Dr. Cagri Sade – Top Plastic Surgeon In Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Cagri Sade, a renowned plastic surgeon with 29 years of experience has made Turkey a coveted destination for cosmetic treatments and hair restoration. Be it a nose job, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, or liposuction; his innovative methods to apply science in its human form have yielded remarkable results. Dr. Sade has the admirable quality of discerning the potential beauty in his patients and bringing it out through his surgical and non-surgical procedures. He has done over 1600 successful surgeries on both men and women at his private clinic in Istanbul apart from the ones he did at various hospitals in Turkey, Macedonia, and the US. 

Also a medical influencer on Instagram, Dr. Sade’s expertise best shows in the before and after photos of his clients from all over the world. He has extensively collaborated with internationally acclaimed surgeons like Dr. Sherrell J. Aston and Dr. Onur Erol to learn the nuances of various cosmetic procedures. Having acquired a robust base of knowledge and experience, he now believes that excellent plastic surgery is shaped by effective planning, the careful use of basic techniques, and not much by sophisticated instrumentation. Every day he finds fulfillment in seeing his surgical endeavor merge with the incredible ability of his patients’ bodies to heal.


  1. The Faculty of Medicine at Ankara University — General degree in medicine
  2. Şişli Etfal Hospital — Specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery
  3. Traineeship under the supervision of Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, a renowned  plastic surgeon and educator based in New York

Hospitals Worked 

To date (2024), Dr. Sade has worked in the following hospitals:

  • Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital 
  • American Hospital 
  • Private clinic in Skopje (2018–present)
  • American Hospital in Istanbul (currently receives patients)
  • Dr. Sade Clinic (currently receives patients)


  • Certificate of expertise from the Ministry of Health  
  • Certificate of Doctoral Diploma from Ankara University

Languages Spoken 

  • Turkish 
  • English 
  • Arabic 

Mentions In The Press 

  • Outlook India – April 26, 2023
  • Outlook India – January 3, 2024 

Dr Cagri Sade’s Reviews

Dr Cagri Sade is a well-known Turkish surgeon who attracts patients from all over the world for plastic surgery. Based on his expertise and specialization, patients in 2023 rated him as the best plastic surgeon in Turkey. He provides services at a low cost and ensures that surgery gives his patients the best results possible while keeping a close eye on them during recovery. Dr Cagri Sade provides his patients with the best surgical assistance and consultation, making them more comfortable and satisfied after the procedure.

Dr Cagri Sade’s Bad Reviews

If you want to get plastic surgery in Turkey, look into the surgeons’ reviews. As Dr Cagri Sade is an experienced surgeon, you will only find positive reviews; he performs the best surgery and provides the best results. No one was displeased with his surgical skills and artistry in the previous year.

Has Dr. Cagri Sade Done Any Botched Surgery?

No. there are no cases of botched surgery by Dr. Sade. His skills in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures are visible via the before and after photos of his patients in 2023. No one who underwent a procedure by him experienced unwanted effects or was dissatisfied with their overall look. 

Dr. Cagri Sade Clinic – Center for Aesthetic Excellence

Dr. Cagri Sade performs surgical and non-surgical procedures at his private clinic in Istanbul. Right from the location of his private practice (in Nisantasi) to the infrastructure and the staff, everything is structured to fulfill the unique needs of each patient. His clinic has been certified by the Turkish Medical Association because of its excellent outcome. Dr. Sade and his team follow a tailored approach for every person who visits their clinic. This is done to ensure that the person achieves the highest possible outcome. 

Dr. Sade’s clinic has a very relaxing environment, which instantly puts all his patients at ease. He performs all the operations without incisions as he has access to cutting-edge equipment. His private practice provides online consultations to those coming from outside Turkey. Most of his operations are done on an outpatient basis, The facility covers over 350 square meters and is open for both men and women. Dr. Cade founded his clinic in 2006 and to date, the facility has, under his supervision performed countless successful surgeries. 


Types of Procedures Performed At Dr. Cagri Sade Clinic 

Dr. Cade performs many different procedures at his private facility. These include the following:

  • Rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose to correct functional defects or for aesthetic reasons.
  • Hair transplant for a natural-looking hairline and new and thick hair growth.
  • Breast augmentation imparts an aesthetically fuller look to the breasts.
  • Breast reduction removes excess breast fat, tissue, and skin, so the breast size is proportionate with the body.
  • Liposuction sculpts the body and creates a more defined and contoured appearance.
  • Minimally invasive surgeries, performed on an outpatient basis
  • Transplantation and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Cagri uses gels that cause regeneration and skin flap transplantation methods. 
  • Minimally invasive liposculpture to heal tissue defects. He mainly uses it during breast reconstruction. 
  • Scar treatment, such as laser resurfacing and pulsed light to reduce the formation of scar tissue. 

Pricelist Of Cosmetic Surgeries By Dr. Cagri Sade – 2024

The average prices of various aesthetic procedures done at Dr. Cagri Sade’s Clinic are given below. 

Surgery name by Dr. Çağrı Sade The average cost (in 2024) in US dollars
Rhinoplasty Up to $12,900
Facelift Up to $10,220
Blepharoplasty Up to $7,899
Mini Facelift Up to $2,880
Breast Augmentation $7,998
Breast Reduction $7,464
Breast Lift Up to $5,010
Tummy Tuck Up to $12,080
Liposuction $8,782
Brazilian Butt Lift $5,877
Chin Augmentation Up to $5,533
Cheek Augmentation Starts from $3,221
Cosmetic Ear Surgery $4,858
Hair Transplantation Up to $8,994
Aesthetic Filling Starts from $1,448
Filler Applications Starts from $2,338
Thermage $6,117
Fractional CO2 Laser Between $400 to $967
PRP Skin Rejuvenation $250 for a single session

How To Contact Dr. Cagri Sade?

The current contact details of Dr. Sade are given below:

Harbiye Mahallesi Abdi İpekçi Cad. Reasürans Han 2 Kat :6 No:61, 34138 Şişli/Istanbul, Turkey
Distance from the Istanbul airport: 42.8 km
The time it takes to reach him: 40 minutes

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