Dr. Eduardo Mejia

Dr. Eduardo Mejia is a well-known plastic surgeon who works at the OTORRINO Medical Center, a private health facility in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The clinic provides high-quality medical care by utilizing cutting-edge technology and medical equipment. Dr. Eduardo Mejia is a dedicated plastic surgeon who tailors each patient’s therapy to their specific needs.

Dr. Eduardo Mejia is a Dominican Republic medical school graduate. He also completed a two-year post-graduate course in general surgery at Prof. Brandao Lira’s clinic in Santa Casa da Misericordia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a three-year plastic surgery residency at Prof. Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In order to improve his development as a surgeon, he has attended several observership programmes, seminars, and medical conferences in the United States and South America. ​​

The doctor belongs to the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery (SODOCIPRE), the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), FILACP, CMD, IPRAS, AEXPI, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).


Dr. Eduardo Mejia Education

  • MD, Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)
  • Plastic Surgery, Instituto Ivo Pitanguy, Brazil, 2009
  • General Surgery, Santa Casa da Misericordia, Brazil, 2004

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Experience

  •  Otorrino Centro Medico

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Certification and Awards


Dr. Eduardo Mejia Memberships

  • Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • CMD
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Reviews

Dr. Eduardo Mejia is a well-known surgeon in the Dominican Republic; patients who have undergone his procedures rate him as the best plastic surgeon in the country and recommend him to others. His patients discuss his aftercare and follow-up on surgeries performed, and they are completely satisfied with the results of the plastic surgery. He assures them of the outcome of the surgery. In the Dominican Republic, he is a well-known surgeon.

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Prices

You can contact us to get price estimates for Dr. Eduardo Mejia performing surgery by providing details about the surgery you want. Dr. Eduardo Mejia has an affordable price list for surgeries, which is why people from the United States come to him. You can also contact him directly for cost estimates and consultation.

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Appointment

Dr. Eduardo Mejia has extensive experience in plastic surgery. Every year, he receives a large number of patients, both domestic and international, who choose him and his team for the specialized care and services they provide. To avoid any last-minute rush, you can make an appointment with Dr. Eduardo Mejia right away.

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Bad Reviews

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world travel to the Dominican Republic for vacations and medical treatment. Dr. Eduardo Mejia’s care team ensures that the patient’s medical needs, specific preferences, and cultural expectations are met from the moment they contact him, making the patient feel at ease and secure.

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Before and After Photos

Please contact us here if you would like to see before and after photos of Dr. Eduardo Mejia’s procedures. Dr. Eduardo Mejia is a professional who will gladly answer any questions you may have before scheduling your procedure.

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Hospital Address and Contact Number

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Address: Avenida 27 de Febrero, Ste. 481, 2do piso, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional

Dr. Eduardo Mejia Contact Number: You can contact here for Dr. Eduardo Mejia Appointment.

Dr. Eduardo Mejia , Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Dr. Eduardo Mejia Reviews?

Find Dr. Eduardo Mejia Reviews from past clients here.

What is Dr. Eduardo Mejia prices for Aesthetic surgery?

Dr. Eduardo Mejia price for Aesthetic surgery depends on required procedure. Find cost estimates here.

Can I get Dr. Eduardo Mejia Before and after Photos?

Yes, you can get Dr. Eduardo Mejia before and after photos here. But personal identity is masked to keep the privacy of our clients.

How to book Dr. Eduardo Mejia Appointment?

You can book Dr. Eduardo Mejia Online appointment here.

What does Dr. Eduardo Mejia Specialize in?

Dr. Eduardo Mejia is an expert in doing all Aesthetic surgeries.

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