Dr. Mehmet Erdogan – Hair Transplant Surgeon In Turkey

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan is a top hair transplant expert in Istanbul. He has been successfully treating male pattern baldness using FUE and FUT hair transplantation for 13 years. Dr. Erdogan is a medical aesthetic physician who gained a deep interest in hair restoration surgery in 2013. He honed his skills over many years and has performed 6,000 hair restoration treatments.

Witnessing the huge increase in hair loss conditions among both males and females, Dr. Erdogan decided to spend the better part of his life treating such cases. He founded Smile Hair Clinic, a pioneering hair transplant center in Istanbul, with Dr. G. Bilgin in 2018. Here, he uses his perfectionist approach to hair aesthetics to ensure natural-looking results and a complete transformation.

Dr. Erdogan Medical has medical aesthetician training in hair transplantation and is skilled in Mesotherapy and Phytotherapy. Besides, he is an active member of the Turkish Medical Association and the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council. He is well known for performing hair transplants with the lowest damage rate of less than 1%.

Dr. Erdogan’s TRUE philosophy, consisting of meticulous planning of a natural-looking hairline design and commitment to operational excellence, makes him the go-to doctor for hair loss in Turkey.

His artistic vision and creative skills have transformed the lives of thousands of men and women to date. Dr. Erdogan’s transplanted hairs cannot be differentiated from the existing natural hairs. His emphasis on complete patient care, the usage of modern techniques and innovations, and consistent improvement sets him apart in this field.


  1. The Medical Faculty at Yeditepe University
  2. Has Certificates on Mesotherapy, Phytotherapy, Medical Aesthetics.


  1. Smile Hair Clinic — Leading hair specialist, from 2018 to date (2024)
  2. Medicana Health Group — International Relations and Marketing Director, 2016-2018
  3. Kadikoy Hospital — Medical Doctor, 2014-2016
  4. Acıbadem Health Group — Medical Doctor, 2013
  5. Beykoz State Hospital — Medical Doctor, 2011-2013.


  1. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  2. The Turkish Medical Association
  3. The Turkish Healthcare Travel Council.

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Dr. Mehmet Erdogan’s Unique Way Of Doing Hair Transplant

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan believes planning to be the most crucial step. It includes planning the donor, hairline design, and determining whether the patient’s facial features will provide a natural aesthetic result.  Each technique for hair, beard, eyebrow, and female hair transplantation has its own set of indications. So Dr. Erdogan does not believe that a single technique can be used for all cases. This approach is combined with diligent calculations of the facial shape and contours.

He plans a hairline with respect to age, as aging is a natural process. It also makes his transplantation suitable for the patient as they grow older. Dr. Erdogan discusses the pros and cons of the procedure, which allows his patients to make informed decisions. At Smile Hair Clinic, his team leverages micro and macro disorders for natural-looking results, facilitating the frontal-temporal transition.

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan’s Reviews 

Dr. Mehmet received a 5-star rating from his clients in 2023. He did many treatments for alopecia and hair loss. His elite clientele was impressed by the results and so recommended him actively. The before and after pictures of his hair restoration treatments show a perfectly full hairline in every patient. 

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan’s Bad Reviews 

There are no bad reviews of hair transplantation done by Dr. Mehmet in the previous year. Patients were pleased with the entire procedure, right from consultation, examination, and actual surgery to the post-surgery care and advice. No one spoke negatively of their hair restoration experience at Smile Hair Clinic by Dr. Erdogan. 

Has Dr. Mehmet Erdogan Done Any Botched Hair transplants?

No. There are no cases of botched hair surgery by Dr. Erdogan. He has over a decade of experience in graft placement, which has yielded positive surgery outcomes to date. No patient complained of any side effects or expressed dissatisfaction related to the procedure. 

Hair Transplant Treatment And Techniques Used By Dr. Mehmet Erdogan

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan specializes in scalp hair transplant, beard transplant, eyebrow hair transplant, sideburn restoration, mustache transplant, afro hair transplant, and mesotherapy. He uses the following techniques at his clinic:

  • DHI Hair Transplant: Direct Hair Implantation means using a specialized device to extract and implant hair follicles. It gives precision and minimal handling. This technique facilitates faster healing and a high graft survival rate. It also provides dense hair restoration.
  • Sapphire Hair Transplant: In SapphireFUE,E very sharp sapphire blades are used for recipient site incisions. They encourage a refined hairline design. It lowers trauma to the scalp. At the same time, this technique boosts healing and leads to the best graft placement. It thus promotes aesthetic results. 
  • Body Hair Transplant: Dr. Erdogan harvests hair follicles from different body parts and transplants them to the patient’s scalp. It widens the donor pool for those with limited scalp donor hair. A body hair transplant is a great solution for advanced hair loss.
  • Unshaven Hair Transplant: Unshaven or “no-shave” FUE lets you undergo a transplant without shaving your entire head. It is ideal if you wish to keep your existing hairstyle during surgery. This makes it an appealing choice for people who desire a more discreet and socially convenient hair restoration solution.

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan’s Hair Transplant Costs – 2024 

In order to know the precise cost of your hair transplantation by Dr. Mehmet Erdogen, you must have a detailed consultation with him. It starts from anywhere around $400. The following factors influence the price of your hair transplant procedure, by Dr. Erdogan. 

  • The degree of baldness: If the hair loss is severe, the number of grafts required increases, which impacts the procedure’s cost.
  • Hair transplantation process: Different types of hair transplant methods have varying costs. Some are more expensive than others. 
  • The total number of grafts: The average price of a hair graft is between $0.9 and $1.5. The more bald areas there are, the more grafts are required. It impacts the overall price. 
  • Donor graft availability: Dr. Erdogan extracts healthy hair follicles from other areas of your body if the back of your head is deficient in them. It includes the beard and chest. This is challenging and time-consuming. Consequently, hair transplantation becomes more expensive.

The latest average price for various hair transplant procedures by Dr. Erdogan is as follows: 

Type of hair transplant by Dr. Mehmet Erdogan  Average cost (in 2024) in USD
FUE Hair Transplant $2,700
Organic Hair Transplant $1,800
Unshaven Hair Transplant $3,546
Afro Hair Transplant $2,478
Sapphire Hair Transplant  $4,000

Hair Transplant Package By Dr. Mehmet Erdogan At Smile Health Clinic 

To make the price of high-quality hair transplants affordable, Dr. Erdogan at Smile Health Clinic offers special packages. Such a package begins at $7,000 and includes the following: 

  • Initial consultation and briefing by Dr. Erdogan and his team. 
  • Planning of the procedure using the signature True Hairline Design
  • Pre-operative blood tests 
  • Hair Transplantation Surgery supervised by Dr. Erdogan
  • Discharge and ongoing 12-month care 
  • Aftercare package 
  • Hotel stay (two nights plus breakfast at a 4- or 5-star hotel)
  • Transfer (hotel-clinic-hotel to/from the airport)

How To Contact Dr. Mehmet Erdogan?

The current contact details of Dr. Erdogan are given below.

Alptekin Cd., No:15, 34774, Istanbul, Turkey

Distance from the Istanbul airport: 66.2 km

The time it will take you: 47 minutes