Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai

A Brazilian butt lift is also referred to as BBL. It is a plastic surgery to increase volume and reshape the buttocks of a person unsatisfied with their appearance. Brazilian lift surgery involves transferring body fat from other parts, such as the lower back, thighs, or lower abdomen. The BBL procedure combines liposuction to collect and use fat during buttocks reshaping. Let’s find out more about the Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For A Brazilian Butt Lift?

A female with good health and realistic goals for a butt lift can opt for a Brazilian butt lift surgery in Dubai. Here are a few reasons to choose the Brazilian butt lift:

  • Wish to remove fat from another part of the body like the back or thighs
  • desire to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks
  • Wish to get moderate instead of dramatic changes
  • fall under 20 pounds of goal weight
  • have stable weight from last six months.

Dubai Reviews for Choosing Brazilian But lift

  • Dubai has standard medical infrastructures.
  • They offer medical cards, which can help to get government medical facilities free of cost.
  • Public and private clinics are available in every location in Dubai, including cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics.
  • Dubai owns around 27 licensed cosmetic surgery clinics.
  • Abroad patients need not to struggle to find medicine or pharmacies because many pharmacies are open 24/7. However, treatments are expensive in Dubai, so keep a receipt in case of claiming medical aid.
  • Highly qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeons with decades of experience specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
  • Medical staff and surgeons speak Arabic and English, which can be easy for patients abroad.

Documents to Carry While Visiting Dubai for Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Valid passport copy
  • Financial solvency proof
  • hospital or clinic’s medical invitation for treatment
  • Medical Visa
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Health history documents previous health problems and allergies.
  • Mention if you have already had any surgery

Contact us; we can guide you for approved airlines, travel agencies, accommodation, and experienced surgeons for BBL.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai

Weight loss and the aging process causes to give undesirable butt shape. Buttocks are a prominent body part that should fit perfectly into the overall look. The Brazilian butt lift is the best option to increase the volume of the butt—the average Brazilian butt lift cost in Dubai range between $4,152 to $6,552.

Types of BBL/ Brazilian Butt Lift cost in Dubai

Brazilian Butt Lift cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Mini BBL $5,616 19,656 د.إ.‏
Lipo 360 and BBL $6,240 21,840 د.إ.‏
Plus Size BBL $5,928 20,748 د.إ.‏
J Plasma Brazilian Butt Lift $6,240 21,840 د.إ.‏
Non-surgical BBL $4,152 14,532 د.إ.‏
Non-invasive BBL $4,392 15,372 د.إ.‏
Sculpture BBL $5,352 18,732 د.إ.‏
Slope BBL $5,832 20,412 د.إ.‏
Hourglass BBL $6,552 22,932 د.إ.‏

Types Of BBL Treatments / Different Types of BBL

Mini BBL Cost in Dubai: $5,616 (19,656 د.إ.‏)

A mini BBL does not use complete liposuction, but it involves using touch-up parts of the butt, hip dips, or performing natural-looking projection. This procedure starts with liposuction to collect fat cells from the body, process them, and then add cells using injection into the buttocks. Next, add it to a more specific fat transfer type that is more about improving subtle details than augmenting the total buttocks volume.


Lipo 360 and BBL Cost in Dubai: $6,240 (21,840 د.إ.‏)

360-degree liposuction, also called lipo 360, is a very advanced cosmetic procedure that eliminates fat from different body parts at a 360 angle. The process slightly differs from conventional liposuction surgery and aims to get a more toned and contoured body. The Lipo 360 and bbl procedure is suitable for women who have gained abnormal fat after childbirth in the upper or lower back, abdomen, and flanks. In addition, this surgery will correct poorly shaped butts and improve self-confidence.


Plus Size BBL Cost in Dubai: $5,928 (20,748 د.إ.‏)

An overweight person with a curvier butt can choose a plus-size BBL. Brazilian butt lifts are a very famous surgery. This procedure improves the size and shape of the buttocks by injecting fat. Nowadays, being overweight is not a problem, but having a shape in the body is preferred by women to look fashionable. However, it is possible to have a more contoured body with plus size bbl.


J Plasma Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $6,240 (21,840 د.إ.‏)

J-Plasma skin tightening is a Brazilian butt lifting, a minimally invasive procedure helpful to tighten and rejuvenate sagging skin. This treatment needs a highly specialized device that creates cold helium plasma by radiofrequency energy and combining helium gas. This Brazilian butt lift procedure involves distributing plasma steam under the skin to connect with subcutaneous tissues; the heat will make them contract. It will not have much thermal damage to tissues. It stimulates collagen production and provides immediate tightening effects.


Non-surgical BBL Cost in Dubai: $4,152 (14,532 د.إ.‏)

A non-surgical butt lift is a different option for patients. It involves creating more volume and lifting the buttocks with dermal fillers.

Sculpting is often a very effective dermal filler for this non-surgical butt lift, adding long-lasting and instant results. In addition, it involves injecting poly-l-lactic acid filler to stimulate natural collagen production inside the layers to bring firmness and a plump look.


Non-invasive BBL Cost in Dubai: $4,392 (15,372 د.إ.‏)

The non-invasive Brazilian butt lift has less pain, few complications, and a shorter hospital stay. In addition, the non-invasive procedure does not use tools that cut the skin or physically enter the body. Therefore, you can choose the non-invasive bbl surgery to have flawless skin and lift.


Sculptra BBL Cost in Dubai:  $5,352(18,732 د.إ.‏)

The Sculptra bbl procedure is designed to correct the volume loss in the facial part. It helps to create a fuller and more volume butt using injections, getting a minimally invasive alternative to different intense surgical options and a good choice with less recovery time.


Slope BBL Cost in Dubai: $5,832(20,412 د.إ.‏)

A slope-shaped butt has more than a curve, but it is commonly very natural and gradual looking in its curve than the shelf counterpart.

Slope and shelf are terms utilized to refer to possible booties that can be taken from a BBL. A shelf booty features a dramatic projection that leads to the booty looking like a shelf where a water glass can be more balanced. A slope booty has an extra gradual curve and looks natural.


Hourglass BBL Cost in Dubai: $6,552(22,932 د.إ.‏)

Hourglass Bbl design to sculpt the body to create a pleasing body shape. This procedure is mainly designed to have an hourglass-shaped Brazilian butt lift.

BBL Body Sculpting Cost and Prices

  • Mini BBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $5,616 (19,656 د.إ.‏)
  • Lipo 360and BBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $6,240 (21,840 د.إ.‏)
  • Plus Size BBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $5,928 (20,748 د.إ.‏)
  • J PlasmaBrazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $6,240 (21,840 د.إ.‏)
  • Non-surgicalBBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $4,152 (14,532 د.إ.‏)
  • Non-invasiveBBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $4,392 (15,372 د.إ.‏)
  • Sculptra BBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $5,352 (18,732 د.إ.‏)
  • Slope BBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $5,832 (20,412 د.إ.‏)
  • Hourglass BBL/Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai: $6,552 (22,932 د.إ.‏)

Factors Influencing the Cost and Prices of Brazilian Butt Lifts in Dubai

Buttocks Size

The length and shape of the BBL are significantly cost determinants. If there is a requirement for a large amount of fat transfer in the treatment part. Reshaping the butt with additional fat will also increase recovery duration and need extra care and cost.

Fat Extraction Part

Fat extraction of Brazilian butt lift using liposuction, through which fat cells are taken from different body part with extra fat. The most common fat extraction parts are the abdomen, hips, thighs, and back; the body size selected for liposuction affects the total price of a Brazilian butt lift.


Anesthesia is necessary to do the Brazilian butt lift surgery. However, local anesthesia is given to the patient during small fat transfer. The type of anesthesia your treatment needs is also included in the total BBL cost.

Cosmetic Clinic/Hospital Location

The location of cosmetic clinics or plastic surgery hospitals also has a different cost.

For example, suppose you see the different costs in different city areas. In that case, it is because of the treatment quality, technologies available, and distance of flight if you are an abroad patient.

Fillers Required

The number of fillers required to get the desired results also include in the total cost. The more fillers your treatment needs, it will cost.

Surgeon’s Skills and Expertise

Brazilian butt lift treatment needs safe fat extraction and placement in the treatment part. Surgeons’ skills and expertise number of successful surgeries they have performed are also included in the total cost of a Brazilian butt lift in Dubai.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai’s Different Locations

According to research, around 630,000 medical tourists abroad will visit Dubai in 2021, which indicates that Dubai provides quality health treatments. Medical tourists are spending around AED730 million in Dubai from all over the world. Most health tourists come to Dubai from Asian countries, which include 38% of the total; the remaining 24% are European citizens, and 22% are from GCC and Arab.

Different places in Dubai have different ranges of cost. For example, here are the cost and price for a Brazilian butt lift in Dubai.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai Average Cost (UAE Dirham د.إ)
Al Bastakiya AED21,840
Al Karama AED20,246
Bur Dubai AED20,639
Business Bay AED20,049
Downtown Dubai AED19,951
Dubai Marina AED19,656
The Palm Jumeirah AED20,344
Al Ain Road AED20,541
Al Baraha AED21,720
Al Barari AED22,113
Al Jaddaf AED22,310
Al Khail Road AED22,506
Al Qudra Road AED23,292
Al Quoz AED22,604
Al Satwa AED21,523
Al Sufouh AED21,327
Barsha Heights Tecom AED21,720

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Different Areas of Dubai

Brazilian Butt Lift prices in Dubai sit between AED15,000 ($4,083) and AED50,000 ($13,612), with the average being AED30,000.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Bastakiya, Dubai: AED21,840
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Karama, Dubai: AED20,246
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Bur Dubai: AED20,639
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Business Bay, Dubai: AED20,049
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Downtown Dubai: AED19,951
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai Marina, Dubai: AED19,656
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai: AED20,344
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Ain Road, Dubai: AED20,541
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Baraha, Dubai: AED21,720
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Barari, Dubai: AED22,113
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Jaddaf, Dubai: AED22,310
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Khail Road, Dubai: AED22,506
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Qudra Road, Dubai: AED23,292
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Quoz, Dubai: AED22,604
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Satwa, Dubai: AED21,523
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Al Sufouh, Dubai: AED21,327
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Barsha Heights Tecom, Dubai: AED21,720

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai and Global Cost and Prices 2022

Several people seek Brazilian butt lift abroad due to the cost and quality of treatments. Countries offer different costs and prices for bbl surgery, Brazilian booty, or butt lift. You need to calculate the surgery cost and additional cost and check the reputation and facility of the chosen country for Brazilian butt lifts.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Canada: $8,000 to $13,000
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in the United Kingdom: $5,000 to $11,000
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Colombia: $5,000 to $8,000
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Japan: $4,000 to $8,000
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Australia: $4,500 to $8,500
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Dubai, UAE: $5,000 to $10,000
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Mexico: $3,000 to $5,000
  • Brazilian buttock lift Thailand price: $4,750
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Turkey: $3,400

Best Country for Cosmetic Surgery and Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

Country Average Cost of BBL/ Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
Canada $8,000 to $13,000
United Kingdom $5,000 to $11,000
Colombia $5,000 to $8,000
Japan $4,000 to $8,000
Australia $4,500 to $8,500
Dubai $5,000 to $10,000
Mexico $3,000 to $5,000
Thailand $4,750
Turkey $3,400

 However, the cost and prices of Brazilian butt lifts may vary by the complexity of the surgery, region, and surgeon’s experience.

Brazilian Butt Lift Insurance in Dubai

Brazilian butt lift surgery is not covered by insurance because it is cosmetic surgery and is not considered a medical emergency.

You can check with your health insurance provider to determine the total cost and if they can offer payment plans.

However, several plastic surgeons at the private clinic offer financing plans. Therefore, you can find reasonable costs and procedures for butt-lifting surgery.

Success Rate of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian butt lift has a 95% success rate in Dubai. However, it has some side effects compared to silicon butt implants and quick recovery.

The success rate of Brazilian butt lifts depends on the surgeon’s experience and the number of successful procedures.

Dubai also has advanced machines and other equipment for successful butt lift surgery. In addition, aftercare and follow-up provide long-lasting results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Clinics and Hospitals in Dubai

How To Find the Right Surgeon and Clinic for Brazilian Butt Surgery?

A Skillful Surgeon Determines Everything.

A reputed clinic can only give good results if an experienced surgeon exists. The surgeon’s expertise is essential in determining the results.

Research Portfolio and Patient Reviews.

It is hard for patients to know the surgeon’s skills. However, there are some standards to check while choosing the right surgeon.

A Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon should be Board certified by trustworthy institutions.

Check whether the surgeon’s Portfolio is online or not.

Check the patient’s reviews and how many successful surgeries have been done.

Plan your Budget and Schedule

Plastic surgeries are elective treatments and do not cover by health insurance. Therefore, you will need to pay the total cost of a Brazilian butt lift. The cost factors make the differences in the total treatment cost mentioned above. Keeping those factors about price, you can plan the budget.

Make sure to book an appointment with the clinic because surgeons have a hectic schedule. You can also contact us; we will provide you with every detail about Brazilian lift surgery in Dubai.

All-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages Dubai

  • General Practitioner Examination
  • Preoperative tests such as ECG test and blood tests
  • local or General anesthesia
  • plastic surgeon consultation
  • 1-2 nights stay at the hospital, depending on the procedure
  • Support garment to wear after the surgery
  • post-operative follow-up
  • stitches removal
  • Internal shift between accommodations offered by the clinic
  • Additional prices apart from the cosmetic surgery package
  • Flight and accommodation arrangement

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Procedure in Dubai

Before Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

  • The patient needs to manage a healthy Life style before undergoing Brazilian butt lift surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking at least one month before the surgery.
  • Keep doing regular workouts to keep your ideal weight.
  • Make sure to take preoperative medication recommended by your doctor regularly.
  • Set up a comfortable recovery space to relax.
  • Follow the necessary instructions given by the medical team before one day of surgery.

During Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

  • Surgeons will give anesthesia to patients to numb the area of surgery to prevent pain sensation.
  • Then use the liposuction technique to collect fat from the donor part of the body.
  • They will purify it and prepare to transfer the buttock region either partially or entirely, depending on the previous buttock condition and the patient need.
  • Depending on the treatment plan, the surgeon will inject the collected fat strategically.
  • Now they apply compression garments against the skin to limit the bleeding risk.

Dubai offers different treatment modalities for every patient, depending on the clinic and surgeon’s experience.

Post-operative Care Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

  • After Brazilian butt lift surgery, sleeping on your stomach for two weeks is necessary.
  • Avoid sitting to lower pressure on the buttocks.
  • Walk around to manage blood circulation in the surgery area.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and follow a low-fat diet to prevent the side effects of the medicine.
  • Do not miss any dose.
  • Avoid driving, travel, or sexual activity for two weeks after buttock surgery.
  • Wear compression garments 24 hours for the initial weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Recovery

  • After the Brazilian butt lift procedure, it takes only 3-4 hours to recover from the effect of anesthesia. The surgery takes around 3-4 weeks for recovery.
  • A working person may return to work in 1-2 weeks after Brazilian butt lift/bbl surgery.
  • It is necessary to stop strenuous exercise, smoking, and squatting.
  • The patient must weigh at least eight weeks before resuming daily activities.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Brazillian butt lift surgery will improve the body’s proportions. It will give the desired look and reshape your butts.
  • BBL benefits lower fat pockets in other body parts also. For example, as fat is collected from different body parts to increase butt volume, it will automatically lower the size of the lower back or thighs.
  • BBL surgery gives a natural feel and look. While compared to artificial filler or implants, Brazilian butt lifts provide a natural look.
  • BBL surgery in Dubai provides quick results compared to exercise and diet for weight loss.
  • Your body will look more contoured and have a rounder butt, which will flatter in clothing.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift surgery lower cellulite visibility and create a firm look.

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Risk and Complications of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

A Brazilian butt lift may cause some risks compared to other surgery like silicone buttock implants. Here is some risk:

  • Pain
  • scarring
  • infection
  • Lumps under the suction area
  • Skin loss in the treatment part because of deep infection
  • fat embolism in the lungs and heart


A Brazilian but lift is a surgical procedure to reshape the Butt and add more volume by increasing size. For transfer, a suitable candidate for Brazilian butt improvement will require an appropriate fat amount in some body parts. BBL surgery or butt lift, or Brazilian butt results can last 12-15 years or more when you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential to care for incision sites, manage weight, and regular physical regimen and follow-up will contribute to long-lasting results.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Dubai for Brazilian Butt Lift

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Top Plastic Surgery Clinics and Hospitals in Dubai for Brazilian Butt Lift

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