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About Dr. Onur Ogan

Dr Onur Ogan has worked as an aesthetic surgeon in Turkey for many years. His expertise is demonstrated by the positive outcomes and outcomes of his previous patients’ procedures. Patients from all across the country and the world come to him for procedures expecting the most outstanding results, and he consistently delivers. Dr Onur Ogan has excellent reviews and is a highly regarded surgeon in Turkey. He completed his medical graduation from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine and specialization training from Antalya Training and Research Hospital. Then, he opened his own clinic, Dr Onur Ogan Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Dr. Ogan completed his medical education at the Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine in 2006. He then specialized in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery, completing his training in 2018. During his training, Dr Ogan participated in numerous aesthetic operations, which included face and double arm transplants, under the expertise of Prof. Dr Ömer Özkan. In 2020, Dr. Ogan passed the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery two-phased exams in Brussels and Oxford, further cementing his international reputation as a highly skilled plastic surgeon.

Dr. Ogan offers a wide range of plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. He also offers non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections. Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed procedures by Dr Ogan. He uses the latest techniques and implant technology to ensure that each procedure is safe, effective, and tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Dr. Onur Ogan Details


  • Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine
  • Akdeniz University – Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery


  • Antalya Training and Research Hospital
  • Dr. Onur Ogan Plastic Surgery Clinic


  • Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Association and Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery Association


  • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Onur Ogan Summary

Dr. Onur Ogan Qualification Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Onur Ogan Address Atatürk Bulvarı, Tasarım Plaza, No:25 Kat:1 Daire: 14, 07070 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey
Dr. Onur Ogan Ratings 4.8
Is Dr. Onur Ogan Friendly? Yes
Dr. Onur Ogan Consultation fee Around 70 USD
Dr. Onur Ogan Contact Number Contact us here.
Is Dr. Onur Ogan Board Certified Surgeon? Board-certified by the European Board of Plastic Surgery
Dr. Onur Ogan Currently working Dr. Onur Ogan Plastic Surgery Clinic
Common treatments performed by Dr. Onur Ogan Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Special Interest Dr. Onur Ogan

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Aesthetics
  • Nose Aesthetics
  • Ear Aesthetics
  • Eyelid aesthetic
  • Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Dr. Onur Ogan Reviews – Year 2024

Dr. Onur Ogan is a highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon with years of experience in the field. He gained extensive experience in performing reconstructive and aesthetic operations, including microvascular tissue transfers. He believes in providing high-quality healthcare services that prioritize the health of his patients. Dr. Ogan’s patients come from all over the country and the world seeking his expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Ogan has received excellent reviews and positive outcomes from his previous patient procedures.

How to Book an Appointment with Dr. Onur Ogan?

Dr. Onur Ogan is one of Turkey’s most well-known plastic surgeons. He has years of expertise doing effective operations. He is well-known for producing pleasing surgical outcomes. As a result, he receives a large number of patients, keeping him occupied all day. You can reach out to Dr. Onur Ogan or his assistant to schedule an appointment. Furthermore, if you want to book online, you can contact us for a simple booking.

How much does Dr. Onur Ogan’s surgery cost?

In Turkey, Dr. Onur Ogan is a well-known plastic surgeon. He’s well-known for the number of successful procedures he’s performed. He is up to date on the latest technologies and provides excellent post-operative care. Despite his great abilities, he does not charge a thing for his services. His fees are reasonable and accessible to local patients. You can come to us with any cost-related questions and a thorough patient report. We investigate this and provide an estimate of the surgery’s cost.

Does Dr. Onur Ogan provide before and after photos?

Before and after images for surgeries are significant for overseas patients since they can determine whether or not they want the surgery after evaluating them. Prior to surgery or travel to Turkey, Dr. Onur Ogan shows his patients before and after images.

FAQs on Dr. Onur Ogan

How to Book an Appointment with Dr. Onur Ogan?

You can Book both Online and Offline Appointments.

How to find Dr. Onur Ogan’s ratings and reviews from past clients?

You can find unbiased ratings and reviews from past clients for Dr. Onur Ogan here.

What is the specialty of Dr. Onur Ogan?

Dr. Onur Ogan’s specialty is Plastic Surgery.

What is Dr. Onur Ogan Consultation Fee?

Dr. Onur Ogan’s consultation fee is around Around 60 – 70 USD

Is Dr. Onur Ogan a board-certified Surgeon?

Yes. Dr. Onur Ogan is a board-certified surgeon.

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