Dr. Gökhan Gur – Hair Transplant Surgeon in Turkey

Sometimes the passage of time brings brutal experiences. It wreaks havoc with one’s appearance, making them long for the bygone time. Balding is an issue that men all over the world experience in increasing numbers. But when you know about Dr. Gokhan Gur in Turkey, you’ll feel as if you were locked in resentment for all the wrong reasons. Dr. Gur, a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the Turkish Medical Association has performed close to 4000 hair transplants at his Gür Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul. Using superior technology and the FUE hair transplant technique, he has given a permanent solution for hair loss to thousands of men. 

Dr. Gur has an artistic vision in addition to excellent surgical skills. He approaches his work like a painter. The ultimate goal is to sculpt his patients and make them look like their best selves. At the same time, Dr. Gur understands the specific needs of his patients and creates his masterpiece around them. He has the upper hand when it comes to minimally invasive hair transplant procedures in Turkey that result in the least scarring and the maximum number of transplanted grafts. Above all, his personalized treatment plans ensure that every patient receives a new hairline that aligns well with their facial features and looks perfectly natural. 


Dr. Gökhan Gur – Major Milestones (As of 2024)

Dr. Gokhan Gur, one of the pioneers in the Turkish hair transplant industry, is a highly experienced Turkish Medical Doctor who has performed over 2500 hair transplant operations personally in the last 21 years.
He is the most famous practitioner of the FUE technique in Turkey and one of the first ones in the world.
Dr. Gur graduated from Gaziantep University’s Faculty of Medicine in 1994. From 1995 to 2003, he worked at the State Hospital of Aksaray and Haymana Emergency Medicine in Ankara, where he attended to 5000+ emergency and medical cases.
In 2003, Dr. Gur started his hair transplant career in Ankara. Between 2003 and 2011, he performed over 1200 hair transplant operations, over 40 body hair transplant operations, and over 200 cases of hair loss medical treatments. In 2011, he brought his experience and services to Istanbul, and in the following three years, he performed 600+ FUE hair transplant operations, 100+ hair loss medical treatments, and 30+ body hair transplant operations. Since 2014, he has been attending to his patients ‘ needs in his own private clinic.
Dr. Gur is a member of various medical associations. This shows his expertise and his dedication to promoting the best standards of medical practice.


  • Studied medicine at Gazi University 
  • Completed his general practice in the state hospital in Ankara
  • Specialization in FUE hair transplantation 
  • Practiced hair surgery at a private hospital in Ankara.

Experience to Date (2024)

Over 21 years of experience in hair transplants, body hair transplants, and beard transplant


  • Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • Turkish Medical Association (TTB)
  • Turkish Medical Aesthetics Physicians Association

Dr. Gökhan Gur Reviews of Hair Transplant Procedures

Dr. Gur’s clinic served thousands of patients in 2023. Recalling their experience, one of the first things that patients say when asked about their experience with Dr. Gur is how knowledgeable he is about what he does. From answering questions thoroughly before the surgery to afterward, he and his team guide patients at every step of the way. One of the major priorities of Dr. Gur is to ensure that the patient feels fully comfortable throughout the procedure.

He is very meticulous with his work. Dr. Gur pays particular attention to the unique needs of each person. There has never been an instance when a person has gone into the surgery feeling doubtful. On the contrary, they feel that they have made the best decision by choosing him. Most patients also say that the hair coming after their transplantation procedure is even thicker and fuller.

Are There Any Dr. Gökhan Gur Bad Reviews?

There are not many negative reviews in 2023 about Dr. Gur’s hair transplant. A single instance of a bad experience can be found on Reddit. A person underwent hair transplantation for 2,200 frontal grafts and 800 on the crown. Ever since the procedure ended, that person was in a lot of pain and did not experience any hair growth in the crown region. 

After eight months post-surgery, that person saw the transplanted hair falling. After 18 months, they contacted the clinic and reminded the staff of the worsened results. But no one from the clinic asked them to visit again, so the problem could be resolved. No one refunded the patient for this botched procedure.

Dr. Gökhan Gur Hair Transplant Price in Turkey – 2024

You can get the most accurate hair transplant cost by consulting Dr. Gokhan Gur. The latest average price of his hair transplant procedures is as follows:

Hair Transplant list by Dr. Gokhan Gur The price of the procedure (in 2024) in US Dollars
FUE Hair Transplant Surgery $10,000 to $35,000
Body Hair to Head Transplant $3,000 to $6,500
HARRTS Hair Transplant Up to $5,000
Hairline Lowering Surgery Between $4,000 to $7,500
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Up to $3,900
PRP Hair Treatment Up to $200 for one session
Hormonal Hair Loss Treatment Up to $4,000


Clinics Where Dr. Gokhan Gur Provides Hair Transplant Services in 2024

Dr. Gur mainly performs his FUE hair transplant procedures at his private clinic Gur Hair Transplant in Istanbul. Apart from this clinic, he also serves patients in the FUECAPILAR clinic along with Dr. Dogan Turan. The address of this clinic is given below.
No:52 D:5, 34718 Kadikoy/Istanbul


Dr. Gökhan Gur Hair Transplant – What Makes Him Unique?

Since 2003, Dr. Gökhan Gur has dedicated himself solely to performing hair transplantation. He is the first person to have done this procedure in the entire Turkey. His expertise is reflected in the fact that he develops transplant procedures himself. For the past 8 years, Dr. Gur has been working with a team of skilled professionals who are well familiar with his unique methodology.

Dr. Gokhan Gur is adept in all FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedures. At the start of his career, he extensively used the Hole Needle and Manual Punch technique. But for the past 21 years, he has been using the Slite Blade and Micro Motor Punch technique. Sometimes, he uses the Stick & Places technique, something which not many hair transplantation surgeons are familiar with. 

Dr. Gokhan Gur’s hair transplant operations are not only for receding hairline. He also specializes in body-to-scalp hair transplantation for those with advanced grades of baldness. Dr. Gur is an expert in various treatments for hair loss in Turkey like medication, hairline lowering surgery, hair mesotherapy, and PRP. Initially, he gave these services in Ankara. But in 2011, he started serving Istanbul. In only 4 years, he disrupted the hair restoration scene of Istanbul by performing 700 FUE hair transplant operations and more than 50 scalp-to-body hair transplantations. This is why the hair restoration network in Turkey recommends him.



A Day in the Life of Dr. Gur

A typical day in the life of Dr. Gur revolves around performing hair transplant procedures. This is one of the procedures that he is best known for. So, on most days he is at his clinic, carrying out hair transplantation, and giving his patients a permanent solution to their baldness. He starts by looking through the photos that patients have sent him of their heads in his WhatsApp. This is followed by a detailed examination of the pictures to find the optimal hair transplant technique.

After Dr. Gur is done with the evaluation, he creates a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s specific balding condition. He then asks the patient to book an appointment whenever it’s feasible for them. He begins by making markings in the areas of the donor and recipient. Then, he extracts the follicular units from the donor’s scalp. This process ultimately gives him a specific number of follicular units that corresponds to how many hairs are transplanted. Dr. Gur wastes no time in placing the extracted follicular units in a solution that conserves them. 

Once this feat has been achieved Dr. Gur gives himself and his patient a break of 30 minutes as they disperse for lunch. Post-lunch, he gets ready for the next major part of the procedure, which is implanting the follicular units. Dr. Gur uses special instruments called implanters of different types according to the area in each follicular unit.

The roots of transplanted hairs start growing in about 4 months after the procedure while the transplanted hair themselves start falling between 4 to 6 weeks post-surgery. Dr. Gur’s hair transplantation almost always yields permanent results.

Current Contact Details of Dr. Gokhan Gur 

Reach out to Dr. Gur at the address mentioned below if you are planning for a hair transplant in 2024.

Acibadem, Sarayardı Cd. No:13 / 5, 34718 Kadikoy/Istanbul, Turkey

This place is 54.9 km from the Istanbul airport. It will take you close to an hour to reach here.


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