Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu – Plastic Surgeon In Istanbul 

Ever heard about a cosmetic surgeon whose expertise can transform you in a single month? That’s Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu, the renowned plastic surgeon in Istanbul. In his decade-long career, Dr. Selamioglu has become a trusted figure for guaranteed cosmetic results. His rhinoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty, and breast augmentation procedures define and refine women’s beauty and confidence. Recently in 2023, he won the internationally acclaimed ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Olympiad Athens in the minimally invasive category, cementing his position as one of the brightest minds in plastic surgery in Turkey. 

Approved by the European Association of Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Selamioglu follows European standards in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. He is a part of the Medical Park International group of hospitals and is also authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health as a top provider of medical tourism services. Indeed, his international patient list indicates how many people recognize and appreciate his work. 

As an inquisitive learner, Dr. Selamioglu found himself drawn to the surgical art of rhinoplasty after completing his degree in medicine. The ability of this procedure to dramatically overhaul the entire look of a person fascinated him without bounds. He made it his mission to master this procedure and in 2024, is counted among the leading professionals in this highly complex surgery. His Instagram account with over 50k followers shows authentic unfiltered before and after photos and videos of people from various ethnicities realizing their aesthetic dreams. Find out all the information about his experience, reviews, patient photos, and prices. 



2004 – 2011 – Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine (English medicine)
2012 – 2017- Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – Specialization

Experience To Date (2024)

  • January 2012-March 2017- Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – Research Assistant
  • March 2017-May 2017- Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery- Plastic Surgery Specialist
  • May 2017-February 2018 – Merzifon Karamustafapaşa State Hospital (State Service Obligation)
  • March 2018-January 2018 Sancaktepe Şehit Prof. Dr. İlhan Varank Training and Research Hospital (State Service Obligation)
  • 2018-present plastic surgeon at Turkey Medical Park Hospital Group 


    Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association

    Certified By:

    Board-Certified, Turkish Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu – Redefining Rhinoplasty In Turkey

 Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu is adept in functional and cosmetic surgery on the nose. He has performed countless procedures for various issues. These span from correcting crooked nose to nasal breathing, septoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and nasal reconstruction surgery. 

He has also honed the most sought-after Barbie nose procedure. In it, he gives patients a gentle curve along the bridge of their noses and a slightly upturned tip. Patients love how graceful and refined the results are. Dr. Selamioglu uses three-dimensional imaging technology for more precision. This also lets him share what patients can expect with the outcome.

Dr. Selamioglu firmly believes that great nose jobs make people feel empowered to take control of their bodies. He uses all his skills in this surgery so women struggling with low self-esteem are able to view themselves in a positive way. The underlying aim of his rhinoplasty procedures is to instill self-love in women so they can embrace their beauty. 

Dr. Selamioglu has experience in innovative, less invasive rhinoplasty techniques. These include ultrasonic rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty, and fillers. Through them, he sculpts the cartilage while not breaking the nose in any way. 

Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Reviews 

 Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu’s reviews are very positive, especially for rhinoplasty. Patients in 2023 spoke of a seamless experience at his clinic. They also spoke highly of their results.  Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu received 5-star ratings for his procedures. 

Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Bad Reviews 

There were no bad reviews of  Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu in 2023. He did every procedure well and used his exceptional skills to reshape his patients’ faces. Dr. Selamioglu’s personalized approach was appreciated by many of his clients.

Has  Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Done Any Botched Surgeries?

No. In 2023,  Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu did not perform any botched surgery. We did not receive any complaints about a botched procedure by him. 

Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Prices For Cosmetic Treatments – 2024

This table lists the average prices for cosmetic surgeries by Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu in 2024. 

Surgery list by Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Average cost ( in 2024) in US Dollars
Rhinoplasty Up to $14,310
Facelift Up to $13,121
Blepharoplasty Up to $7,330
Hi-Def Liposuction Up to $3498
Breast Augmentation $8,754
Breast Reduction $8,988
Breast Lift Up to $5,043
Tummy Tuck Between $4,554 to $11,332
Liposuction $9,891
Brazilian Butt Lift $8,974
Arm Lift Up to $6,366
Cosmetic Ear Surgery Starts from $3,587
Neck Lift $4432
Anti-aging Injections From $300

Other Clinical Specialties Of  Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu

Besides rhinoplasty,  Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu is also known for his expertise in the following cosmetic surgeries. 

Breast Augmentation 

 Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu performs breast augmentation to restore proportion and harmony in the bodies of his female patients. He stresses on a face-to-face consultation through which he determines the safest solution that can adequately meet the goals of his patients. By breast augmentation,  Dr. Selamioglu has successfully enhanced the shape, size, and appearance of the breasts of females of various ages. 


The liposuction procedure is used by Dr. Selamioglu to remove stubborn fat from several body parts. These include the abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and inner knees, among others. He has mastered various liposuction techniques, from ultrasound-assisted liposuction to power-assisted liposuction, VASER lipo and laser-assisted liposuction. The prices of these treatments are modest and according to the goals and existing state of the patients. 

Eyelid Surgery 

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is done by Dr. Selamioglu to correct the defects and shape of the eyelids. He uses this on all of his patients complaining of their eye area looking more aged or dull. Through blepharoplasty, Dr. Selamioglu resolves cosmetic and functional problems in the entire area, beginning from the eyebrow and ending on the upper portion of the cheek. 


Many women in Turkey and abroad facing changes in skin quality of their faces choose Dr. Selamioglu for facelift surgery. The before and after facelift photos by Dr. Selamioglu show remarkably contoured faces that look youthful. He sometimes combines facelift with liposuction to remove the excess fatty deposits below the chin and around the neck’s jawline.

How to Book Dr Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Appointment?

You can Book Online Appointment with Dr Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu. Find more details here.

Where can I find Dr Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Reviews from past clients?

Find Dr Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is cost of Plastic Surgery with Dr Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu?

Dr Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu Plastic Surgery cost depends on procedure you choose. Find more details here.

Contact Details of  Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Engin Selamioglu

If you are planning to visit Dr. Selamioglu for a procedure, use the following address to meet him. 

Turkey, Istanbul, Otakçılar Cd. No:78 Flat Ofis Aqua Court E Blok 3. Kat Eyüp

Distance from the Istanbul airport: 40.3 km

The average time it’ll take to reach: 37 minutes 

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