Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız – Aesthetic Surgeon In Turkey

Turkey boasts not only exceptional male plastic surgeons but also some influential female aesthetic specialists. Among them is Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. She is the only female doctor who has over a decade of experience at her private clinic in serving local and international patients. Her dedication to her practice can be seen in her guiding philosophy. For her, the question ”how can it be better?” serves as a central principle for continuous growth and excellence. This philosophy serves as a catalyst for her to think critically, pursue innovation, and grow in her domain. Most of her patients call her an artist and a sculptor who has an amazing aesthetic vision and robust surgical skills. Dr. Ayyıldız is an expert on both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. She is highly rated for her breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, rhinoplasty, and face-filling procedures. She has performed thousands of surgeries on females at her Istanbul Nisantasi Private Aesthetic Surgery Clinic ever since it was founded in 2015. Dr. Ayyıldız has developed her expertise while working in five leading hospitals in Turkey and attending as many as 15 courses and seminars (as of 2024). At her clinic, with the aid of her reliable staff, she provides complete support to patients, right from the time they begin their consultation until they leave the clinic with desired results. Indeed, her reviews and before and after photos of her clients show the remarkable work she has been doing over the years. 


1991-1994 İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School, İskenderun
1994-2002 Bursa Uludağ Faculty of Medicine
2004-2010 Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital – Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

Experience To Date (2024)

  1. Gaziantep Ersin Soyer State Hospital – 2010-2012
  2. Private Beylikdüzü Colon Hospital – 2012-2013
  3. Private Europe Şafak Hospital – 2013-2013
  4. Private Meltem Hospital – 2013 – 2014
  5. Private Çapa Hospital – 2014
  6. Istanbul Nisantasi Private Aesthetic Surgery Clinic (presently working)

Number Of Courses And Congresses Attended

To date (2024), Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız has attended 13 congresses and courses. She has completed courses by:

  •  International Eurasian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • GATA Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery USA
  • Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 


  • Association of Turkish Plastic
  • Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Turkish Medical Association. 

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız Reviews

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız’s reviews are positive, with patients loving the entire experience at her clinic. The many before and after photos of her clients in 2023 show her expertise which she has honed through years of research and training. Patients particularly love the way she fills them with confidence about their upcoming treatment. This makes them go into the operating theater without any fear or anxiety.

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız Bad Reviews

There are no bad reviews for Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız. None of her clients spoke of undesirable results from her treatment in 2023. Her patient-centric approach and willingness to excel in her domain show in the photos and positive testimonials of her clients.

Are There Any Botched Surgery By Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız?

No. There are no instances of botched surgery by Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız. She has delivered the aesthetic expectations of her clients throughout the past year. Nobody as yet has complained about getting botched results from her hands.

Cost Of Cosmetic Treatments By Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız – 2024

Review the prices of different surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments by Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız from this table.

Surgery List by Dr Gökçen Ayyıldız Average Cost (in 2024) in US Dollars
Breast Implants Between $4,870 to $9,760
Breast Reduction Up to $6064
Breast Uplift Between $4,330 to $7,600
VASER Liposuction Between $2555 to $8776
Liposuction From $3,290 to $9,898
Abdominoplasty Between $6,991 to $15,267
Buttock Lift Between $5,770 to $16,559
Thigh Lift Up to $6,299
Butt Shaping Up to $5,200
Rhinoplasty Up to $12,280
Mommy Makeover Between $4,890 to $17,995
Forehead Lift From $4566
Neck lift Between $4,125 to $12,987
Blepharoplasty Between $1678 to $6554
Lip Lift Between $3255 to $3566
Face Lift Between $3990 to $7878
Fat Injections on the Face Between $1245 to $2999
Arm Lift $2780
Buttock Augmentation $8180
Hair transplant $16989
Labiaplasty From $2678
Ear otoplasty Up to $4000
Vaginoplasty Up to $3,888
Under-eye filler Begins at $890
Gynecomastia Between $2999 to $5260
Labiaplasty From $3455
Cliteroplasty $3444
Filling From $600 to $1200
Botox Between $500 to $800
PRP From $4566
Thread Face and Neck Lift, Eyebrow Lift Between $29000 to $3665
Mesotherapy From $2990

The Most Popular Aesthetic Surgical Procedure By Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız 

In 2024, patients are choosing Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız’s clinic for the following:

Liposuction (Price – Up To $9,898)

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız does UAL or ultrasound-assisted liposuction and VASER liposuction to destroy fat cells in the body. This procedure takes away fat from areas like arms, midsection, breasts, thighs, ankles, neck, and your jawline. If there are small pockets of fat in these areas, they are also removed using more precise techniques used in this procedure. This type of liposuction is minimally invasive and has very little recovery time. It is why so many women clients of Ayyıldız prefer it. 

Tummy Tuck Or Abdominoplasty by Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız (Price – Up To $15,267)

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgical operation that corrects the appearance of the midsection. It targets fat or excess skin that does not budge even after consistent dieting and exercise. Sagging skin after pregnancy or weight gain, poor skin quality, and abdominal muscles undergo a transformation with tummy tuck when done by the experienced hands of Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız. You can find the before and after photos of her patients with flatter and firmer abdominal contours. 

Rhinoplasty (Price – Up To $12,280)

In 2023, Dr. Ayyıldız’s Istanbul Nisantasi Private Aesthetic Surgery Clinic had innumerable patients wanting to undergo a successful rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex surgeries that completely alters the external facial appearance. Dr. Ayyıldız’s expertise in it is evident in how she is able to create improvements in nose size and proportion in relation to the patient’s facial harmony. She gives her patients facial symmetry with almost no scarring. Patients come out of her clinic with a strong overall nasal structure. 

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız’s Breast Augmentation (Price – Up to $11,260)

Breast augmentation before and after photos at Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız’s clinic shows her remarkable expertise in this procedure. She has received many positive reviews for the breast aesthetics she performed on her clients. She chooses the breast implants by carefully considering the anatomy of her patients and their surgery goals. During the consultation, she pays particular importance to sizing. She compares various breast implants and asks her patients how they feel. Ultimately, she is able to meet all the aesthetic goals of her patients through breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız Facelift Procedure (Price – Up to $7,878)

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız is adept at performing both surgical and non-surgical facelift procedures. With a surgical facelift, she addresses multiple problems. These include sagging facial skin, fold lines between mouth and nose, jowls, and excess fat and loose skin around the neck. The facelift before and after photos of her patients show the shocking transformation in the facial appearance. She also performs non-surgical facelifts, such as PRP, laser facial lifting, micro-focused ultrasound method, and fractional radiofrequency. 

Why Choose Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız’s Nisantasi Private Aesthetic Surgery Clinic ?

Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız owns a professional clinic, staffed by a team of experienced surgeons. Everyone at her clinic is highly professional, friendly, and experienced. They are always available to answer questions from those who step into her facility. Patients receive proactive support before, during, and after the surgery. 

From the initial consultation to the final surgery, her clinic upholds high standards. Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız and her team explain the entire procedure in detail. One of the things that patients remark about Dr. Ayyıldız is her attitude and speech, which fills them with confidence regarding her decisions. The clinic is well-equipped and is located in Istanbul’s central district. Every surgical procedure in Dr. Ayyıldız’s facility is performed in accordance with the highest quality standards. Patients usually give positive reviews about their experience here. The clinic is designed in a manner to be accessible to disabled people. It also has a wheelchair-accessible toilet, wireless access, and on-site pharmacy. 

How To Contact Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız?

The address of Dr. Gökçen Ayyıldız is given below:

No:61 Building no:61 Interior door no: 12 floor 7, 34367 Şişli/Istanbul, Turkey
Distance from the Istanbul airport: 43.6 km
The time it takes to reach: 45 minutes


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