Dr Elif Seda Keskin – Plastic Surgeon In Istanbul

Dr. Elif Seda Keskin is one of the trailblazing women plastic surgeons in Istanbul. She is most known for transforming her patients’ bodies aesthetically without making them go under the knife. Dr. Keskin has 14 years of experience in rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, facelift, and buttock lift. Her prowess extends globally, attracting patients worldwide seeking the magic touch that smoothens wrinkles, sculpts noses, and unveils captivating eyes. Not confined to Turkey, her transformative work has left its mark in prestigious institutions like Kirsehir University Training and Research Hospital, Gebze Fatih State Hospital, and even the renowned Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Trained by luminaries in the field, including MD James Zins and MD Gurunluoglu, Dr. Elif Seda Keskin brings a wealth of knowledge to her craft. Her journey led her to co-found Dr. Keskin Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic, a beacon of excellence holding international health tourism authorization from the Turkish government.

What sets Dr. Keskin apart is her mission to democratize beauty. Breaking barriers, she embraces social media as a force for change. With a massive Instagram following of 100,000, she’s not just a surgeon; she’s a medical influencer. Through engaging content, Dr. Keskin answers queries, demystifies procedures, and fosters a judgment-free space, calming the nerves of thousands contemplating the transformative journey of plastic surgery in Turkey.


  • Graduation from Abant İzzet Baysal Faculty of Medicine in 2011
  • Specialization training in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery at Göztepe Training and Research Hospital (Istanbul Medeniyet University)
  • Further education from Cleveland Clinic in the USA, Ohio State

Experience To Date (2024)

  • Kırşehir University Training and Research Hospital

  • Gebze Fatih State Hospital, 

  • Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital

  • Çanakkale 18 Mart University Hospital.

  • Acıbadem University Laboratories by researching scar-free wound healing
  • Dr. Keskin Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic (presently working in 2024)


Dr. Elif Seda Keskin also received training on the face and breast aesthetics from James Zins MD and Raffi Gurunluoğlu MD, also in America in 2016.


Board-Certified, Turkish Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Elif Seda Keskin’s Reviews 

Dr. Elif Seda Keskin has reviews that speak volumes about her surgical expertise. In 2023, patients underwent many minimally-invasive surgeries at her clinic, They spoke of a positive experience. 

Dr. Elif Seda Keskin Bad Reviews 

We haven’t received any bad reviews for Dr. Elif Seda Keskin to date. Patients have only nice things to say about their consultation, surgery, and post-op care. 

Has Dr. Elif Seda Keskin Done Any Botched Surgery?

No. Dr. Elif Seda Keskin does not have any record of doing botched surgery. Her detailed consultation and decade-long experience have allowed her to perform cosmetic procedures that deliver results that her patients expect.

Prices Of Plastic Surgeries By Dr. Elif Seda Keskin – 2024

If you are planning to have a cosmetic procedure by Dr. Keskin, this table of average prices at her clinic will help you. 

Surgery List by Dr. Elif Seda Keskin Average cost (as of 2024) in US Dollars
Breast Reconstruction Up to $25,311
Breast Augmentation Up to $8,205
Breast Lift $6333
Rhinoplasty Up to $15,219
Liposuction Up to $21,765
Tummy Tuck Around $7,894
Gynecomastia Surgery $5,450
Blepharoplasty Up to $8,277
Breast Reduction Up to $21,273
Fat Graft Application $5,432
Prominent Ear Correction Aesthetics Between $3,410 to $4,921
Trigger Finger Treatment Up to $6,465
Lip Augmentation Between $513 to $811
Chin Augmentation Between $2469 to $8232
Post Bariatric Surgery Between $34333 to $5,563
Arm Lift Up to $6,991
Thigh Lift Up to $4308
BBL With Fillers Between $2000 to $3219
Micro Lift Between $3200 to 5988
Ankle Slimming $2,300
Mommy Makeover From $6,544

Unique Procedures At Dr. Keskin Aesthetic And Plastic Surgery Clinic 

Dr. Elif Seda Keskin does some of the most innovative cosmetic procedures at her clinic. These include the following:

Barbie Botox

Dr. Elif Seda Keskin performs the latest Barbie Botox on her women patients. She does it to reduce the shoulder size and elongate the neck so it resembles that of a Barbie. Ever since the blockbuster Barbie film, the appointments for Barbie Botox at her clinic have increased. To give her patients a Barbie-like figure, Dr. Keskin injects botulinum toxin into the muscle from the back to the neck, the trapezius. This is a generally safe procedure, which gives women elegant shoulders. 

Pain-free Breast augmentation

Dr. Keskin is an expert at pain-free breast augmentation. It is unlike the traditional augmentation. Through it, she has made it easier for women unable to undergo conventional breast augmentation because of the painful post-surgery period. She alters and reshapes breasts by giving them more volume. The result is voluptuous, toned, and natural-looking breasts.

Butt Lift Without Surgery 

 Dr. Keskin gives women non-surgical butt lift, making them experience the same results as those with surgical butt lifts. She uses hyaluronic-based fillers to add more volume, lift, and reshape the butt. She also improves the skin quality in this area. This procedure does not lead to scarring. It does not even need general anesthesia.

Almond Eye Surgery 

Dr. Keskin performs almond eye surgery to correct the sagging of the eye’s lower lid contour. This sagging can cause the eyes to look sad and tired. Dr. Keskin has honed this specialized form of blepharoplasty. She expertly raises the outer corner of the eye so it resembles the shape of an almond. Prior to performing the surgery, she meticulously plans and examines the eyes of her patients. Dr. Keskin’s deep expertise in this surgical procedure enables her to perform it successfully in those with protruding eyes and in those who have had eyelid surgery done before.

Contact Dr. Elif Seda Keskin 

The contact details of Dr. Keskin are given below:

Erenköy Mahallesi, Bağdat Cad. No 344 Kat 3/6, 34738 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Distance from the Istanbul airport: 88.5 km

The time it would take to reach here: 1 hour 32 minutes 

How to Book Dr Elif Seda Keskin Appointment?

You can Book Online Appointment with Dr Elif Seda Keskin. Find more details here.

Where can I find Dr Elif Seda Keskin Reviews from past clients?

Find Dr Elif Seda Keskin Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is cost of Plastic Surgery with Dr Elif Seda Keskin?

Dr Elif Seda Keskin Plastic Surgery cost depends on procedure you choose. Find more details here.

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