Dr. Uğur Horoz – Top Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Uğur Horoz is a well-known plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Istanbul who started his successful career in his humble home at Gaziantep. He dreamt of shining in the cosmetic enhancement domain that was just evolving in Turkey in the late 1980s. Dr. Horoz took the challenging road to becoming a renowned plastic surgeon with boundless determination. In successive years, he studied and trained diligently at Dicle University Faculty of Medicine and saw his efforts bore fruit upon receiving his specialization degree in 2016 from the prestigious Ankara Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Training and Research Hospital.

Dr. Ugur Horoz’s innate passion and enthusiasm for aesthetic surgery led him to acquire knowledge from Turkey and Japan. Today, he has massive experience and deep expertise in complex body contouring procedures like tummy tucks, suction-assisted lipectomy, rhinoplasty, fox eye surgery, and deep plane facelifts.

Dr. Ugur Horoz’s practice in Sisli, Istanbul, is guided by a unique philosophy that sets him apart. He believes that plastic and reconstructive surgery is not just a science but also an art. This distinctive perspective, combined with his expert surgical skills, has established him as a leading plastic surgeon in Istanbul. The exceptional results of his procedures have earned him national recognition.


  • D. from Dicle University Faculty of Medicine: 2004-2010
  • Residency in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery from Ankara Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Training and Research Hospital: 2011-2016
  • Fellowship in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery from Showa University, Tokyo: 2014-2015

Professional Experience

  • Ersin Arslan Training and Research Hospital: 2017 – 2019
  • Istanbul Aydın University Florya Medical Park Hospital: 2019 – 2021
  • Doctor lecturer in Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Medicine: 2020 – 2021
  • Private clinic in Sisli: 2021 – present (2024)


  • European Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Member of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS)

Most Popular Procedures Of Dr. Horoz

Dr. Horoz is sought-after for the following treatments for the face and body:

  • Rhinoplasty, to smooth the nasal bridge and rectify a bulbous nose tip, and other cosmetic concerns.
  • Blepharoplasty, to make eyelids look fresh and rejuvenated. The procedure removes excess skin from the eyes which gives a tired appearance.
  • Liposuction, to remove undesirable fat deposits from different areas of the body.
  • Facelift, to correct severe lines, wrinkles, and the look of heaviness around the jawline.
  • Breast aesthetics, to augment or reduce the size of breasts. Dr. Horoz also performs reconstruction on women who have had surgery as part of their cancer treatment.
  • Facial fat grafting, to get a plump and radiant appearance without a facelift.
  • Non-surgical aesthetic treatments for skin problems.

Treatment Prices At Dr. Ugur Horoz’s Clinic – 2024

At Dr. Horoz’s clinic, the average prices of different procedures are as follows:

Procedures by Dr. Ugur Horoz Price in USD
Prominent Ear Aesthetics $1,988 – $2,643
Rhinoplasty $2,697 – $5,802
Breast Lift  From $3,590
Breast Augmentation  From $3,900
Breast Reduction  From $2,799
Breast Reconstruction From $4,890
Liposuction  $3,870 – $9,898
Eyelid aesthetic  $1,790 – $9,841
Eyebrow Lift From $3,270
Fat Injection Up to $2,329
Face Lift Surgery Up to $8,199
Tummy tuck   $8,267 – $15,870
Gynecomastia Surgery  $2,806 – $6,457

Dr. Ugur Horoz Reviews

Dr. Horoz has consistently received 5 stars and good feedback for his treatments. Patients flaunt their before and after photos after a body or face shaping procedure by him. According to the newest reviews, Dr. Horoz is compassionate and a wonderful surgeon who listens deeply to patient’s concerns and offers the most suitable and personalized treatment.

Any Botched Surgery By Dr. Ugur Horoz?

No, we do not have any negative feedback about Dr. Horoz’s surgery. He has not performed any botched procedures to date. He has a record of successful treatment outcomes.

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