Neck Lift Surgery in Dubai

The neck lift is a popular surgery in the Luxurious city of Dubai. Neck lift surgery gives a toned and youthful look by removing excess fat and saggy skin from the neck. It will restore the skin’s elasticity and flexibility. The qualified and experienced medical team personifies artistry, professionalism, and cosmetic skills and believes in giving high-quality surgical successful results to patients. Cosmetic surgeons in Dubai believe in educating patients and providing them with an altered plan according to their needs and desire to look beautiful. Let’s find out more details about Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai.

Who Can Have a Neck lift?

A patient should have the following criteria to have neck lift surgery:

  • A person with age between 30 – 70.
  • Individuals with extra sagging skin under the chin and neck that has no elasticity.
  • A person seeking to improve neck contours

Reasons to have Neck Lift Surgery

A slim and adorable neck is considered a symbol of elegance and beauty. However, a fatty and wrinkled neck often lowers confidence and self-esteem. The main reason for choosing a neck lift in Dubai is to enhance neck appearance aesthetically by tightening the skin with surgical procedures. Here are the reasons to have neck lift surgery:

  • Aging
  • Drastic weight loss
  • neck trauma
  • Genetics
  • Lack of exercise
  • A botched surgery
  • Over-exposure to the sun

Reviews About Dubai for Cosmetic Surgery

Easy Visa Policy

Abroad patients can easily apply for visas and get approval. The tourism industry stands strong and meets the urgency of the medical requirement to ease the patient stress for medical visas in Dubai.

Low Cost and Better Quality

Dubai provides inexpensive treatments, including a neck lift and brilliant surgeons. You can save more and enjoy the fantastic journey of Dubai.

Everyone Can Come to Dubai

Different cultures of people visit and reside in Dubai. Therefore, it is an attractive tourism destination. The multicultural environment made Dubai a comfortable place to visit and enjoy everything from shopping to cosmetic surgeries and other treatments. 

Fancy Treatments and Cosmetic Surgery

As a medical tourism destination, Dubai also has the title of fancy land. It will be a safe place to have medical tourism. Dubai owns the best cosmetic surgeons from all over the world.

Health and Technology

The clever use of robotics and Al in surgeries and different medical work has given an extra edge to Dubai. You can notice the excellent investment of Dubai in technology.

The Government Backs It

Dubai, as a medical tourism attraction, Government should be credited for providing the finest.

Furthermore, Dubai’s health authorities took charge of the medical sector, ensuring the best confidence and safety for medical travelers and tourists.

You Can Do More Apart from Treatment

Everyone knows that Dubai is a favorite place to visit. Dubai can be a heaven vacation to enjoy without missing the Burj Khalifa.

How Can You Get a Visa to Dubai?

Getting a medical visa to Dubai is easy because medical services in Dubai, both private and public, are well-regulated. A patient seeking treatment in Dubai can apply directly for Visa, or we can assist you regarding the same.

You will need the following documents:

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • An invitation from the hospital
  • Financial solvency proof
  • medical insurance proof that covers the whole stay in Dubai

Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai

Several people experience saggy skin under the neck, an early sign of aging, or an inactive lifestyle. In addition, neck fat may be due to weight gain or genetics.

Dubai’s neck lift procedure provides a firm and contoured neck. The average Neck Lift cost in Dubai is $4000 or AED15,000.

Plastic Surgery and Neck Lift Cost In Dubai

Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Cervicoplasty $4,200 14,700 د.إ.‏
Platysmaplasty $4,500 15,750 د.إ.‏
Lower Rhytidectomy $4,600 16,100 د.إ.‏
Liposuction of the Neck $4,000 14,000 د.إ.‏

Neck Skin Removal Surgery Cost and Types

Neck lift cost in Dubai depends on several factors, which include the type of procedure and combined procedure. In addition, some patients’ condition requires treating neck lift with a facelift or other cosmetic surgery. Here are the types of Neck lifts in Dubai:

Cervicoplasty Neck Lift Cost in Dubai

Cervicoplasty is a plastic surgery for a neck lift, which targets the soft tissues of the neck and chin. Several cases combine Cervicoplasty and Platysmaplasty to treat extra fat hanging under the neck. The Cervicoplasty Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai is $4,200 (14,700 د.إ.‏).


Platysmaplasty Neck Lift Cost in Dubai

Platysmaplasty is a neck rejuvenation surgery done to enhance the definition of the neck from the jaw angle to the chin by recreating aesthetic contours and younger looking face. The Platysmaplasy is suitable for people between 40-60 years and those seeking to improve jaw bone and neck definition. People aged above 60 are not ideal for this procedure. Platysmaplasty Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai is $4,500 (15,750 د.إ.‏).


Lower Rhytidectomy Neck Lift Cost in Dubai

Lower Rhytidectomy is a technique of neck lift. Removing the visible signs of aging on the neck and jawline.

This procedure tightens the tissues under the skin and improves neck skin.

Rhytidectomy refers to wrinkle removal. This method targets the neck, face, jawline, and midface. It does not remove the wrinkle but corrects the skin with the help of laser therapy or peels. Lower Rhytidectomy Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai $4,600 (16,100 د.إ.‏).


Liposuction of the Neck Cost in Dubai

The sagging skin under the neck and around the chin can be removed with another method called liposuction for neck lifting. This process uses manual, laser, and Vaser techniques to melt the fat cells and suction the fat through the cannula. Anybody with excess fat between their 20s to late 50s can choose liposuction. This procedure also creates a natural-looking neck and lifts the muscles. Liposuction of the Neck Lift Cost Surgery in Dubai is $4,000(14,000 د.إ.‏).

Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai’s Different Locations

Neck Lift Surgery cost in Dubai Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Al Bastakiya AED14,700
Al Karama AED14,847
Bur Dubai AED14,994
Business Bay AED15,141
Downtown Dubai AED15,288
Dubai Marina AED15,435
The Palm Jumeirah AED15,215
Al Ain Road AED15,068
Al Baraha AED14,921
Al Barari AED14,774
Al Jaddaf AED15,509
Al Khail Road AED15,656
Al Qudra Road AED15,509
Al Quoz AED15,803
Al Satwa AED15,729
Al Sufouh AED15,582
Barsha Heights Tecom AED15,362

What Does The Average Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai?

Plastic Surgery In Dubai Prices

 Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Bastakiya, Dubai: AED14,700

Bastakiya also called Al Fahidi a historical neighborhood in Dubai. It is near Dubai Creek and has a wind tower and narrow streets.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Karama, Dubai: AED14,847

It is a residential district located on the western bank of Dubai Creek. It is one of the antique communities of Dubai City. Al Karama is famous for cosmetic clinics.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Bur Dubai: AED14,994

Bur Dubai is an area of Dubai that provide accommodation at affordable prices. This place has a cheap and authentic Indian restaurant.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Business Bay, Dubai: AED15,141

Business Bay is a residential and commercial area with outstanding transport facilities, a charming neighborhood, and full of architectural buildings.

It has world-class comforts and attractions in Dubai. However, this place is also famous for plastic surgery and Aesthetic clinics.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Downtown Dubai: AED15,288

Downtown Dubai, or Burj Khalifa, has a world-class shopping mall, iconic landmarks, and cosmetic clinics for anti-aging treatments and facial rejuvenation.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai Marina: AED15,435

Dubai Marina is the best place for luxurious hotels, cafes, and apartment buildings.

You will find exceptional dining and important high-street stores. In addition, it is the most trusted place for cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in The Palm Jumeirah: AED15,215

Palm Jumeirah is famous for its palm tree-like shaped area that is a popular tourist attraction. It is a unique island of Dubai for luxury resorts, aesthetic hospitals, and clinics. It is always chosen to experience high and ultra-luxurious life in 5-star hotels and resorts.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Ain Road, Dubai: AED15,068

Al Ain Road, Dubai, is famous as the Garden City because of its greenery, parks, oases, decorative roundabouts, and tree-lined avenues. Here cosmetic clinics are available in Malls where you can find plastic surgeons for neck lift surgery.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Baraha, Dubai: AED14,921

It is famous for being a professional employment hub and renting properties. Apart from that, several top-class plastic surgeons are available in Al Baraha in Dubai.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Barari, Dubai: AED14,774

It is a private and hidden paradise that provides a unique and luxurious living experience. It is a significant attraction for lake and botanical gardens with a low density of villas lavishly arranged into leaves.

You will also find top-class cosmetic surgery clinics and the best plastic surgeons available. Additionally, there are spa and wellness centers available for rejuvenation.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Jaddaf, Dubai: AED15,509

Al Jaddaf, Dubai, is a famous locality to experience 5-star hotel exciting dining choices. This area of Dubai city also has top-class plastic surgeons who offer reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and neck lift.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Khail Road, Dubai: AED15,656

Al Khail is the busiest road in Dubai. It also has dermatology and plastic surgery clinics that offer neck lift surgery.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Qudra Road, Dubai: AED15,509

Several communities reside on Al Qudra road. It is famous for its cycling track which makes a unique track route. You can get instant access to several mini-invasive necks and face lift physicians here.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Quoz, Dubai: AED15,803

Al Quoz is famous for its factories, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. Here also, you find cosmetic surgery clinics, specialists, and surgeons for neck lifts.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Satwa, Dubai: AED15,729

Al Satwa is a popular community in Dubai consisting of private residential, small villas, low-rise buildings, tree-lined walkways, and high-density retail outlets. Skin and plastic surgery clinics are available in Al Satwa for neck lifts.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Al Sufouh, Dubai: AED15,582

Al Sufouh is home to various real estate developments, a knowledge village, Dubai media city, and a free zone development cluster. In addition, aesthetic clinics & hospitals are available in Al Sufouh, Dubai.


Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Barsha Heights Tecom, Dubai: AED15,362

Barsha Heights Tecom is a united community in Dubai. It has a different range of dedicated commercial buildings for residential skyscrapers for working professionals. This location in Dubai also has the best aesthetic clinics for neck lifts and neck reduction surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai and International Prices

People seeking neck lift surgery in Dubai can compare costs in other countries. However, the cost of a neck lift depends on the clinic’s reputation, travel costs, and recovery expenses.

How Is Cosmetic Surgery Cost Different In Dubai?

Dubai, the ultra-luxurious city, offers higher and lower costs depending on the surgery’s size and shape for a neck lift.

Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai and International Cost and Prices

Country Neck Lift Surgery Cost
USA $5,774
Canada $1,700-$11,000
Mexico $2,500-$5,500
Dubai $3,500-$10,000
Japan $3,000- $7,500
UK $3,500- $11,000
Colombia $2,250 -$5,000
Australia $3,800 – $9,000

Factors Affecting Neck Lift Surgery Costs in Dubai

Surgeon’s Fee

A patient must choose a certified and expert surgeon who can easily handle complex conditions. The Surgeon’s cost is a significant aspect that plays an essential role in calculating the medical cost. An experienced surgeon will charge more than a physician without much experience. Unfortunately, Dubai has only board-certified and highly skilled surgeons in cosmetic surgery clinics.

Surgical Tools

Surgical tools are a valuable thing in a medical procedure. The finest, most advanced, and adequately sterilized tools quickly help to fix the problem. That’s why it is also included in the cost.

Surgery Expenses

The surgery cost is a major contributing factor to deciding the total cost of a neck lift in Dubai. Therefore, surgery-related expenses are also one part of the total cost. The total cost has a full range starting from the first session to the final follow-up. Therefore, you need to pay one time only. As a whole, these services have anesthesia costs, prescribed medicines, surgical facilities, and follow-ups.

Procedure Complexity

Another critical factor that can lower or increase the cost is the procedure’s complexity. For example, if a patient only seeks a neck lift, its price will be average, but if the patient needs an extra procedure or combined cosmetic surgery, the cost will increase.

Neck lift Insurance in Dubai

  • Cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance. However, if the procedure is classified as reconstructive, then the increased medical cost insurance will be covered by a health insurance policy.
  • Check your insurance company if they offer an international health insurance plan. For example, suppose the insurance is valid in Dubai clinics. 

Cosmetic Surgery Insurance in Dubai for Foreigners

  • Regarding Dubai Insurance plans for cosmetic surgeries, clinics and hospitals have a wide range of partnerships with insurance providers to access high-quality care for your aesthetic need.
  • You can directly check with the insurance plan for a neck lift in the chosen cosmetic clinic in Dubai. 

Can Tourists In Dubai Get Medical Insurance?

  • There is also the HALA medical insurance policy facility, designed for foreign patients visiting UAE with valid visas.
  • The HALA offers protection against medical emergencies and related costs of around AED150,000 that may be needed during the Visa.

Neck Lift Surgery Success Rate in Dubai

Everyone desires to look good and beautiful. If aging affects one part of the body more, why not correct it with advanced medical technologies?

The success rate of neck lift surgery in Dubai is very high. Around 91% of patients are satisfied with sagging skin removal and neck lift surgery in Dubai.

Neck lift Surgery Hospitals and Clinics in Dubai

  • Dubai provides an excellent public health care system in the world.
  • It offers high standard medical care and qualified medical staff.
  • Every hospital and clinic in Dubai has an emergency department.
  • English languages are spoken commonly, so any country citizen can easily take treatment.
  • Abroad patients will need UAE health cards to get medical facilities offered by Government.
  • The patient can apply online at Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to get a medical card. You will need to provide passport details and ID number and pay AED320.
  • There is no shortage of medicine, and pharmacies remain open 24 hours.

How To Find the Most Suitable Plastic Surgeon for Neck Lifts in Dubai?

  • First, you can contact us; we will provide everything about the right Surgeon and the best suitable clinic and cost.
  • Second, If you are seeking the best Surgeon in Dubai for a neck lift, look for the following things:
  • The Surgeon should have performed several successful surgeries.
  • The Surgeon has got good reviews.
  • Surgeons provide before and after pictures of surgeries.

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Neck Lift Procedure in Dubai

Neck Lift Consultation with Plastic Surgeon

The Surgeon will explain your concerns and goals for a beautiful neck before considering a treatment plan that matches your needs. The patient needs to provide the following details to your plastic Surgeon:

  • Medical history
  • Smoking habit
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • unusual scars
  • blood clotting disorder
  • Age, skin type, and ethnic background
  • Attitude and expectation
  • Medications and Allergies

Then the Surgeon will explain:

  • Anesthesia options
  • Possible complication
  • Type of procedure

Mini Neck Lift in Dubai

Mini neck lift itself defines a mini surgery. One, you can have a full neck lift surgery and another, you will have mini surgery for a neck lift. For example, some surgeons make incisions around the ear during the mini neck lift. Others may also create incisions under the chin to tighten two strips of neck muscles called platysma muscles to lower the look of vertical bands caused by muscle looseness.

Ideal Candidate for Mini Neck Lift

A mini neck lift is an effective choice for younger people with good skin elasticity and only a tiny amount of skin is sagging.

Mini Neck Lift Cost in Dubai

The average starting cost of a neck lift is AED25000, and the minimum neck lift cost depends on the size of the surgery.

Mini Neck Lift Recovery Time

After a mini neck lift, you will keep your head raised and may need to wear a compression garment for some days. You may get minimal pain and bruising that can go with pain medication.

Full Neck Lift in Dubai

During the Full Neck Lift surgery

  • Neck lift surgery is done with general or local anesthesia.
  • Then the plastic surgeon will create a small incision to remove extra fat and tighten the surrounding muscles. Next, they will lift and pull the skin tight on neck muscles by removing excess skin.
  • Then they will close the incision hole using dissolvable sutures.
  • The neck lift takes around 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the condition.
  • The incisions are strategically and naturally created behind the ears and hairline to hide them. The number of incisions will depend on the surgery’s complexity and skin laxity. However, it will heal in 7-10 days.

Recovery After Neck Lift Surgery

  • After surgery, the neck will be covered with bandages to lower swelling.
  • The plastic Surgeon will prescribe some medications to lower discomfort and suggest avoiding certain things that can cause bruising and swelling.
  • Then the patient can continue everyday activities for two weeks after the surgery. The neck may feel tight for 3-4 weeks, but this feeling will slowly go.

Are the Neck Lift Surgery Results Permanent?

The neck lift surgery results are long-term but not permanent because the aging process does not stop. The longevity of neck lift results depends on a person’s lifestyle, diet, age, and how the body responds to surgery. Generally, the neck lift effects can last for 10-15 years if you opt for it in your 40s and manage good health.

Contact us for Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai, mini neck lift cost, and plastic surgery in Dubai prices.

Neck Lift Surgery Benefits

  • A neck lift helps to get a younger, thinner, and more elegant neck
  • a neck lift is a safe procedure
  • Temporary side effects
  • Scarring is hidden
  • Reduce sagging skin
  • Lower wrinkle and fine-line appearance
  • Tighten inner muscles
  • Contour neck, jaw, and chin

Risk and complication

Like other cosmetic surgeries, neck lift surgery also poses some risks in rare cases. Before undergoing neck lift surgery, it is essential to understand potential risk and complication and how to treat it. Here are the side effects:

  • Reactions to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • seroma or Hematoma
  • tingling
  • Numbness
  • Tightness of the neck
  • Asymmetrical results
  • Dissatisfying results
  • Irregularities like lumpiness
  • Visible scars
  • Blood clotting


Neck lift surgery in Dubai helps to get a graceful neckline and improve the shape of the neck. However, several patients reported improvement in their confidence levels. The neck lift surgery is right for all skin types with no harm. A neck lift is considered best for long-term solutions and treats sagging skin for a long time.

The neck lift surgery removes excess skin and makes the neck skin tight by pulling and defining the jawline.


Best Plastic Surgeons in Dubai For Neck Lift Surgery

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Best Plastic Surgery Clinics and Hospitals in Dubai For Neck Lift Surgery

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