Rhinoplasty in Bangalore – All You Need to Know

Whenever you are looking at yourself in the mirror, do you feel like “something is not right” and do you feel it’s all because of your nose! then you have landed up on the right page.

Here we will discuss all about rhinoplasty.

What is rhinoplasty?

The term Rhinoplasty or ‘nose job’ is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can change the overall appearance of the nose along with the facial aesthetic. Sometimes it can help in correction of impaired breathing due to some inborn structural deformities like Deviated Nasal Septum. Thus it can reduce the obstruction while

Rhinoplasty Cost in Bangalore

Rhinoplasty type in Bangalore Minimum Cost (INR) Average Cost (INR) Maximum Cost (INR)
Open Revision Rhinoplasty ₹70,000 ₹78,750 ₹87,500
Closed Nose Job ₹75,000 ₹84,375 ₹93,750
Revision Tiplasty ₹78,000 ₹87,750 ₹97,500
Filler Revision Rhinoplasty ₹68,000 ₹76,500 ₹85,000
Revision Rhinoplasty ₹75,000 ₹84,375 ₹93,750

What are corrections done in Rhinoplasty?

● To correct the aesthetic proportion of the nose in respect to other facial features.
● For the correction of the nose profile i.e. humps or depression present on the nose.
● if there is any asymmetry present in the nostrils, i.e. if the nostrils are wide, large or upturned.
● if the tip of the nose is bulbous.

Is pain normal after having Rhinoplasty?

Some tenderness due to sinus pressure and congestion is normal right after undergoing Rhinoplasty. In case it persists for a longer duration, you should consult your surgeon right away.

Is it necessary to undergo such a procedure?

Whether to go for this procedure or not, completely depends on the patient’s perspective. If the person is going to start some important chapter of their life such as their career ,in that case to reflect a new change or to boost their confidence level, it can be necessary.

At what age should one go for a Rhinoplasty procedure?

At around 20-29years of age, most of the adults opt for rhinoplasty . If the person wants to go for this procedure because of esthetic purpose, a fully grown up age is a must.
For females: around 15years of age.
For Male: around 18years of age.
If it’s because of breathing problems, it can be performed at a young age.

Is the Rhinoplasty effect long lasting?

The surgical rhinoplasty can provide more permanent results rather than nonsurgical one. The effect of non-surgical or the liquid rhinoplasty is based on the presence of filler materials. Under the skin, gradually it dissipates over time. Thus in this case a temporary result i.e. from 6 months to 1 year is expected.

Does laughing or sneezing affect the surgical outcome of rhinoplasty?

For a few weeks after surgery laughing or vigorous sneezing is not allowed as it can cause accidental shifting of nasal bone or cartilage. Aggressive blowing should also be avoided as it can damage the inner soft tissue of your nose. Sometimes tearing of nasal mucosa can also happen.

Why should laughing or smiling be avoided right after rhinoplasty?

As every time you laugh, those tiny little muscles connecting from the tip of your nose to your upper lip get contracted which can further create tension around your nose. Thus surgical outcomes can vary a little in this case.
Though during healing occasional laughing or yawning has not that much deleterious effect on your nose. During initial; days after surgery, due to post operative swelling your smile might get affected.

What are the immediate postoperative side effects ?

● bruising
● swelling over the area
● bleeding and mucous discharge from the nose.

What are post operative instructions you need to follow after surgery?

● Always keep a drip pad under your nose.
● You should take painkillers according to your doctor’s prescription to avoid postoperative headaches.
● Avoid running, swimming.
● Avoid regular strenuous activities.
● Avoid excessive blowing of nose
● You should avoid pulling your clothes overhead.
● Stay away from direct sun exposure as it might cause skin discoloration.

What are some pre-op instructions a patient should keep in mind?

● Consult all your queries related to the procedure with your surgeons and clear your doubts.
● Make sure you inform all your past and present medical history to your doctor.
● If you are prone to some allergic reactions or you are taking any herbal supplements, you need to mention that too.
● If you are under any medications especially on blood thinners like aspirin or ibuprofen you should inform your doc and stop or adjust the dosage of those medications prior to surgery according to your physician’s advice.
● If you are anemic, you should start having iron supplements before you go for surgery.
● Women on OCP(Oral contraceptive pill) should stop taking pills before surgery.

After getting confirmation from the lab reports and medical examination that you are undergoing Rhinoplasty, your surgeon or medical personnel will evaluate and examine closely at the skin i.e inside and outside of your nose.

Some pre-op and post-op pictures of your nose can be taken to show you the difference after the surgery if you are going through it for aesthetic purposes. They will also evaluate the breathing and airflow through your nose, if you are doing it for removal of nose deformity.

What kind of expectations should a patient keep from the treatment outcome?

Do not look for unrealistic expectations.

You should discuss your expectations with your doc prior to the surgery. You should also mention the reason why you want to go for Rhinoplasty, so that your surgeon can get a clearer picture of your expectations.

Can Rhinoplasty be performed along with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, if you are planning to go for some other plastic surgeries like face lift, double chin reduction or chin augmentation you can fix an appointment with your surgeon and get your Rhinoplasty done along with other procedures.


Low Cost Rhinoplasty in Bangalore

Low cost Open Revision Rhinoplasty in Bangalore is ₹70,000.
Low cost Closed Nose Job in Bangalore is ₹75,000.
Low cost Revision Tiplasty in Bangalore is ₹78,000.
Low cost Filler Revision Rhinoplasty in Bangalore is ₹68,000.
Low cost Revision Rhinoplasty in Bangalore is ₹75,000.


What are some postoperative complications that can happen and what you need to follow to avoid the same ?

● Postoperative redness around the nose.
● Swelling
● Disturbances in skin sensation or numbness around the nose.
● Scarring
● Infection
● Bruising for 7 to 10 days.
● Allergic reaction to anesthesia.

What are the causes for which patients want to go for surgical rhinoplasty or nose job?

● Due to aesthetic reason
● Any injury in the past at outdoor the nose.
● Due to inborn breathing problem

What a plastic surgeon can do if you want to go for a nose job?

● Change in size
● Change in shape of nose
● Narrowing of wide or upturned nostrils can also be done in nose jobs.
● Ultimate goal is to correct your nose in a functional as well as aesthetic way.

Why should smokers not undergo such a procedure?

Nicotine causes vasoconstriction which further reduces the oxygen and blood supply to the operated area. Hence results in delayed healing.

How much time should a patient stay in the hospital after the surgery?

This depends on the type of anesthesia and difficulty level of surgery the patient has undergone. If the procedure has been done under general anesthesia, the patient might have to stay overnight. If it’s under local anesthesia, the patient can leave the hospital on the same day. Make sure that someone should be there to accompany the patient after getting discharged from hospital.

Where can I get before and after surgery pictures of patients who have already undergone the procedure?

You can always ask your surgeon for the reviews of their previous patients and some
pre-op and post-op pictures to get a clearer picture of the outcome. To know more you
can always contact us.

What should be done to avoid postoperative swelling in Rhinoplasty?

● Make sure to keep your head above your chest level.
● Try to take ample amounts of rest.
● Need to visit your surgeon for follow up dates.
● After surgery, always keep an ice bag with you.

How Much Time Does the Surgery take?

Mostly 1-2 hours but in complicated cases, it might take more than 2 hours.

How to choose doctors if you want to go for a rhinoplasty procedure?

● You can go through the reviews of those who have already been through this procedures in multiple medical forums and if you are worried about some negative review ,you can always consult with your doctor about the matter.
● Look for the experience of plastic surgeries and positive patient stories.
● You can also look for the success rate of rhinoplasty done by your surgeon.

What is a nonsurgical way of doing Rhinoplasty?

Nonsurgical or liquid rhinoplasty can be done by derma fillers ingestion under your skin. Mostly Hyaluronic acid can be used as derma fillers.

What are the advantages of liquid rhinoplasty over surgical one?

● Less Scarring
● Lesser complications
● Can be done within 15 mins or less time with the help of experienced surgeons or dermatologists.
● Less expensive than the conventional way.

How do dermal fillers act in nose jobs?

● The filler particles settle down after the ingestion under the skin and take the shape of the target area.
● It smoothen out the irregularities like bumps or depression over the nose.

Some fast facts about closed rhinoplasty:
It’s also considered as cosmetic plastic surgery to change the aesthetic appearance of
the nose.

Why to opt for closed rhinoplasty rather than conventional open rhinoplasty?

● No visible Scarring outside as here incisions are given at the inner tissue area of nose
● Less time needed for healing.
● For mild irregularities or reshaping and recontouring of nose
● To correct the nose bulb, tip of nose.

After how much time can you get back to work?

After 4- 5days you can get back to your daily schedule.

How to choose doctors if you want to go for a Rhinoplasty procedure?

● You can go through the reviews of those who have already been through rhinoplasty procedures in multiple medical forums and if you are worried about some negative review ,you can always consult with your doctor about the matter.
● Look for the experience of plastic surgeries and positive patient stories.
● You can also look for the success rate of rhinoplasty done by your surgeon.

Who are the best doctors for performing rhinoplasty?

Well experienced and board certified plastic surgeons and well trained dermatologists can perform the procedure. And make sure to check the accreditation of the hospital or the doctor’s office from where you are going to get the rhinoplasty done.

How can you avail low cost rhinoplasty?

In a place like Bangalore, where a huge competition related to costs are going among the plastic surgeons as well as in hospitals, you can easily avail treatments at low cost.

As cost effectiveness will increase the more patient flow, thus most of the doctors and hospitals are ready to reduce their service cost which indirectly benefits the patients.

Any botched up case of rhinoplasty in Bangalore?

Till date no such cases have been reported as here in Bangalore, surgeons are way more skilled and experienced. But in order to avoid these kinds of cases ,you should choose your surgeon carefully.

Do you feel that the cost is way out of your budget ? Are you looking for insurance?

Rhinoplasty surgery comes under cosmetic procedure rather than health focused. In India, the majority of health insurance coverage is for serious ailments. That’s why chances of getting coverage for the procedure is minimal. Though you can consult with your financial advisor related to the matter and explore the possibilities along with your surgeon.

Takeaway- don’t think of rhinoplasty as a cosmetic surgical procedure as apart from that it can correct your inborn breathing difficulties and helps you to breath without any obstruction. So take your time, do your side of research a bit, choose your surgeon wisely and if you are confused, our team are always there to help you out.

Who are the best doctors for performing Rhinoplasty in Bangalore?

Well experienced and board certified plastic surgeons can perform Rhinoplasty procedure in Bangalore. And make sure to check the accreditation of the hospital or the doctor’s office from where you are going to get the Rhinoplasty surgery done.

And to help you in that , we are here. Please feel free to contact us. To know more, just keep scrolling. Here are the best doctors performing Rhinoplasty in Bangalore.

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