Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai

Gynecomastia is a male breast reduction surgery. It is also known as gyno men, gyno chest, or man boob removal. The increased obesity, abnormal breast tissues, and rise in hormonal fluctuation in breast size make men dislike their body appearance. Let’s learn more about Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai and gynecomastia treatment cost.

Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai

The starting cost of gynecomastia in Dubai is AED 20 000, but it may change depending on the underlying cause and size of removal.

The Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai ranges between $1,848 – $2,100. A surgeon can easily remove only fat but removing extra glandular tissue requires open surgery.

Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Gynecomastia Grade 1 $1,848 6,468 د.إ.‏
Gynecomastia Grade 2a $1,932 6,762 د.إ.‏
Gynecomastia Grade 2b $2,100 7,350 د.إ.‏
Gynecomastia Grade 3 $1,848 6,468 د.إ.‏
Gynecomastia Grade 4 $2,100 7,350 د.إ.‏

Stages of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai

Gynecomastia Grade 1: $1,848(6,468 د.إ.‏)

Grade 1 is the initial stage of gynecomastia. The person grows small breasts, like female breasts, which are visible in clothing. Furthermore, some tissue grows near the areola or surrounding nipple part. The nipple has a puffy look similar to a cone. The color of the tissue growth is different from the natural breast area. People get the most exciting part when they decide to have the gynecomastia treatment stage.


Gynecomastia Grade 2a: $1,932(6,762 د.إ.‏)

People with grade 2 gynecomastia develop some tissue that gets bigger than grade 1 and extends from the chest. However, it remains to be more visible in loose-fitting clothes.


Gynecomastia Grade 2b: $2,100(7,350 د.إ.‏)

It also has mild to moderate breast enlargement. However, the chest feels tight and firm under the nipple, and the outer part remains fatty and soft. Suppose people undergo gland excision along with liposuction during this stage. It will provide more desired results.


Gynecomastia Grade 3: $1,848(6,468 د.إ.‏)

During the 3rd stage of gynecomastia, the extra skin near the areola makes it droopy. As a result, there is more breast enlargement, and the chest width also grows. Grade 3rd gynecomastia is considered to be moderate to severe. Also, breast sagging is noticeable even with loose-fitting clothes.


Gynecomastia Grade 4: $2,100(7,350 د.إ.‏)

By this grade, the male breasts get more extensive and become like female ones. It is the final stage of breast enlargement, which makes it highly visible. It can be corrected with liposuction and gland excision.

Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai’ Different Places

An accurate estimate of the gynecomastia treatment cost will be calculated when you visit the clinic and consult. Then, depending on the total personalized evaluation, the aesthetic physician will evaluate the need and suitable type of treatment.

During the initial gynecomastia consultation, the doctor will discuss the cost, including everything.

For example, they may talk about anesthesiologist fees, surgeon costs and operating room charges, medical staff, hospitalization, medications, and post-operative follow-ups.

Here are the different plastic surgery clinics for reversing gynecomastia in other locations of Dubai and the treatment costs.

How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost In Dubai?

Gynecomastia in Dubai Average Cost (UAE Dirham د.إ)
Al Bastakiya AED6,762
Al Karama AED6,662
Bur Dubai AED6,791
Business Bay AED6,597
Downtown Dubai AED6,565
Dubai Marina AED6,468
The Palm Jumeirah AED6,694
Al Ain Road AED6,759
Al Baraha AED7,147
Al Barari AED7,277
Al Jaddaf AED7,341
Al Khail Road AED7,406
Al Qudra Road AED7,665
Al Quoz AED7,438
Al Satwa AED7,082
Al Sufouh AED7,018
Barsha Heights Tecom AED7,147


Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai and International Cost and Prices Comparison 2022

Medical tourism has become more common for Gynecomastia or male breast reduction as many patients travel abroad to save on high costs compared to most developed countries. Some countries offer low-cost treatments for male breast reduction, like Germany, India, Turkey, and Portugal. However, the prices differ because the USA and UK are high-cost countries due to their cost of living.

Regarding Gynecomastia cost in Dubai, it has expensive and expert surgeons worldwide. But there are different options for treatments and prices.

  • Gynecomastia price in Dubai, UAE, AED 20,000
  • Getting rid of man boobs cost Lithuania$2,300
  • Gynecomastia surgery costs in Turkey$2,850
  • Male breast reduction surgery costs Poland$2,100
  • Gynecomastia treatment cost in Mexicois $3,100
  • Male breast reduction costs Germany$4,200-$4,500
  • The average price of gynecomastia surgery in the Czech Republicis $1,850
  • Gynecomastia operation cost UK£2500 – £7000
  • Chest reduction surgery costs Europe$1,750 – 2,500
  • Man, boob removal cost in Australiais $4,400 – $8,800
  • Male breast reduction surgery cost in US$4,239

Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai and Global Comparison

Country Gynecomastia Cost
UAE (Dubai) 20,000 AED
Poland $2,100
Mexico $3,100
Turkey $2,850
USA $4,239
Australia $4,400 – $8,800
Germany $US 4,200-$US 4,500
Czech Republic $1,850
Lithuania $2,300

What do all include in Gynecomastia Cost?

Number of Medical Tests

The surgeon’s expertise, experience, and successful surgeries may increase the cost.

Anesthesia Charges

The type and amount of anesthesia also differ in cost.

Treatment Technique

A smaller or larger gynecomastia surgery needs a different technique to perform the surgery.

Prescriptions for Medication

Patients need different amounts of medications, which can cost less or more.

Clinic’s Location

Cost also differs according to the location. The cost of gynecomastia surgery may change from country to country or city to city. Most developed clinics with high-quality medical treatments can also increase the cost. Contact us for gynecomastia surgery cost, man breast,

Gynecomastia Surgery Reviews in Dubai

How is the Young Generation Growing Male Breast Problem?


  • Increase in Gym-going Steroid Users to Face Fertility Problems
  • More than 70 men opt for breast reduction surgery after taking steroids.

Recently bodybuilding youngsters taking steroids fall at risk of fertility. It is because the fitness market popularly sells anabolic steroids, growth hormones, and testosterone to build the body, affecting some men’s fertility.

  • The majority of patients aged 20 – 30 have been using steroid products from the age of 18.
  • Even the steroid caused an increase in heart problems and cholesterol.
  • Directly steroid supplements affect the male breast, which is also called gynecomastia.
  • On average, normal males have 15 -17 levels of testosterone nanomoles each liter.
  • But the bodybuilders have seen testosterone levels as 50 nmol.
  • When men take testosterone supplements, the body takes it as there is no longer need to produce it and shrink and shut down the testes, which causes zero sperm count after three months.


Other Reasons to choose Dubai for Gynecomastia

  • Standard medical facilities
  • Highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons available for risk-free surgeries
  • Honest advice and dedicated care
  • Treatment with transparency during the whole procedure
  • Well-trained medical staff to assist worldwide patients
  • Advanced medical technologies available such as laser treatments

Top Plastic Surgery Clinic in Dubai for Gynecomastia

  • Enfield Gynecomastia Clinic Dubai
  • Gynecomastia
  • Hasan Surgery
  • German Medical Center FZ-LLC
  • American British Surgical & Medical Centre
  • Dr. Matteo Vigo
  • Dr. Rory McGoldrick
  • Dr. Sanjay Parashar
  • Dr. Adnan Tahir

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery Package

  • Preoperative workup
  • Surgeons’ fees
  • Anesthesia fitness
  • Admission charges
  • Operating room cost
  • Doctors Visit charges
  • Routine Medicines
  • Routine Disposables
  • 2 weeks follow-up appointment charges

Gynecomastia Surgery Insurance

Does Insurance Cover Gynecomastia in Dubai?

No, insurance does not cover the cost of Gynecomastia. In addition, insurance companies do not cover plastic surgeries as they are elective treatments.

But yes, if your plastic surgery interferes with your general health and has complications, then it may be covered by your health insurance plan. Still, you need to check with the insurance provider.

Success Rate of Gynecomastia Surgery

The gynecomastia success rate is 90%, and men are satisfied with this outcome.

Experienced surgeons and advanced technologies available in Dubai increase the success of gynecomastia surgery. However, some cases have genetic problems that may cause the male breast’s recurrence.

Gynecomastia Causes

The majority of men develop breasts due to hormonal fluctuations in the body.

It can also happen because of the female hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone. However, a sudden rise in estrogen increases the breast tissue of males.

Additionally, obesity, thyroid, and illegal drugs, including kidney failure, steroids, and liver disease, might also cause this condition. Certain tumors and cancer are also linked to male bodies. One must have several tests to know the exact cause of gynecomastia.

  • Drugs of Anti-anxiety
  • AIDS recovery
  • Excess antibiotics dosage
  • Medicines for heart defects
  • Chemotherapy
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Drugs and steroids

Gynecomastia Procedure in Dubai

Ideal Candidates for Gynecomastia

  • A man above the age of 18 years and breast enlargement or abnormal swelling breast tissue is a suitable candidate for Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai. However, they need to be healthy without any diseases.
  • Likewise, a patient who tried alternate methods, such as rigorous workouts or dieting, can contribute to Gynecomastia surgery without any results.
  • Different criteria can influence the suitability of surgery. These include drinking, smoking, the perfect weight, and skin elasticity without a history of anesthesia allergy or high blood pressure.

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Gynecomastia Treatment Preparation

  • Adjust taking medication
  • Avoid herbal supplements and aspirin that can increase bleeding risks
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Types of Gynecomastia

Treatment For Gynecomastia In Males

 Glandular Gynecomastia

Glandular or true Gynecomastia grows because of more estrogen production in the male body. People with glandular Gynecomastia grow extensive breast tissue. Older people are more likely to develop this type of Gynecomastia.

Fatty Gynecomastia 

It is also called pseudo gynecomastia; this happens because of excessive weight gain and fatty cell accumulation near the breast part. The cause of this type of Gynecomastia needs to manage a sedentary lifestyle, eating more junk food, and consuming alcohol.

Adult Gynecomastia

It is one of the common types of this condition experienced by most adults due to access fat build up in glandular tissues.

Pseudo Gynecomastia

It is another condition where fatty tissue build up instead of glandular tissue can be corrected with liposuction.

Asymmetric Gynecomastia

It happens to only one breast, leading to asymmetry and disproportion, the most effective plastic surgery treatment.

Severe Gynecomastia

It happens in men with less skin elasticity and who have lost more weight. It means sagging skin cause to appear male breast.

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Gynecomastia Liposuction Surgery

During Gynecomastia Surgery

  • Gynecomastia surgery is done under local anesthesia.
  • It takes around 2-3 hours to complete the surgery.
  • The male reduction surgery uses liposuction by creating a small incision in the underarm. Then, they remove fat deposits by using a cannula.

Tissue excision: This surgeon will create a crescent-shaped incision on the base of the areola by removing fat tissues.

After Gynecomastia Surgery, Recovery time

How Long to Wear a Compression Vest After Gynecomastia Surgery?

  • The medical team will provide a bandage after male breast surgery and ask you to wear compression garments.
  • It will improve contours during the healing process.
  • They will also provide surgical drains to remove excess fluid and blood.
  • The patient may feel soreness and discomfort for 1-2 days while taking medication.
  • Gynecomastia recovery depends on how fast your body starts healing.

How To Shape Chest After Gynecomastia Surgery?

  • Wear Compression Garments
  • Avoid Chest workout
  • Try Machines exercise instead of Free-Weights


What To Eat After Gynecomastia Surgery?

Try to follow a healthy diet containing testosterone-boosting foods such as protein, fruits, and veggies.


After Gynecomastia Surgery, Can It Come Back?

It may or may not return because male breast problems depend on genes.


1 Week After Gynecomastia Surgery

There will be a reduction in pain and swelling one week after gynecomastia surgery. After that, the patient can resume normal light activities.


3 weeks after gynecomastia surgery

After three weeks of gynecomastia surgery, the patient no needs to wear a compression garment and can resume chest workouts.


Precautions After Gynecomastia Surgery

Avoid strenuous activity, which can rise increases blood pressure.


How Long After Gynecomastia Surgery Can I Workout?

After 6 weeks of gynecomastia surgery, you can return to the gym. But do slowly and gradually increase the strength training.

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Gynecomastia Surgery Benefits

Shape the Chest

The fat deposit and glandular accumulation will be removed. Surgical correction of breast reduction involves the removal of excess breast tissue and the tone of your chest appearance.

Improve Confidence

Gynecomastia may lower confidence to have the female appearance and wear extra loose clothes to hide the abnormal chest. Men find it hard to remove cloth during gym, pool, and games. However, after male breast reduction surgery or man boob removal, the patient will feel a boost in confidence.

Long-lasting Results

The gyno removal results will remain for a long time. Managing a healthy lifestyle prevents male breast recurrence.

Remove Emotional Burden

Since adolescence, some men have experienced emotional problems after noticing their appearance and comparing their bodies with their peers. Therefore, gynecomastia surgery help feels good about the body.

Prevent Male Breast Cancer

There are more chances of developing breast cancer if men have male breasts. However, the risk can be removed with gynecomastia surgery.

Improve Posture

Getting Gynecomastia is linked with more than unattractive breast size; it can signal the presence of serious illness. A gynecomastia man will cause poor posture because of extra chest fat, which might form a permanent hump in the spine.

Prevent Back Pain

Some men experience chronic back pain because of Gynecomastia. It is because back muscles do not have much strength to hold the extra weight of the chest. This spinal pain radiates to the lower back and buttocks. Gynecomastia surgery helps to ease the spine strain and bring back confidence.

Gynecomastia – Risk and Complications

Since the male breast reduction surgery requires enlarged breast tissue removal, there is a low chance that Gynecomastia may occur back.

Temporary complications are:

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Scarring
  • Delayed healing
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Skin discoloration
  • Skin Contour Irregularities
  • More Skin Sensitivity
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic reaction


Gynecomastia or gyno boobs can be embarrassing. 2 out of 5 men experience this problem in their lifetime. But this disorder is treatable with surgery. This procedure is safe in Dubai as Dubai offers the best treatment and cost options for male and female plastic surgeries. A gyno expert surgeon performs risk-free surgeries and gets a man’s body appearance back. So please get in touch with us for Gynecomastia.

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