cost
  • Surgical facility costs
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Post-procedure medications

Breast Implants Cost in Dubai and International Cost and Prices 2022

Traveling abroad for breast implant surgery is becoming very famous. The treatment quality offered abroad combined with low cost and better quality. But Dubai has all standard and top-class cosmetic and plastic surgeons to provide the best breast implant surgery at different costs and prices depending on patient needs.

  • Breast Implants Costs in USA range between $6,000 and $12,000
  • breast implant surgery costs in the UK around £3,500 to £8,000
  • On average, breast implants in Thailand cost AUD 3,800 ($2,600, CAD 3,400, £1,700, €2,300).
  • Breast Implants Costs in the Philippines may range from Php 150,000 to Php 250,000
  • The average Breast Implants Cost in Switzerland is $15100
  • Breast Implants Cost in Australia $6,000 to $12,000
  • Breast Implants Cost in Japan $3,000 to $7,000
  • Breast Implants Cost in Colombia $2,000 to $4,000
  • Breast implant cost in Croatia €2.650 19.875HRK
  • Breast implant costs in Cancun, Mexico, range from $3,380 to $7,000.

Breast Implants Cost in Dubai

Country Breast Implants Costs
Dubai, UAE $3,882 – $5,543
USA $6,000 and $12,000
UK £3,500 to £8,000
Thailand $2,600
Philippines Php 150,000 – Php 250,000
Australia $6,000 to $12,000
Japan $3,000 to $7,000
Colombia $2,000 to $4,000
Croatia €2.650 19.875HRK
Mexico $3,380 to $7,000

Breast Implant Removal Dubai

Breast Implant Removal Cost in Dubai

Breast implant removal surgery involves taking out the saline or silicone implants. Breast implants need removal when a complication of tissue hardening occurs. The average cost of breast implant removal is $3,050.

All these costs depend on the surgery type and patient requirements.

Breast Implants Insurance Dubai

Can Breast Implants Be Covered by Medical Insurance?

Some insurance companies consider breast implants as cosmetic surgery or pre-existing health condition and do not provide cost coverage. In most cases, patients are responsible for paying the cost of breast implant surgery. If the breast implant is done for reconstructive purposes, that may get insurance coverage. But you need to ask your insurance company if they offer insurance for breast implants for cosmetic purposes.

Another option is to check with the plastic surgery clinic if they have a pre-approved insurance plan for breast implant surgery.

Breast Implant Success Rate in Dubai

Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic provides breast implants at highly competitive rates. However, the prices and cost of a breast implant are not fixed. Therefore, every patient can get customized solutions for breast implants in Dubai. That is why the success rate of breast implants in Dubai is 90%. Also, the experienced surgeons, and qualified staff, the latest medical technologies contribute toward the success of breast implant surgeries in Dubai.

Breast Implant Surgery Clinics/Hospitals in Dubai

Dubai offers various options for cosmetic surgery for its abroad patients. Plastic surgery clinics and hospitals are famous for providing advanced healthcare services in Dubai. In addition, you will find several top-class cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai that specialize in unique aesthetic treatments.

The treatment quality and clinical procedures have been carried forward regarding technology and quality. The hospitals provide high-quality medical experts because Dubai is the place for ultra-luxurious facilities. Every medical facility has world-class standards, and almost all location of world citizens travels to Dubai for breast implant surgery.

Breast Implant Procedure in Dubai

Before Breast Implant

A female undergoing breast implant needs to be 18 – 22 years old.

Your healthcare provider will examine several factors, including mental health and social condition. In addition, the patient needs to provide the following information:

  • Did you have breast implants before?
  • What is the expectation?
  • Did you have any plastic surgery before?

During A Breast Implant Procedure

During a breast implant procedure, the anesthesia sedates the treatment area to prevent pain.

Once the patient is asleep, an incision is made in one of 4 sensitive parts of the body so that breast implant scars are not much noticeable. The types of incisions include;


An incision near the outer edge of the areola.


An incision in the crease between the breast, bottom, and chest.


An incision in the armpit.


An incision in the belly button.

Every type of incision has their own pros and cons. Discuss with your physician for the suitable kind of incision.

The breast implants are then added from the incision and placed under the chest or breast tissues or between the breast and chest muscles.

After a Breast Implant Procedure

  • After the breast implant procedure, the physician will wrap the breast with unique compression or supportive band.
  • The anesthesiologist will stop giving anesthesia to the body to wake you up.
  • The patient will be shifted to the recovery room, where a medical team monitors the overall health.
  • The patient may feel dazed, and their breasts feel sore and tight.
  • A family member must stay with the patient to help.

Recovery After Breast Implant Surgery

  • The patient may feel pain in the initial days after the breast implant.
  • The breast gets bruised and swollen
  • The chest muscles may feel sore
  • The incisions may have light bleeding
  • After 5-7 days, the discomfort and pain should lower.
  • The patient can take pain relieving medicine recommended by the physician.
  • After 1-2 weeks, the patient can return to daily activities.
  • Avoid strenuous activities such as lifting, running, or moving arms.

Breast Implant Pros and Cons

Pros of Breast Implant

Boost Self Esteem

Breast implant help women to feel attractive and have defined breast size. Getting a breast implant feels good to her. It can also lead to more wardrobe choices. It can also improve confidence.

Choose Your Size

Breast implants can come in any size, so you get more choices. For example, you can go up only 1 – 2 cups. Ensure to follow your surgeon’s advice about the suitable size of the body.

Change Your Mind

Breast implants should be chosen for the long term; females should undergo changes that need removal. Remember that in several cases, surgical removal may not come under insurance.

Cons of Breast Implant

A breast implant can cost more and is not covered by insurance in most cases. Regarding the initial cost of implantation surgery, many surgeons suggest that patients get MRIs every three years to ensure there have been no ruptures or leaks. These are also costs that might not be covered by insurance.

Sensitivity Issues

One drawback is that a patient may experience a loss of sensitivity after the procedure. For Around 10% to 15% of patients, it may be permanent. In addition, when the nerves heal, some patients may get hypersensitivity and pain. However, the majority of patients do not have nipple sensitivity problems.

May Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

It is an essential factor to consider while getting implants. Both saline-filled and silicone implants can create lesions challenging to detect. Getting the implant under the muscles can help, as it can be pushed out of the way during a mammogram. However, insurance may not cover mammographic views essential to finding breast cancer around implants.

Risks and Complications of Breast Implants

  • Implant complications like breast sensation and nipple change
  • Additional surgeries with or without device removal
  • Capsular contracture scar tissue that forms near the implant
  • deflation and rupture
  • disease in breast cancer, tissues, and reproductive problems
  • systemic symptoms
  • Breast Pain
  • Asymmetry

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A flat chest or uneven breast shape and size, and sagging breasts affect mental health and physical appearance. In addition, it lowers self-confidence and makes women feel bad about their bodies. A breast implant can help those women who are experiencing problem with breast problems and desire to correct the shape. Dubai is a luxurious place to have a breast implant. If you are seeking breast implants in Dubai, contact us, and we will assist you.

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