Breast Augmentation in Bangalore – All You Need to Know

Have you recently gone through some drastic weight loss and do you feel under confident because of your appearance, especially in the chest area? Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps to increase breast volume and enhance your self-confidence. The other name of breast augmentation is ‘mammoplasty’ or ‘boob job’.

Breast Augmentation Cost in Bangalore

Breast Implant Cost in Bangalore Minimum Cost (INR) Average Cost (INR) Maximum Cost (INR)
Saline Breast Implants ₹90,000 ₹101,250 ₹112,500
Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants ₹95,000 ₹106,875 ₹118,750
Composite Breast Implants ₹88,000 ₹99,000 ₹110,000
Polypropylene Breast Implants ₹93,000 ₹104,625 ₹116,250
Gummy bear breast implants ₹92,000 ₹103,500 ₹115,000
Round breast implants ₹85,000 ₹95,625 ₹106,250
Smooth breast implants ₹75,000 ₹84,375 ₹93,750
Textured breast implants ₹78,000 ₹87,750 ₹97,500

Breast Fat Transfer in Bangalore

Breast Fat Transfer Cost in Bangalore Minimum Cost (INR) Average Cost (INR) Maximum Cost (INR)
Simple Breast fat transfer ₹ 60,000 ₹ 66,000 ₹ 72,000
Medium Breast fat transfer ₹ 70,000 ₹ 77,000 ₹ 84,000
Large Breast fat transfer ₹ 80,000 ₹ 88,000 ₹ 96,000

Who is the ideal candidate for Breast Augmentation?

● Women who have drastically lost some pounds.
● Those who have undergone breast removal surgery(mastectomy).
● Women who feel that they have lost their breast volume after pregnancy.
● Change in shape of breasts due to breastfeeding.
● Women who are interested in making their bodies more proportionate.
● Other women with underdeveloped breasts
What are the different types of breast implantation available for breast augmentation?
● Silicone gel fitted breast implants
● Silicone shells filled with saltwater

Some can be available as pre-filled and some can be done while performing the surgery. But both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. Your surgeon can tell which one can be the best for you according to your case.

In how many ways breast augmentation is being done?

Breast augmentation or ‘mammoplasty’ can be done in two ways-
● Transfer of fat from other areas to the desired area i.e. surrounding the breasts.
● By doing surgical implant behind the breast tissue or chest muscles.

What are those breast implants?

Breast implants are mostly made up of soft, flexible, body-hugging silicone materials filled with silicone or saline. These are generally round and specially contoured to enhance the shape and size of your natural breasts. Thus it can increase the balance between two asymmetric breasts and can boost your self-image

Is breast lift and breast augmentation the same?

A breast lift can be done to correct the saggy breasts due to various reasons like obesity or advanced age. It can raise your breast level. On the other hand, breast augmentation can increase the contour and fullness of your chest as well as your breasts.


Low cost Breast Implants in Bangalore

Low cost Saline Breast Implants in Bangalore is ₹90,000.
Low cost Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants in Bangalore is ₹95,000.
Low cost Composite Breast Implants in Bangalore is ₹88,000.
Low cost Polypropylene Breast Implants in Bangalore is ₹93,000.
Low cost Gummy bear breast implants in Bangalore is ₹92,000.
Low cost Round breast implants in Bangalore is ₹85,000.
Low cost Smooth breast implants in Bangalore is ₹75,000.
Low cost Textured breast implants in Bangalore is ₹78,000.


Low cost Breast Fat Transfer in Bangalore

Low cost breast fat transfer in Bangalore is 80,000 INR.

Can this procedure be performed along with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, if you are planning to go for some other plastic surgeries like breast lifts, you can always fix an appointment with your surgeon and get your breast augmentation done along with other procedures.

What are the precautions you should take before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure?

● Consult all your queries related to the procedure with your surgeons and clear your doubts.
● Make sure you inform all your past and present medical history to your doctor.
● If you are prone to some allergic reactions or you are taking any herbal supplements, you need to mention that too.
● If you are under any medications especially on blood thinners like aspirin, you should inform your doc and stop or adjust the dosage of those medications before surgery according to your physician’s advice.
● If you are anemic, you should start having iron supplements before you go for surgery.
● Women on OCP(Oral contraceptive pill) should stop taking pills before surgery.

After getting confirmation from the lab reports and medical examination that you are undergoing breast augmentation, your surgeon or medical personnel will clean, shave and mark the target area.
Some pre-op and post-op pictures of the target area can be taken to show you the difference after the surgery.

What kind of expectations should a patient keep from the treatment outcome?

Do not look for unrealistic expectations. You can notice some appreciable changes after your complete recovery.

What is the surgical procedure of doing breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery can be done in outpatient departments of hospitals or medical offices. The whole surgical procedure can be done under general anesthesia which means you will be in ‘sleep’ when this surgery will be going on.

● A well-experienced plastic surgeon can choose any one of these three types of incision mentioned below.
● Periareolar- incision placed in the tissue around your nipple area.
● Axillary – incision placed in the underarm area.
● An Inframammary incision is placed below the breast surface.
● After giving the incision, the surgeon creates a pocket by separating the breast tissues from the chest muscles.
● Now the surgeon places desired implants( whether it’s a silicone or silicone shelled saline implant) inside those pockets and keeps them centrally.
● If you have opted for a saline breast implant, a sterile solution is filled inside during the breast augmentation procedure.
● And if you have opted for a silicone implant, it’s already available as a prefilled implant.

What are some immediate postoperative complications that can happen and what do you need to follow to avoid the same?

● Postoperative redness
● Swelling
● Disturbances in skin sensation or numbness around the nipple area.
● Scarring around the small incision and inside the breast tissue( capsular
contracture) which can be more painful and can disfigure part of your chest.
● Soreness
● Bruising for 7 to 10 days.
● Infection
● Asymmetry i.e both breasts may not be symmetrical.
● AALCL( Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma), though it’s rare.
● Any need for revision or follow up surgical procedure to correct the previous treatment outcome.
Instructions you need to follow –
● Patients should wear compression garments at least for a few months to avoid swelling.
● They can wear support bandages at the target areas.
● Patients should be under antibiotics coverage to avoid any kind of infection.
● Try to keep the drains in place if your surgeon has placed any
● Try to take ample amounts of water and do not let your body get dehydrated.
● Take rest as much as possible.
● Cut down your salt consumption as it might cause prolonged swelling or edema.

What are those pressure garments you are advised to wear post-op?

● Pressure garments are used for controlling scar tissue formation to prevent further contraction of the skin.
● They help in improving the overall appearance of the surgical area during the healing process.
● Patients should wear it for at least 20 hours a day.

How much time should a patient stay in the hospital after the surgery?

This depends on the type of anesthesia the patient has undergone. Most of the time the procedure has been done under general anesthesia, the patient might have to stay overnight or they can go back to their home on the very same day. Make sure that someone should be there to accompany the patient after getting discharged from the hospital.

Where can I get before and after surgery pictures of patients who have already undergone the procedure?

You can always ask your surgeon for the reviews of their previous patients, some 3-D animation videos related to the surgical procedure, and some pre-op and post-op pictures to get a clearer picture of the outcome. To know more you can always contact us.

Generally after how many days patients can start their regular activities?

Within 2 weeks patients can resume their daily lifestyle. That’s why patients are advised to take 2-3 weeks off from their job and take an ample amount of rest. This will help in quick recovery but any kind of strenuous activity or vigorous exercise should not be done without medical supervision.

What are the FAQs you should ask your surgeon after breast augmentation surgery?

● What are all the medications you have to take?
● Will there be any follow-up visits?
● For how long do those support bandages you have to wear?
● When can you resume your work and regular lifestyle?
● When can you start doing exercises?
● How to do the postoperative wound management and when the stitches will be removed?
What are some FAQs about the breast implants you should ask your surgeon before surgery?
● Silicone or saline filled breast implant, which one will be good for you?
● If I feel any kind of numbness or lack of sensation in that area what should i do?
● Will it cause any kind of problems while I am breastfeeding?
● Will it provide long term results ?
● Do those breast implants come with any kind of warranty?
● If I have to go for revision breast augmentation surgery, how much time will it take for complete healing?
● How much do I have to pay at the time of revision breast augmentation surgery?
● Does it increase the chances of having breast cancer?

What will happen if breast implants rupture?

If saline implants rupture it can be easily absorbed by your body and it will not cause any harm to your body. In this case you might find some noticeable changes as saline implants can deflate if it ruptures. On the other hand if a silicone implant leaks out, a gel portion of it remains inside the shell or it may leak outside. Here you can’t find any noticeable changes. This is called silent rupture. And to avoid this kind of rupture you should go for follow up visits to your surgeon.

How to maintain a breast augmentation surgical outcome even after complete healing has happened?

● Self observation is necessary for the patients with breast implants. If you feel any abnormalities during those regular observations (pain, any new swellings, discoloration of the skin around the nipple) you should immediately consult with your surgeon.
● If you have gone for a silicon gel filled breast implant, get an MRI scan done after three years of surgery as it will help your surgeon to determine whether any silent rupture has happened or not.

How to choose doctors if you want to go for a breast augmentation surgical procedure?

● You can go through the reviews of those who have already been through breast augmentation procedures in multiple medical forums and if you are worried about some negative review, you can always consult with your doctor about the matter.
● Look for the experience of plastic surgeries and positive patient stories.
● You can also look for the success rate of breast augmentation surgery done by your surgeon.

Who are the best doctors for performing Mammoplasty?

Well-experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons can perform the procedure. And make sure to check the accreditation of the hospital or the doctor’s office from where you are going to get the breast augmentation surgery done. Apart from the positive patient reviews or qualifications, you have to make sure that you are comfortable enough with your surgeon. As breast augmentation surgery is a private and sensitive procedure, you should have a good conversation with your doc prior to the surgery.

Why should you go for breast augmentation surgery in Bangalore?

Along with the high quality lifestyle here in Bangalore you will get well experienced and skilled surgeons who are comfortable with the best and latest available technology. You will get personalized care by trained medical personnel . Hence it ensures shorter hospital stay and quick recovery.

Female plastic surgeon in Bangalore:

There are very few female plastic surgeons in Bangalore. You should always choose your surgeons based on their skill and experience. Still if you need some specific information you can always contact us.

How can you avail low cost breast augmentation surgery?

In a place like Bangalore, where a huge competition related to costs are going among the plastic surgeons as well as in hospitals, you can easily avail treatments at low cost. As cost effectiveness helps in increasing more patient flow, thus most of the doctors and hospitals are ready to reduce their service cost which indirectly benefits the patients.

Any botched up case of breast augmentation or mammoplasty in Bangalore?

Till date no such cases have been reported as here in Bangalore, surgeons are way more skilled and experienced. But in order to avoid these kinds of cases ,you should choose your surgeon carefully.

Do you feel that the cost is way out of your budget ? Are you looking for insurance?

Mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery comes under cosmetic procedures rather than health focused. In India, the majority of health insurance coverage is for serious ailments. That’s why the chances of getting coverage for the procedure are minimal. Though you can consult with your financial advisor related to the matter and explore the possibilities along with your surgeon.

Though nowadays EMI facilities are available in some financial agencies. If you have to go for this surgical procedure because of some medical reasons, you can always ask your doctor to write one letter to your insurer describing the importance of this surgery on your health. If your insurance company provides coverage also, it will bear a partial amount of its budget. So make sure you read the details and go for it. Even if your insurance company bears it now, you might have to pay a higher premium for later.

Take Away- don’t think of Breast augmentation surgery or mammoplasty as a cosmetic procedure as apart from that it can boost your confidence to another level. So take your time, do your side of research a bit, choose your surgeon wisely, and if you are confused, our team is always there to help you out.

Who are the best doctors for performing Breast Augmentation in Bangalore?

Well experienced and board certified plastic surgeons can perform Breast Augmentation procedure in Bangalore. And make sure to check the accreditation of the hospital or the doctor’s office from where you are going to get the Breast Augmentation surgery done.

And to help you in that , we are here. Please feel free to contact us. To know more, just keep scrolling. Here are the best doctors performing Breast Augmentation in Bangalore.

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