Liposuction Package in Istanbul

Liposuction Cost in Istanbul

Liposuction is the procedure to reduce extra fat from any part of the body. Liposuction cost in Istanbul is between $1000 and $1700. In the UK, prices range from £5000 to £12,000. You can see how much money can be saved. Not only is the surgery price included, but you can also have an entire stay included, as well as transfers to all of your appointments. It’s easy to see why so many people opt for liposuction in Turkey.

Liposuction Area cost in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollars)
Neck Liposuction $1,400
Abdomen Liposuction $1,700
Chin Liposuction $1,200
Buttocks Liposuction $1,300
Arm Liposuction $1,350
Thigh Liposuction $1,450
Breast Liposuction $1,600
Love handles Liposuction $1,450
Knee Liposuction $1,300
Back Liposuction $1,200
Calf Liposuction $1,000

What should be considered for Liposuction Package?

  • Hospital charges
  • Liposuction Surgeons fees
  • Liposuction Anesthetist’s fees
  • Post-operative Liposuction medications
  • Aftercare
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • City Tour
  • Hotel Room Upgradation
  • Additional Health Checkups for Companion

Services Provides by Liposuction Hospitals under Package

  • Expert consultation via teleconference
  • Pickup and drop-off at the airport
  • Translators of various languages
  • Various Payment Modes
  • Assist with visa processing
  • After-arrival personalised assistance
  • Arrangements for lodging
  • Sightseeing around town

More About Liposuction Surgery

You should avoid any physical activity for 6 – 7 days, during these days which you should rest and avoid any strenuous activities. If you get small area for surgery you may fly after 7 – 10  days.

Liposuction in Istanbul is a safe procedure as long as the patient meets the minimum requirements and the surgery is performed in a well-equipped operating room by a skilled plastic surgeon. As a result, Istanbul is a good place to get liposuction surgery.

The operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia or, in rare cases, local anaesthesia with sedation. The process takes about two hours, and you do not need to bring an escort to Turkey.

Advantages of Liposuction Hospitals in Istanbul

High-quality Medical Facilities

Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation

Cutting-edge medical technology

Experienced Medical Staff

24*7 Services

Follow up on recovery process


Procedure of Liposuction Removal of excess fat of any body part
Anesthesia Used General Anesthesia
Surgery Duration 1 – 3 Hrs
Stay at Hospital 1 – 2 Days
Recovery  5 – 6 days
Results can be seen After 6 months


What is the cost of Liposuction in Istanbul?

The Liposuction cost in Istanbul may vary depending on the area of surgery and many other factors. The average cost of Liposuction in Istanbul is $1450.

What is considered in the package of Liposuction in Istanbul?

Liposuction package in Istanbul includes all expenses starting from boarding the plane from your country to fly back. The package includes hospital charges, surgeon charges, tests, aftercare, hotel expenses, transport fees and many other.

Can I cancel the Liposuction Package in Istanbul?

Yes, with a valid reason you can cancel the liposuction package in Istanbul anytime before coming to the country, all advance payment will be refunded.

When can I fly back after Liposuction?

The recovery time after Liposuction takes 5-7 days, and you will be ready to fly back after 8-10 days to your country.

Is Video consultation for Liposuction in Istanbul available?

Yes, Video consultation for Liposuction is available in Istanbul.

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