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Septoplasty straightens the bone and cartilage dividing the space between your two nostrils. When the septum is crooked, it’s known as a deviated septum. A deviated septum can make it harder to breathe through your nose and can increase the risk of sinus infections due to poor drainage.

Septoplasty straightens the septum, allowing for better airflow through your nose. Once a septoplasty is healed, you’ll likely find it’s easier to breathe.

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Septoplasty Cost in Turkey


Septoplasty Surgery In City Cost in Turkey (USD)
Istanbul $ 1600
Antalya $ 1700
Ankara $ 1800
Izmir $ 1700
Mugla $ 1800

Why do Septoplasty costs vary in Turkey?

The cost of Septoplasty in Turkey varies and depends on the following:

  • Septoplasty Types
  • Size of area
  • Preferred cities: Istanbul or Antalya or Ankara
  • Desired Results
  • Technologies and Techniques Used
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Post-surgery services
  • Type of hotel accommodation
  • Does the Septoplasty package includes
    • Anesthesia fees
    • Medicines
    • Pre-surgery Tests
    • Operation Theatre Charges
    • Surgeon fees
    • Post Surgery medicine
    • Consultations

Septoplasty Surgery Cost Break-up in Turkey

Price for Septoplasty Cost
Medical Test $ 160 – $ 260
Anesthesia $ 330 -$ 440
Medicines $ 250 – $ 650
Surgeon’s fee $ 360 – $ 660
Hospital $ 770 -$ 1170
Surgical facilities $ 350 -$ 830
Post-surgery garments $ 50 – $ 140
Post-surgery consultation $ 120 – $ 250

Septoplasty Turkey Cost

Affordable healthcare infrastructure is provided, including top-notch medical procedures in Turkey. The Turkish government has put in place strong safety standards, allowing anyone to access medical facilities without having to wait. Septoplasty Turkey cost around $1700. Medical tourists are drawn to Turkey because of the availability of highly qualified medical professionals who speak English and who received their training at some of the most prestigious facilities worldwide.

How much does Septoplasty cost in Turkey?

Because Septoplasty essentially involves two operations at once, it will cost more than rhinoplasty. However, it still remains less expensive in Turkey than elsewhere in the UK and much of Europe. The average cost of a Septoplasty in the UK is between £450 and £7000, thus having the Septoplasty in Turkey can result in savings of up to 50%. The fact that a Septoplasty costs far less in Turkey than it does in Europe or the United States has nothing to do with the procedure’s quality. Because labor and operating expenses are low, nose jobs in Turkey are less expensive.

How long does Septoplasty bruising last?

Within 2 weeks or so, most of the swelling and bruising should go away. Following surgery, a small amount of leakage is typical, and you might experience some congestion for a few weeks.

Why choose Septoplasty in Turkey?

The price of a septoplasty in Turkey varies depending on the facility. The cost of the candidate’s pre-surgery research is fully covered by the best hospitals in Turkey for septoplasty. The cost of anesthesia, medications, hospitalization, and the surgeon’s fee are all included in the cost of septoplasty in Turkey. The price of septoplasty in Turkey may rise if there are lengthy hospital stays brought on by a slow recovery, a new diagnosis, or complications after surgery.

Septoplasty Istanbul

Septoplasty Istanbul has established itself as a prominent location for cosmetic procedures. The large number of patients who visit these locations enriches their knowledge of the expectations of patients from other countries. Septoplasty Istanbul cost around $1750. Specialists in rhinoplasty surgery employ the most recent tools and technologies available, ensuring excellent outcomes and a higher success percentage for your treatment.

Septoplasty Turkey Insurance

In Turkey, many people get the popular cosmetic procedure known as septoplasty. The treatment is being carried out by skilled surgeons who promise the greatest possible results. For a very low cost, a Septoplasty, many foreign patients travel to Turkey. Since septoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, finding insurance coverage in Turkey for the cost of the procedure is challenging. Before traveling to Turkey, check with your insurance provider to see if they offer coverage for septoplasty.

Septoplasty All-inclusive packages

Septoplasty Details
Surgery Septoplasty
Package Cost 1,700 USD
In-Patient / Out-Patient In-Patient
Anesthesia Type General Anesthesia Used
Surgery Duration 2 to 3 Hours
Number of Days Stay in Hospital 1 – 2 Days
Number of Days Stay in Hotel 3-4 Days
Pressure Garments Required Yes
Bandage and Caps Required Yes
Recovery Time 5-6 weeks
Expected Final Results Final results will be seen after 3-4 months
Possible Side Effects Pain and Burning Sensation. Mild swelling
Desired Results Yes
Success Rate 99.98%
Surgeon Qualification Board Certified Septoplasty Surgeon with 10+ years’ experience
Before and After Photos Availability Yes
Video Consultation Available Yes
Reviews Available Yes
Instagram and Facebook Link Available Yes
Website Link Available Yes
Cost Fixed No. Varies based on Required treatment
Payment Options Credit Card / Cash / Net Banking
Advance Payment Required Yes. Small token Payment for Confirmation
Medical Visa Support Yes
Confirmation Mode Email and WhatsApp
Airport Pick Up and Drop Yes
Hotel Booking Yes
Local Transfers Yes
Food Arrangements Yes
Language Translation Yes
Personal Assistant Support Yes
SIM Card and Currency Exchange Yes

Best Clinic in Turkey for Septoplasty

Top Septoplasty Surgeons in Turkey,

Frequently Asked Questions for Septoplasty in Turkey

Who is Best Septoplasty Surgeon in Turkey?

You can easily find Best Septoplasty Surgeon in Turkey Based on Rating and Reviews from past clients in Medcontour portal

What is Septoplasty Cost in Turkey?

Cost of Septoplasty in Turkey varies based on Multiple factors like Required Grade of Septoplasty Treatment, Septoplasty Technique used, Auxiliary Services requested, etc. Contact us for Cost Estimate by providing required Septoplasty details

What is Septoplasty Success Rate in Turkey?

Septoplasty is common procedure and has high success Rate. Septoplasty Success Rate is defined by No Major Post Operative Complaints, Patient Satisfaction, No Recurrence, etc. Doctor will explain expected Septoplasty results during Consultation

Can I get Before and After Photos for Septoplasty in Turkey?

Septoplasty Before and After Photos are available. Client privacy is utmost priority hence Doctor will share only Client approved photos with all personal details hidden.