Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz – Find Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Cost & Reviews

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz is the best surgeon providing plastic and reconstructive surgeries with 10 years of experience. Dr. Onur Renowned for their aesthetic enhancements and reconstructive transformations, Dr. Yılmaz Plastic is an esteemed professional in surgical excellence. He is well known and recognized for his mastery in sculpting the body with the latest and innovative approaches. Their expertise spans many procedures, from complex facial rejuvenation to complicated body contouring surgeries, offering patients personalized and natural-looking results. Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz practices advanced techniques and is dedicated to patient satisfaction around the globe, seeking top-quality plastic surgery for transformative outcomes. Let’s find out more about Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz .

Overview Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Turkey, 2024

Details Dr. Ragip Ozdemir Information
Turkey Plastic Surgery Cost $1,900 – $5,850
Experience 10 Years by 2024
Specialization Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Availability Karşıyaka/İzmir Turkey
Technology Advanced
Reviews Good
Ratings 5
Present Hospital Onur Evren Yılmaz Own Clinic https://www.onurevrenyilmaz.com/
Languages English, Germany, Turkey, Arebic
Address Bostanlı, Şht. Cengiz Topel Cd. No:3 Daire:3, 35590 Karşıyaka/İzmir
Hospital Distance from İzmir Turkey Airport 30 KM, (Can be reachable within 40 minutes)
Hours Monday – Friday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
Consultation Fees $15
Book an Appointment with Dr. Engin Üstunsoy Turkey Please write to us
International And Domestic Publications  120 by 2024


Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz: A Proficient Journey in Plastic Surgery – Qualifications

Qualification Institutes
Graduate from Izmir Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine 2005
Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specialization at Ufuk University in Ankara 2012
compulsory service in Karabük and Çorum 2012 – 2016


Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Work Experience by 2024

Work Experience Year
Izmir Medical Park Hospital 2016 – 2022
Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and a Physician Lecturer at Izmir University of Economics 2020 – 2022
Serving at Own Private Clinic 2022 – Present

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Turkey: Qualification & Experience

After Secondary Education, Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine in 2005. He began the journey of excellence in the field of medicine. His commitment to specialization led him to pursue Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Ufuk University in Ankara, where he learned exceptional skills in 2012. Following this, he served in Karabük and Çorum from 2012 to 2016, growing his expertise and dedication to providing comprehensive care.

He started his career at Izmir Medical Park Hospital; after that, Dr Onur practiced as HOD of Plastic Surgery and a Physician Lecturer at the Izmir University of Economics. In 2022, with a high educational background and hands-on experience in diverse conditions, Dr. Onur is a leader with uncompromising commitment and proficiency in delivering exceptional plastic and reconstructive surgical solutions at their clinic in Turkey.

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz: Plastic Surgery Price List in Turkey, 2024

Dr. Onur Yilmaz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery List Average Cost in $ – January 2024
Facelift surgery $4,200
Rhinoplasty $3,355
Neck lift $4,660
Brow lift $2,700
Forehead lift $3,111
Chin Implant $3,004
Liposuction $1,620
Breast augmentation $4,590
Breast lift $4,859
Breast reduction $6,350
Breast Implants with Breast Lift $6,350
Breast Lift with Implants – Round $6,350
FUE hair transplant $3,111
Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction) $4,096
Tummy Tuck $4,859
Mammoplasty $8,099
Abdominal liposuction $7,132
Mommy makeover $18,897
Thighs liposuction $1,620
Thigh lift $5,810
Calf implants $4,590
Lipofilling $2,335
Upper arm liposuction $1,620
Arms plastics (brachioplasty) $4,460
Hair Transplant $2,852
Beard transplant $2,852
Organic hair transplantation $4,202
Body Lift $8,099
Brazilian Butt lift $1,620
Buttock implants $8,099
Love handles liposuction $1,620
Buttock lift $8,099
Back liposuction $1,620
Buttocks liposuction $1,620
Buttock reduction $5,047
Hip Augmentation $4,285
Gynecomastia surgery $4,320
Mole Removal $681
Lip Reduction $2,911
Stem cell rejuvenation therapy $2,465
Belt Lipectomy $6,080
Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery $4,460
Back lift $5,047
Upper Eyelid Surgery $3,873
Phalloplasty $5,669
Nasal hump removal $4,590
Calf liposuction $1,620
Lower Eyelid Surgery $3,111
Cheekbone reduction $2,759
Dimple Creation Surgery $2,582
Forehead Contouring $3,756
Lip Implant $2,160
Labia Reduction $2,194
Hymenoplasty $1,500
Labiaplasty $2,350
Phalloplasty $3,150
Vaginoplasty $3,630
Ear Surgery $1550

Exploring Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz  Different Types of Plastic Surgery Cost in Turkey

Dr. Onur Evren Facelift Reviews in Turkey, 2023

Turkey is considered a safe destination for facial rejuvenation. Many people, including celebrities from different countries, travel to Turkey for aging concerns and to seek a youthful appearance. According to the Expert Chikitsa Plastic Surgery Survey, patients from different countries who have undergone facial plastic surgery in Turkey have given positive feedback. The patient reported that Dr Onur is the best doctor for correcting nose shapes, wrinkle treatments, sagging skin removal, and facial fat reduction.


Dr. Onur Evren Facelift Turkey Price in Turkey, 2024

Enhance your facial contours with a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, and lip enhancement in Turkey. Dr Onur’s affordable cost for different facial rejuvenation is $4,200. Achieve a revitalized and youthful appearance through advanced surgical techniques and customized procedures, and choose from facelift turkeys with before and after pictures from previous surgeries. Dr Onur provides individual plastic surgery or combined procedures as per patient requirements. Here are different face aesthetic plastic surgery costs offered by Dr Onur in Turkey.

  • facelift turkey price Cost $4,200
  • Neck lift turkey Cost $4,660
  • Eyelid surgery Cost in Turkey $4,096
  • Dimple Aesthetic Cost in Turkey $2,582
  • Lip Enhancement Cost in Turkey $2,911
  • Eyebrow Lift Cost in Turkey $2,700
  • Chin and Cheekbone Cost in Turkey $2,759
  • Ear Surgery Cost in Turkey $1550

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Rhinoplasty Reviews in Turkey, 2023

Find the best rhinoplasty turkey procedures at Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz’s clinic. He is the best plastic surgeon, offering all types of facial rejuvenation treatments of surgical and non-surgical procedures. According to the Expert Chikitsa Plastic Surgery Survey, patients seeking rhinoplasty traveled to Turkey for minor correction and major nose job surgeries. Patients are highly satisfied with the results. Dr Onur performs rhinoplasty within 3 – 5 hours and the patient can expect recovery in 7 – 14 days. The final nose changed appearance can be visible in time of 6 months to 1 year.


Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Rhinoplasty Price in Turkey, 2024

Dr Onur Evren Yılmaz is recognized as one of the well-known rhinoplasty turkey doctors and the best face-lifting Turkey. Discover the transformative procedures and Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey at $3,355. Reshape and resize your nose to achieve natural and pleasing facial proportions with Dr. Onur’s surgical expertise in open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, tip correction, and ultrasonic rhinoplasty for ugly large, or wide nose appearance.

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Breast Enlargement Turkey Reviews & Breast Lift Turkey Reviews, 2023

Several women, after childbirth or aging, seek to rejuvenate their breast appearance because pregnancy and hormones drastically affect the breast appearance, which can be corrected with plastic surgery in Turkey at affordable prices. Dr Onur Evren Yilmaz offers all types of breast aesthetic surgeries, including breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast implants in Turkey. Dr Onur provides advanced beast surgeries to achieve a fuller and more proportionate appearance. Overseas patients are satisfied with Dr Onur’s breast surgery in Turkey.


Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Breast Aesthetic Surgery Price in Izmir, Turkey, 2024

Find the best breast augmentation price, breast lift turkey cost, and breast augmentation price turkey at Dr Onur Evren Yilmaz. The plastic surgery cost in Turkey depends on different surgery techniques, surgeon experience, complication management during surgery, and follow-ups.

Here are different types of breast surgeries and costs at Dr Onur’s Turkey clinic.

  • Breast augmentation price turkey $4,590
  • Breast lift turkey cost $4,859
  • Breast reduction surgery price turkey $6,350
  • Breast implants turkey price Breast Lift $6,350
  • Breast Lift with Implants – Round $6,350

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Liposuction in Turkey Reviews, 2023

Modern lifestyle and less physical activity often cause the body to burn fewer calories and store them as fat. The fat accumulation in the body develops as hard layers under the skin, does not melt with exercise and diet, and needs liposuction surgery. Liposuction surgery at Dr Onur’s clinic uses specialized technologies like VASER, 360 lipo, and Ultrasonic liposuction to melt and extract fat from the body. According to the Expert Chikitsa reviews survey, patients have given good reviews and a high satisfaction rate for different body parts slimming and contouring, better body shape, high self-confidence, tightened skin, and healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Liposuction Cost Turkey, 2024

Liposuction Turkey Prices at Dr Onur’s clinic in Izmir, Turkey, start from $1,620. Dr Onur may offer a different price for combination liposuction surgery, as multiple surgeries need more skills and medications, but he offers safe procedures. Dr Onur uses exceptional liposuction expertise for tummy tuck, mommy makeovers, and fat removal from thighs, arms, back, and buttocks.

Here are different liposuction surgery cost in Turkey at Dr Onur Yilmaz’s clinic:

Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey $4,859

Mammoplasty Cost in Turkey $8,099

Abdominal liposuction Cost in Turkey $7,132

Mommy makeover Cost in Turkey $18,897

Thighs Liposuction Cost in Turkey $1,620

Upper arm liposuction Cost in Turkey $1,620

Back liposuction Cost in Turkey $1,620

Buttock liposuction Cost in Turkey $1,620

Calf liposuction Cost in Turkey $1,620

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Cosmetic Surgery Izmir Turkey Reviews

Turkey is the best place for cosmetic surgeries. Izmir is one of the top locations in Tutkey for youthful rejuvenation and improved body appearance. Dr Onur Evren Yilmaz provides Cosmetic surgery in Izmir for overseas patients seeking treatments for moles, lips, dimples, and facial contouring. Several patients have rated Dr Onur as a high-quality cosmetic treatment provider.


Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Izmir Cosmetic Surgery Price

Dr. Onur Evren is known for cosmetic and plastic surgery Izmir. He offers mini to large cosmetic surgery procedures at affordable cost compared to other countries. Here are the main cosmetic surgery cost in Turkey at Dr Onur’s clinic:

  • Mole removal turkey price $681
  • Lip reduction surgery cost $2,911
  • Stem cell rejuvenation therapy cost $2,465
  • Dimple creation surgery cost Turkey $2,582
  • Forehead Contouring cost $3,756
  • Lip implants turkey cost $2,160

Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Genetic Aesthetic Reviews in Turkey

Dr Onur Evren Yilmaz offers genetic aesthetic surgeries for vaginal tightening, hymenoplasty, and Labiaplasty. Patients seeking genetic treatments for cosmetic improvement abroad can get the right diagnosis and high-quality treatments in Izmir, Turkey. Dr Onur is a highly qualified expert in plastic surgery in Turkey who uses innovative techniques. Therefore, Dr Onur is a safe plastic surgeon with Turkey’s best genetic rejuvenation surgeries.


Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz Genetic Aesthetic Cost in Turkey

Turkey is famous for its advanced and innovative approaches to cosmetic procedures, offering a wide range of aesthetic surgeries tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty aesthetic surgery at Dr Onur’s clinic are performed within 3-5 hours and can be recovered in 7 – 14 days, and final results can be seen in 1 year. Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are performed with minimal pain and less invasive surgery. Here are different types of Genetic Aesthetic Cost at Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz clinic.

  • hymenoplasty cost in Turkey $1,500
  • labiaplasty price in Turkey is $2,350
  • Vaginoplasty cost in Turkey $3,630

Does Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz have Botched Surgery or Bad Reviews?

Often, people see negative reviews and search for turkey surgery gone wrong in 2023. When people choose inexperienced plastic surgery and do not care enough during recovery, they often end up with botched surgery results and write bad reviews on the internet. Dr Onur is the best plastic surgeon running his clinic in Izmir, Turkey, providing several treatments for 10 years. He received positive feedback from his patients, and there were no bad reviews and botched surgery. 

Book an Appointment with Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz for Plastic Surgery in Turkey | Get a Second Opinion

To schedule a consultation or book an appointment with Dr. Onur Evren Yılmaz, a plastic surgeon in Turkey, start by contacting his clinic directly. You can also write to Expet Chikitsa for Booking Appointments. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you on your journey towards achieving your desired aesthetic goals. You can reach us via WhatsApp, where our friendly staff will assist you in finding a suitable appointment slot for a second opinion. Expert Chikitsa prioritizes personalized care and understands patient expectations. Feel free to find available dates for appointments and consultations.

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