Medicana International Istanbul Hospital


Medicana Health Group; It started to serve in 1992 with its experienced and expert staff, focused on patient satisfaction and service understanding that makes a difference in the health sector.

Medicana Health Group, in Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Konya, Samsun, Sivas and Bursa, including 12 hospitals in 7 provinces and 1 medical center providing healthcare services to patients. Continuing its investments in the health sector, the group aims to provide quality and holistic health services to a much wider audience with two new hospitals it plans to open in Istanbul in 2020-2021.

Oncology, Oncological Surgery, Organ Transplantation, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Neurosurgery, IVF, Genetics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Obesity Surgery are some of the branches within the Medicana Health Group.

Medicana Health Group, multidisciplinary branch structure; experts in the field, experienced physicians, nurses and health care workers with staff from both Turkey and the world’s various geographical years from 2.5 million patients, offers world-class health service.


    • Medicana Avcılar, 1995
    • Medicana Çamlıca, 1999
    • Medicana Bahçelievler, 2003
    • Medicana International Istanbul, 2008
    • Medicana International Ankara, 2008
    • Medicana International Samsun, 2011
    • Medicana Haznedar, 2012
    • Medicana Konya, 2012
    • Medicana Sivas, 2015
    • Medicana Çamlıca Medical Center, 2015
    • Medicana Kadıköy, 2017
    • Medicana Bursa, 2018
    • Medicana International İzmir, September 9, 2020
    • Medicana Ataşehir, 2020 “coming soon”

Investments of Medicana Group continue outside the health sector.

Medicana Group established the Medicana Education Group and opened MBA (Medicana Academy of Sciences) Schools with the understanding of “educating the whole individual” in the 2018-2019 academic year. Currently; Göztepe Campus and Beylikdüzü in Istanbul, Ankara Eryaman Campus, including three schools with their entire value chain of education continues to be the Turkey’s leading training organization.

Medicana Education Group has also invested in higher education by opening Fenerbahçe University to education and training in the 2019-2020 academic year.



our vision

Being internationally recognized, world-class, following contemporary innovations and pioneering innovations, to be a health institution that is exemplified by other health organizations. Creating the health care chain.

Our Mission

To provide high quality health services to patients from all segments of the society, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in the health sector, to ensure the continuous development of our staff and to work happily.

Our Quality Targets

  • To provide high quality health services to everyone with an equal and holistic approach.
  • To create business in the health sector.
  • To provide health services at international standards.
  • Both Turkey will be the leader in the health sector and abroad to create a chain of hospitals.
  • To provide high quality of life in illness and health to all people we serve
  • To create a work environment where love and respect are intense and all employees are satisfied with the service they provide.

Our Values

  • Reliable workspace and service area
  • Equitable health care
  • Openness to innovations
  • Adherence to medical ethics
  • Respecting patient and employee rights
  • A working environment with a team spirit
  • Efficient, effective, effective and continuous health service delivery




Assoc. Dr. Murat Saritemur
Exp. Dr. Erkan Çoban
Dr. Erman Yilmaz
Dr. Ertugrul Eren
Mouth and dental health
Dt. Cevat Tugrul Turgut
Dt. Tugba Ilalan
Allergy and Immunology
Prof. Dr. Ali Şengül
Anesthesia and Reanimation
Assoc. Dr. Emine Pelin Kocapehlivan
Dr. Lecturer Fisun Ertuğrul
Dr. Lecturer İrem Ünal Özcivelek
Dr. Lecturer İsmail Şener Demiroluk
Dr. Lecturer Mustafa Cem Celiksular
Exp. Dr. Huseyin Toman
Exp. Dr. Safwat Abbas Ali Askar
Nutrition and Diet
Dyt. Star Angel Aksoylu
Brain and Nerve Surgery
Assoc. Dr. Ali Yılmaz
Dr. Lecturer Nazlı Çakıcı
Kiss. Dr. Eyup Baykara
Pediatric Surgery
Kiss. Dr. Ahmet Alptekin
Pediatric Cardiology
Exp. Dr. Murat Respect
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Salih Bilal
Child Health and Diseases
Exp. Dr. Ebru Topalakci
Exp. Dr. Emine Belgen
Exp. Dr. Esma Turkmen
Exp. Dr. Orhan Gurcan Adiguzel
Exp. Dr. Tuba Ozdemir
Assoc. Dr. Hormuz Işık Caner
Exp. Dr. Arzu Aslan
Exp. Dr. Oya Yesim Hacımustafaoğlu Utkan
Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases
Assoc. Dr. Nujen Colak Bozkurt
Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Dr. Lecturer Hülya Yonucu
Dr. Lecturer Ümit Yalçın
Prof. Dr. Ebubekir Senateş
Assoc. Dr. Ozlem Mutluay Soyer
General Surgery
Prof. Dr. Koksal Bilgen
Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Saryar
Dr. Lecturer Abdullah As
Dr. Lecturer Sevim Kuşlu Çiçek
Kiss. Dr. Azamet Cezik
Kiss. Dr. Let’s Serdar Yazıcı
Kiss. Dr. İbrahim Kürşat Deniz
Interventional radiology
Exp. Dr. Metin Cevener
Thoracic Surgery
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Oguzhan Ozyurtkan
Chest Diseases
Assoc. Dr. Zeliha Arslan Ulukan
Exp. Dr. Esin Ogul Celiker
Eye diseases
Exp. Dr. Serdar Surmeli
Prof. Dr. Yener Koç
Assoc. Dr. Abdulkadir Basturk
Internal diseases
Dr. Lecturer Mustafa Temizel
Dr. Lecturer Uğur Dilek Calap
Exp. Dr. Mansur Azermir
Exp. Dr. Yunus Öksüz
Gynecological Oncology
Assoc. Dr. Ceyhun Numanoğlu
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Prof. Dr. Light Superior
Assoc. Dr. Ceyhun Numanoğlu
Assoc. Dr. Vuslat Lale Copper
Dr. Lecturer Rukiye Ada Bender
Kiss. Dr. Ali Metin Celep
Kiss. Dr. Murat Bulanik
Kiss. Dr. Star Eren Cetin
Cardiac surgery
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Salih Bilal
Assoc. Dr. Arda Özyuksel
Kiss. Dr. Ibrahim Savas Yildirim
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özdoğru
Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Ateşal
Assoc. Dr. Omar Uz
Dr. Lecturer Göksel Güz
Exp. Dr. Kamuran Seyidoglu
Exp. Dr. Levent Sarac
Ear Nose Throat
Prof. Dr. A. Bedri Ozer
Prof. Dr. Esra Bayri
Kiss. Dr. Haldun Şan
Medical Oncology
Prof. Dr. Happy Demiray
Assoc. Dr. Marine Arslan
Prof. Dr. Emre Tutal
Prof. Dr. Murat Tuncer
Prof. Dr. Huseyin Turan Atay
Exp. Dr. Figen Yavlal
Exp. Dr. Tugba Sema Simsek
Nuclear medicine
Prof. Dr. Meryem Kaya

Organ transplant
Prof. Dr. Murat Tuncer
Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Saryar
Dr. Orcun Subaşilar
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Dogan
Prof. Dr. Onat Üzümcügil
Dr. Lecturer Mehmet Burak Yalçın
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Prof. Dr. Necmettin Kutlu
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tiryaki
Psychologist Melis Çekiç Güllüoğlu
Expert Psychologist Reyhan Ateş Yücel
Radiation oncology
Dr. Lecturer Özgür Ozan Şeşeoğulları
Dr. Lecturer Alper Alakuş
Exp. Dr. Amalya Zeynalova
Exp. Dr. Ilknur Mumyapan
Exp. Dr. Müjgan Orman
Exp. Dr. Nur Dogan Selcuk
Medical Pathology
Exp. Dr. Neslihan Şengül Şimşek
Prof. Dr. Selman Laçin
Assoc. Dr. Vuslat Lale Copper
Kiss. Dr. Aysun Laçin
Prof. Dr. Hasbey Hakan Koyuncu
Kiss. Dr. Ali Feyzullah Şahin

Aesthetic Procedures

Clinical Services, Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

  • 24 hours service
  • Weekend Opening
  • Emergency services
  • Home visits
  • SMS Reminders
  • Call Reminder services
  • Home Nursing
  • Teleconsultation
  • Second Opinion
  • Medicine Home Delivery, etc.

On Premises Facilities, Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

  • On-premise pharmacy
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Waiting area
  • Parking Available
  • Accessible to disabled people
  • Public transport access
  • Toilet Access
  • Canteen Access
  • CCTV Security System
  • Personal Assistant
  • TV Facility
  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Guest Rooms nearby, etc

Travel and Accommodation Services, Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

  • International travel Services
  • Visa Assistance
  • Local travel
  • Local accommodation
  • Translation services
  • Local guide
  • Tours and vacation services
  • Pick up service from hotel
  • Pick up service from airport
  • Drop to Hotel, Drop to Airport
  • VIP Services, etc.

List of Treatments at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Skin Treatment at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Skin Tightening
Skin Lifting
Skin Toning
Open Pore Correction
Mole Removal
Skin Biopsy
Sebaceous Cyst Excision
Skin Lightening
Resurfacing & Polishing
Acne & Its Treatments
Concerns Of Pigmentation
Removal Of Skin Tags
Bridal Packages (Men/Women)
Laser Hair Removal


Women’s procedures at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Urinary Leak Correction
Fat / PRP Injection
Laser Hair Removal


Hair treatments at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Hair Loss Control
Density Improvement
PRP Treatments For Thinning
Scalp Hair Transplant
Moustache & Beard Hair Transplant
Female Hair Transplant
Eyebrow Transplant
Alopecia Areata Treatment
Supplements & Medications
Scalp Micropigmentation


Face & Neck procedures at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Eyelid Surgery
Nose Surgery
Lip Surgery
Chin Augmentation
Neck Lift
Ear Surgery
Fat Grafting
Scar Revision
Dimple Creation


Men procedures at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Face Sculpting
Male Breast Reduction
Chest Implants
Six Pack Abdomen Creation
Calf Implants
Scalp Micropigmentation
Laser Hair Removal
Acne Scar Correction
Botox & Fillers
Skin Lightening


Body procedures at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Weight Loss Management
Arm Reduction
Tummy Tuck
Back Contouring
Post Weight Loss Surgeries
Thigh Reduction
Buttock Size Correction
Hernia Repairs
Naval Creation
Scar Correction
Aging Hands


Breast procedures at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Breast Sagging
Breast Size Enlargement
Breast Size Reduction
Breast Asymmetry Correction
Breast Scar Correction
Nipple Enlargement
Inverted Nipple Correction
Breast Cancer ReCorrection


Dentistry procedures at Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Dental Bleaching
Enamel Bonding
Dental Veneers
Invisalign Braces
Gum Depigmentation
Tooth Jewel
Scaling & Polishing
Root Canal Treatment
Crowns & Bridges
Implant Placement
Crown Lengthning

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