Dr Zafer Çetinkaya

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya is a prominent figure in the field of hair transplantation, renowned for his expertise and innovative techniques. Dr Çetinkaya is a recognized name in the industry with a focus on patient satisfaction and exceptional results. Turkey is very popular for providing the best hair transplant destination; patients are attracted to Dr Zafer Çetinkaya by reading positive Dr Zafer Çetinkaya reviews and ratings from past patients. Known for successful hair transplantation surgeries, he has become one of Turkey’s best hair transplant surgeons.

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya began his educational journey with his studies in Medicine at Istanbul University from 2005 to 2011. He also completed the Mesotherapy Application Certificate Program in 2015. The surgeon further enhanced his expertise by studying Health Services Management/Administration at Esenyurt University in 2018. He started his hair transplant surgeon journey at Class Hair and Beauty Ltd in Istanbul, where he worked for seven years. He then joined Vera Clinic in 2022, and currently, Dr Çetinkaya has been engaged with ‘It’s New Turkey’ since March 2022, continuing his work as a Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya is also popular in Turkey for using modern and advanced techniques. He applies specialized hair care and transplantation techniques, such as the ICE FUE method and the NOVE MIC method, which are rarely seen in hair transplants. Combined with his expertise, these techniques enable Dr Çetinkaya to provide natural-looking results with high graft survival rates.

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya Education:

  • M.D. in Medicine: Istanbul University (2005 – 2011)
  • Mesotherapy Application Certificate Program: İstanbul Medipol University (2015)
  • Health Services Management/Administration: Esenyurt University (2018)

Hospitals and Clinics Dr Zafer Çetinkaya worked at:

  • Hair Transplant Surgeon: Estenove
  • Hair Transplant Surgeon: It’s New Turkey (2022 – Present)
  • Hair Transplant Surgeon: Vera Clinic (2020 – 2022)
  • Hair Transplant Surgeon: Class Hair and Beauty Ltd (2014 – 2020)

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya Reviews by Past Patients – Year 2024

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya’s work as a Hair Transplant Surgeon has led to numerous positive reviews from patients, with many praising his team’s excellent service and the reassuring hospital environment. His clinic, Estenove, has a high satisfaction rate, with over 500+ online reviews and a rating of 4.9 across various platforms. Dr Çetinkaya’s dedication to providing high-quality, personalized care is evident in his commitment to patients seeking hair transplantation for conditions such as trichotillomania.

Specialized Method used by Dr Zafer Çetinkaya

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya applies specialized hair care and transplantation techniques, such as the ICE FUE and NOVE MIC methods. These innovative techniques, including trimming hair follicles to the appropriate size and preserving them in a unique solution, contribute to natural-looking results with high graft survival rates.

Dr Çetinkaya’s meticulous approach includes precise incisions in the scalp at the recipient site, following the pre-designed hairline. The hair follicles are then implanted one by one in a delicate process that requires precision and skill. This attention to detail ensures that each follicle is correctly placed for the best possible result.

Success rate of Dr Zafer Çetinkaya’s Hair Transplant Procedures

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya’s hair transplant procedures have a high success rate, with estimates ranging from 90-95%. This success rate is attributed to several factors, including using specialized techniques such as the ICE FUE method. Dr. Çetinkaya’s meticulous approach to recipient site preparation and implantation also contributed to the success of his hair transplant procedures.

FAQs on Dr Zafer Çetinkaya

What is the success rate of Dr Zafer Çetinkaya’s hair transplant surgery?

The success rate of hair transplant surgery Dr Zafer Çetinkaya performs is around 90-95%.

What is the cost of Hair treatment and transplantation with Dr Zafer Çetinkaya?

Dr Zafer Çetinkaya’s hair treatment and transplantation cost depends on your chosen procedure. Find more details here.

Is Dr Zafer Çetinkaya a certified Surgeon?

Yes. Dr Zafer Çetinkaya is a certified Surgeon.

How do you book Dr Zafer Çetinkaya‘s appointment?

You can Book an Online Appointment with Dr Zafer Çetinkaya. Find more details here.

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