Dr. Cem Baysal – Dental Surgeon & Oral Implantology Specialist in Turkey

A beautiful smile helps you make a lasting impression in both professional and personal interactions. It’s one of the first things that others notice. So, any aesthetic concerns over it greatly dampen the confidence. Dr. Cem Baysal, a teeth whitening and implantology expert in Istanbul, Turkey has been performing a range of cosmetic dental restoration treatments, turning the smile of his patients into a significant personal asset. His 33 years of experience make him one of the best dentists and dental surgeons in Turkey in 2024. 

From implants to smile design, dentures, and laser whitening, his range of dental care improves both the internal and external quality of his patients’ lives. Apart from being a dentist, he is an educator and a pioneering researcher. Dr. Baysal’s commitment to evolving the existing dental treatment approaches is reflected in his inventions in this domain. He is the developer of the Baysal technique that prevents the problems associated with the stability of implants and ensures their integration with the natural bone. Dr. Baysal carefully listens to the challenges of each one of his patients which enables him to provide quality treatment plans that perfectly fulfill the expectations of his patients. Currently, he provides his personalized dental care treatments at Dr. Cem Baysal Private Dental Clinic in Istanbul. 

Dr. Cem Baysal Major Discoveries Till Date (2024)

Dr. Cem Baysal has been a passionate researcher ever since he gained an interest in deepening his expertise in implantology. He has contributed in numerous ways to the medical world to help people overcome various limitations in dental treatments. He has specially studied recurrent aphthous stomatitis, or canker sores, a very common condition that typically begins in childhood. Canker sores are tiny, painful ulcers occurring inside the mouth. Finding the cause of this condition was critical to administering the right treatment. For a very long time, dental professionals and surgeons in Turkey were unaware of the causes of these painful ulcers. But Dr. Baysal’s research changed all of that. He was able to pinpoint the causes of canker sores that range from abnormal functioning of the immune system to exposure to specific ingredients in toothpaste. Moreover, he is also of the opinion that some people are genetically predisposed to canker sores. 

Another key discovery of Sr. Cem Baysal is his Baysal technique. It is the sinus lift approach that avoids the usage of grafts, which leads to osteointegration problems after tooth implants. This technique ensures the formation of natural bones and the health of gums and teeth.


  • Istanbul University’s faculty Of dentistry – 1991
  • Specialization in Oral, Dental And Maxillofacial Radiology from Istanbul University  – 1998
  • Doctorate in Guglielmo Marconi University Oral Implantology Department – 2016

Dr. Cem Baysal’s Experience Till Date (2024)

  • Head Of Dentistry Department at Medline Clinic – 2004 to 2005
  • Head of the Dentistry Department at Baykent Medical Center – 2007 to 2008
  • Assistant Prof at Guglielmo Marconi University Oral Implantology Department – 2016 to 2019
  • Head of Radiology Dept at Kent Medical School in Istanbul – 2021
  • Professor at the Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome – 2021

Awards and Recognition To Date (2024)

  • Rated as one of the top 10 dentists of the world by the Global Clinic Rating List 
  • A member of the Turkish Dental Association 

Mentions in the Press

  • Mention in the article titled Top Best 15 Dentists And Dental Clinics In Turkey in Outlook (December 10, 2023)

Dr. Cem Baysal Reviews

In 2023 Dr. Cem Baysal performed multiple dental surgeries and procedures like implants, fillings, veneers, crowns, and bridges. Several patients came out with Dr. Cem Baysal’s reviews communicating their experiences with him and his team. One of the first things that almost everyone remarked on was his thorough examination, which made him recommend suitable treatments. The before and after photos of his successful dental restoration procedures are a testimony to his deep expertise. His professional advice has made a world of difference to his patients. Many patients from the UK say that Dr. Baysal’s diagnosis is 100 percent accurate and informed. That’s why they do not have any qualms about traveling to Istanbul all the way from the UK.

Dr. Cem Baysal Bad Reviews

There are no bad reviews of Dr. Baysal’s dental clinic and his procedures. Throughout 2023, he has given patients the smile of their dreams without any complications or severe side effects. This can be seen with the photos of his male and female clients showing the desired results from his treatments. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that he is exceptionally well at what he does.

Dr. Cem Baysal Prices of Dental Treatments – 2024

The table below gives the updated price list for Dr. Cem Baysal’s prices of different procedures.

Dental Treatment by Dr. Cem Baysal Price (In 2024) in US Dollars
Implants Starts from $500
Fillings Up to $500
Porcelain Fillings Up to $300
Porcelain Laminate Veneers Up to $4,000
Crowns and Bridges Between $200 to $8,900
Plastic Perio Surgery Up to $1,000
Bleaching Between $100 to $500

Dr. Cem Baysal Popular Dental Procedures

The most sought-after dental treatments by Dr. Cem Baysal this year are as follows:

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are a popular procedure at Dr. Cem Baysal Private Dental Clinic. Throughout 2023 he used it to enhance the teeth of countless patients. Dr. Baysal’s implants are strong, durable, yet lightweight. They closely mimic the look and feel of the natural tooth. His deep expertise in this area has led him to use not only titanium implants but also others. 

Porcelain Fillings

Dr. Baysal uses porcelain fillings for those suffering from tooth decay. He considers several factors, such as the cavity’s size, location, and the tooth-grinding and dietary habits of his patients to administer the most suitable fillings. Through this treatment, he has significantly improved the long-term dental health of all his patients. 

Crowns & Bridges 

Dr. Baysal evaluates his patients for several signs before recommending a crown or bridge. Most of his dental crown patients require a root canal treatment. Many also experience heightened sensitivity to temperature and bite pressure. He recommends a dental bridge for those with a few missing teeth. Throughout 2023, his dental crown treatment has helped numerous patients find relief from sensitivity and pain caused by a cracked tooth. His treatments have also helped ease the pain of patients suffering from TMJ disorder. 

Plastic Perio Surgery 

Dr. Baysal’s plastic perio surgery procedures have helped patients deal with problems like excess recession surrounding the teeth. His procedure has enhanced the aesthetic appearance of his patient’s smiles and also given them sensitivity relief. He uses microsurgical techniques, such as microblades and dental microscopes. This increases the predictability and success rate of the surgery. At the same time, it reduces post-operative pain.

Why Choose Dr. Cem Baysal for Dental Treatments in Turkey?

The uniqueness of Dr. Cem Baysal stems from his over three decades of experience in the field of oral diagnosis and radiology. He places a lot of importance on safe surgery and early diagnosis of dental issues through cutting-edge technologies that make the future treatment process more efficient. He is one of the very few dental surgeons to use dental CT scans for diagnosing his patients. It is why his diagnosis is perfectly accurate and he is able to detect issues that need attention which other dentists have a habit of overlooking. His focus on examining the internal details of the mouth through computer tomography has helped many patients find out about issues that could have caused them severe health conditions later on. Dr. Baysal also records the progress of his patients through before and after photos. He also uses them to show his prospective patients what they can expect from a specific treatment.

He is also one of the few dentists in Turkey who can use ultra-narrow diameter implants with guided surgery on narrow places, such as a narrow dental ridge. Placing implants on narrow dental ridges is challenging for most clinicians. But that isn’t so for Dr. Cem Baysal because of his experience in radiology and computer tomography. 

How to Contact Dr. Cem Baysal in Turkey?

The current address of Dr. Cem Baysal is given below: 

Hacı Emin Efendi Sokak Eserim Apartment. No. 64 Floor 2 Flat. 8 – 34365 – Teşvikiye, Istanbul (Turkey)

Distance from the Istanbul airport – 43.3 km

Average time it will take to reach – 50 minutes

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