Dr Cenk Gorken

Dr. Cenk Gorken is a highly esteemed plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Turkey. He is known for his exceptional skills and dedication to providing top-notch cosmetic procedures. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Gorken has established himself as a prominent figure in plastic surgery. Throughout his career, Dr. Gorken has earned a reputation for delivering outstanding results and the best patient care. His dedication to staying updated about all the advancements in plastic surgery ensures that he offers the latest techniques and treatments to achieve the best outcomes.

Dr. Cenk Gorken pursued his medical education, focusing on plastic and reconstructive surgery, making his expertise in this specialized area. His academic background and training have equipped him with the knowledge and skills to perform various cosmetic procedures precisely and carefully. After completing his schooling at Bornova Anatolian High School in 1985, he completed his medical graduation in the Faculty of Medicine at Dokuz Eylül University.

After graduation, Dr. Cenk Gorken also did internships abroad in the departments of Urology in Spain and Radiology in the Netherlands. He received his training in Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery at New York University Plastic Surgery Clinic. For more than 15 years, Dr. Cenk Gorken has been working as a plastic surgeon in Turkey.

Dr Cenk Gorken’s Education

  • Schooling: Bornova Anatolian High School
  • Graduation in Faculty of Medicine: Dokuz Eylul University, İzmir, Turkey, (1991)
  • Specialization in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: Ege University Faculty of Medicine, İzmir, Turkey (1992-1999)

Dr Cenk Gorken’s Experience

  • Fellowship in Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery: New York University Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery: Private Clinic

Dr Cenk Gorken’s Memberships

  • Turkish Plastic Surgery Association
  • Aegean Region Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Association
  • 9 Eylül Medical Faculty Alumni Association
  • İzmir Medical Chamber

Past patient reviews on Dr Cenk Gorken – Year 2024

Dr. Cenk Gorken is an excellent plastic surgeon in Turkey. Many of his past patients have written positive online reviews, praising his skill, professionalism, and the transformative results they have achieved. For example, one patient wrote, ‘Dr. Gorken’s rhinoplasty procedure completely changed my life. I am so grateful for his expertise and care.’ The Surgeon is an expert in providing plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty, lipoplasty, breast augmentation and reduction, abdominoplasty, gynecomastia, and other aesthetic surgeries. The cost of plastic surgery Dr. Cenk Gorken performs is affordable, and the success rate is very high.

Cosmetic Surgeries performed by Dr Cenk Gorken

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Face and Body Lift Surgeries
  • Gynecomastia
  • Fat Injection
  • Liposuction
  • Otoplasty
  • Breast Implant Installation – Removal
  • Tumoral Mass Removal
  • vaginoplasty
  • Scar Correction (Scar Revision)

FAQs on Dr. Cenk Gorken

How to Book Dr Cenk Gorken Appointment?
You can Book an Online Appointment with Dr Cenk Gorken. Find more details here.

Where can I find Dr Cenk Gorken’s past patients’ reviews?
You can find Dr Cenk Gorken’s reviews of past patients here.

What is the cost of Plastic Surgery with Dr Cenk Gorken?
Dr Cenk Gorken Plastic Surgery cost depends on the procedure you choose. Find more details here.

Can I have Dr Cenk Gorken Video Consultation?
Yes. Dr Cenk Gorken available for video consultation. Contact here for details

Is Dr Cenk Gorken is a certified Surgeon?
Yes. Dr Cenk Gorken is a certified Surgeon.

What is the success rate of aesthetic surgery by Dr Cenk Gorken?
The success rate of plastic surgery performed by Dr Cenk Gorken is very high.

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