Sedation Dentistry cost in Turkey

Do you have dental phobia and prefer not to go to the dentist even after suffering from severe toothache? Then Sedation Dentistry is the solution for all your dental anxiety. It can change the way you look at dental treatment and you will be no more scared to get your dental treatment done at the right time.

Sedation Dentistry Cost in Turkey 2022

Sedation Dentistry in Turkey Average cost in Turkey USD ($)
Simple Sedation Dentistry $400
Complex Sedation Dentistry $650

Average Simple Sedation Dentistry cost in Turkey is $400.

Average Complex Sedation Dentistry cost in Turkey is $650.

Average Sedation Dentistry cost in Turkey?

Sedation Dentistry in Turkey Cost in USD
Istanbul $400
Antalya $450
Ankara $550
Izmir $500

Sedation Dentistry cost in Istanbul $400.
Sedation Dentistry cost in Antalya $450.
Sedation Dentistry cost in Ankara $550.
Sedation Dentistry cost in Izmir $500.


What is sedation dentistry?

It is also called ‘sleep dentistry’ where your dentists will give you some medications and you will feel a little bit drowsy during the treatment procedure. Though the term Sleep dentistry is a misnomer as patients stay awake during the procedure unless he/they will be under the effect of general anesthesia.


Why should you go for sedation dentistry in Turkey?

Well experienced dental surgeons along with advanced technology can give you a painless experience and you can easily avail all these in Turkey.


What are the levels of sedation a patient can achieve after getting sedation in a dental chair?

  • Minimal sedation-here the patient will be in an awake but relaxed condition and will easily cooperate with the dentist for the treatment procedure.
  • Moderate sedation- this is also considered conscious sedation. In this stage, the patient will also awake but he might feel a little drowsy during the procedure. The patient might slur words while speaking and might not remember the procedure.
  • Deep sedation- here the patient will be on the edge of unconsciousness but your dental surgeon can easily awaken you.
  • General anesthesia- the patient becomes completely unconscious in this stage. Though in dental procedures, general anesthesia is being avoided as much as possible due to the complications associated with it.


Who can be an ideal candidate for undergoing sedation while the dental procedure?

  • Those who have dental anxiety or phobia towards dental treatment.
  • Patients who are sensitive to gag reflex
  • Patients whose pain threshold is less than normal
  • In the case of those patients who need multiple treatments in one sitting the procedure will take longer chairside time.
  • Patients who can sit in a dental chair at a stretch
  • Children who refuse the treatment and throw temper tantrums in the dental chair.


In Turkey, what types of sedation are used in dentistry?

  • Sedation through inhalation-here your dental surgeon will administer Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas along with oxygen through a mask covering your nose.

This gas will start acting a few minutes after the administration and will help you to relax. Your dentist can easily control the amount of sedation you need based on the treatment procedure you are going to avail. The sedative effect of the gas tends to wear off easily with time.


  • Oral sedation-  here your dentists will give you a pill an hour before the procedure. The sedative effect depends on the total dose provided by your dentist. Minimal to moderate levels of sedation can be achieved through this procedure. Right after taking the pill, you can feel drowsiness but you will be still in the awake stage. Some patients actually tend to fall asleep during the procedure and they can be easily awakened with a gentle shake.
  • IV SedationThis sedation technique is used if your dental surgeon needs quick sedation. As in this procedure, the sedatives are administered through the vein, it tends to act very fast rather than other sedation techniques.

The advantage of this procedure is that the level of sedation can be easily managed by your dentist.

  • Deep sedation- here the patients will be almost or totally asleep and the patient can not be easily awakened until the anesthesia effect wears off or the anesthesiologist has given any reversal medicine.


Is local anesthesia necessary for dental treatment, even after using sedation dentistry?

To relieve the pain and discomfort while undergoing the dental procedure local anesthesia is necessary. Local anesthesia will make the area numb for a few hours while your dentist will work in the mouth.


Is it safe to use sedation dentistry in children?

It’s completely safe to use nitrous oxide or laughing gas in case of sedation dentistry. Your dentist will always administer the recommended dose for your child based on the child’s age and weight. Some pedodontists are also trained to give oral sedation to the children.


Does your dentist perform the sedation techniques in sedation dentistry?

Minimal to moderate sedation can be easily achieved through nitrous oxide and pills. Most of the time moderate sedation is necessary for dental treatments. Deep sedation and general anesthesia can be performed by your dentist if your dental surgeon has completed Commission On Dental Accreditation on deep sedation techniques. Mostly the dentist anesthesiologists and the oral and maxillofacial surgeons will perform deep sedation dentistry.


Are there any complications due to sedation dentistry?

  • There might be some risks associated with general anesthesia or deep sedation.
  • In the case of obese patients
  • If the patient is having a history of OSA(obstructive sleep apnea)


What are the precautions you should take before undergoing sedation dentistry?

 Consult all your queries related to the procedure with your dental surgeons and clear your doubts.

  • Make sure you inform all your past and present medical history to your doctor.
  • If you are prone to some allergic reactions or you are taking any herbal supplements, you need to mention that too.
  • If you are under any medications especially on blood thinners like aspirin or some NSAIDs like ibuprofen, naproxen you should inform your doc and stop or adjust the dosage of those medications before surgery according to your physician’s advice.

After getting confirmation from the lab reports and medical examination that you are undergoing sedation dentistry, your dental surgeon or medical personnel will guide you and your family about the Dos and Don’ts before the procedure.


How to choose doctors in Turkey if you want to go for a sedation dentistry procedure?

  • You can go through the reviews of those who have already been through smile design treatment procedures in multiple medical forums and if you are worried about some negative review, you can always consult with your doctor about the matter.
  • Look for the experience of dental surgeons and positive patient stories.
  • You can also look for the success rate of sedation dentistry done by your surgeon.


What are the after you can expect from the dentists in Turkey?

  • You can always ask your dentists about the FDA-recommended dose administered to you. Dental surgeons in Turkey will be there to cooperate with you in all terms.
  • You can ask your dentists if you have any doubts about the procedure and if you feel any language complexity describing the procedure before undergoing it.
  • In Turkey, the dentists are always closely monitoring your vital signs and making sure to confirm the oxygen and artificial ventilation availability in the dental office or in the hospital.
  • If your child has got the oral sedation, you should keep them under your supervision

Until the anesthesia effect wears off as he/she might feel a little bit drowsy after the procedure.

  • The dental personnel in Turkey will make sure to inform you and your family members about all the before and after procedure instructions like if you are going through deep sedation or general anesthesia, you need to fast for several hours before your treatment.


What are the places where you can go for sedation dentistry in turkey?

  • Istanbul
  • Antalya
  • Bursa
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Eskisehir

Among these Ankara and Eskisehir are the popular places in Turkey to go for an apicoectomy. Ankara, being Turkey’s capital and second biggest city in the whole of Turkey, will provide you with all the charms you need to enjoy in Turkey. Istanbul is also considered one of the best options for sedation dentistry due to its extensive section and availability of high-caliber medical and dental equipment related to dental anesthesia.


Who are the best doctors for performing sedation dentistry in turkey?

Well-experienced, qualified, and board-certified general dental surgeons along with oral surgeons and dental anesthesiologists can perform the procedure. And make sure to check the accreditation of the hospital or the dental office from where you are getting your sedation dentistry treatment procedure done.


Any botched-up cases of sedation dentistry in TURKEY?

To date, no such cases have been reported here in Turkey, as dentists are way more skilled and experienced. But to avoid these kinds of cases, you should choose your surgeon carefully.


Can you get insurance or compensation for any botched-up cases in TURKEY?

Generally, any kind of botched-up case is very unlikely to happen in Turkey. Botched-up cases will be considered under medical negligence. You don’t have to invest more money to rectify the problem as you can report these cases under the medical law in Turkey and they will help you out in these cases.


Do you feel that the cost is way out of your budget? Are you looking for insurance?

 In general, dental treatments are not covered by dental insurance in recent times. You can consult with your financial advisor related to the matter and explore the possibilities along with your dental surgeon. Though nowadays EMI facilities are available in some financial agencies. Even after that, you are feeling it’s difficult for you to avail yourself of the insurance, you can always ask your doctor to write one letter to your insurer describing the importance of this surgery on your health. If your insurance company provides coverage also, it will bear a partial amount of its budget. So make sure you read the details and go for it.


 Even after going through this article, if you are confused about going through sedation dentistry in Turkey, you can ask your queries through the online chat option on the toll-free number. We will always be happy to be there with you.

Common Sedation Dentistry questions in Turkey

Who is the Best Sedation Dentistry surgeon in Turkey?

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What is Sedation Dentistry cost in Turkey?

Sedation Dentistry cost varies based on multiple factors including technology, methodology used. Find Sedation Dentistry pricelist in Turkey here.

What is Sedation Dentistry success rate in Turkey?

Sedation Dentistry success rate in Turkey is more than 99%.

Can I get Sedation Dentistrys Before and After photos?

Yes. During consultation surgeon will provide you Before and After photos for Sedation Dentistrys in Turkey.

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