Dr Sibel Ulusan – Hair Transplant Specialist In Turkey

Dr. Sibel Ulusan is a top hair transplant doctor in Turkey. She is the founder of Dr. Ulusan Clinic in Izmir and has an experience of over 36 years in helping people achieve fuller hairlines. She is renowned for her Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique of hair transplant and has extracted up to 4595 grafts per session.

Besides FUE, Dr. Ulusan is known for Micro Graft Root Cell Therapy, Exosome therapy, and Stem Cell Treatment for fixing balding hair. Over 4,500 patients worldwide have benefited from Dr. Ulusan’s hair transplant procedures. Together with her husband, Dr. Zafer Ulusan, she has strengthened Tukey and Izmir’s reputation as a safe and go-to place for undergoing advanced hair restoration treatments.

Dr. Ulusan treats patients not only in Izmir. Her growing reputation and fame have allowed her to build new offices in London and New York City. If you are planning to have a hair restoration or transplant treatment, this listing on Dr. Ulusan will prove helpful. We will give her qualifications, major procedures, costs, and reviews.

Education And Experience

The table below lists Dr. Ulusan’s qualifications.

Qualification  Year
Graduation from Dokuz Eylul University’s School of Medicine 1989
Certification in Medical Aesthetics Expertise


Dr. Ulusan worked in several healthcare facilities in Izmir for 15 years before opening her private clinic. He is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and also shows her findings from her continuous research work in several conferences held yearly in Europe and America.

Major Clinics Of Dr. Ulusan

Dr. Ulusan’s main clinic is in Izmir. She operates at two other clinics. All of them are mentioned below.

Clinic  Address
Turkey clinic  Adalet Mahallesi, Manas Bulvari, 72/B, Park Loca Sitesi, Bayrakli, izmir
London clinic 48, Charlotte St. London W1T2NS
US clinic  40 Exchange Pl Suite 1704, New York, NY, 10005

Costs Of Treatments By Dr. Sibel Ulusan (In 2024)

Here’s the estimated cost of different hair treatments by her.

Procedure list Average cost in USD (in 2024)

Hair Loss Consultation


Hair Transplant

Up to $9,000

Stem Cell Therapy

Up to $3,200

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction 

Between $4,000 to $9,234

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant

Up to $4,300

Facial Hair Transplant

Between $1,800 to $3,000

Beard Transplant 

Up to $6,990

Laser Hair Therapy


Scalp Micropigmentation 

Between $600 to $2,000

DHI or Direct Hair Implantation 

$5,600 to $9,779
Unshaven hair transplant  $3,200 to $4,800

What Is Special About Dr. Ulusan’s Treatments?

Dr. Sibel Ulusan has acquired a leading position because of her deep commitment to safe hair transplant procedures using the most modern devices. She does not compromise when it comes to setting standards of her treatments, which are as per the international ones.

Dr. Ulusan tries to treat patients using minimally invasive procedures, such as FUE so that they recover fast and experience minimal downtime. She uses her special technique, the Pairing-up technique to enhance the density and the natural appearance of hair after transplantation. For this, she combines grafts into a single channel.

Dr. Sibel Ulusan uses advanced tools to evaluate the donor area. She then plans grafts based on the needs and expectations of the patient. She does not leave anyone confused but guides them from the pre-op to the post-op phase. The patient remains informed about what is happening with their scalp throughout the process. Put simply, with Dr Sibel Ulusan, restoring hair also means forging your personalized path to transformation.

Dr. Sibel Ulusan Reviews

Dr Ulusan’s reviews are very positive with patients repeatedly speaking of great experiences. Her innovative techniques of transplantation have massively boosted the confidence level of patients from different countries. She has received mostly 4.5 to 5-star ratings from her clients.

Has Dr. Sibel Ulusan Done Any Botched Surgeries?

No. Until now, Dr. Sibel has not performed any botched or unsuccessful hair restoration surgeries. She does a detailed consultation with her patients and plans out the entire treatment. Although it may take time for her clients to see results, the months of waiting are truly worth it.

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