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Dr. Hasan Ozan Kurt is the best plastic surgeon in Turkey. He has 13 years of experience in plastic surgery. He is a skilled surgeon with the best qualifications and training and extensive experience in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery. He studied medical studies at Ankara University’s Medicine Faculty in 2011. He gained in-depth knowledge about plastic surgery youthful rejuvenation, and transformation.

Dr Hasan is dedicated to his work and values patients’ desires about their appearance. He is committed to lifelong learning and provides personalized care to fulfill patients with youthful rejuvenation and skin retexturization. During 2011 – 2015 Dr Kurt started serving at Ahi Evran University where he studied emergency medicine. He continued to learn how to handle critical medical conditions and understand patient care. To gain more skilled full experience he switched work to popular Taksim Training and Research Hospital and served during 2020 – 2022. He remained committed to providing excellent beauty transformations and younger-looking appearances to his patients. In 2022, Dr Kurt founded his private clinic and started providing plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and aesthetic improvement procedures.

According to News, Presently Turkey has become a top attraction to medical tourism and people from different countries visit for Facial rejuvenation, beauty transformation, and younger appearance. People find low-cost procedures still worried about the risks. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 670,000 foreigners traveled to Turkey in 2021 to get medical treatment stated to the International Health Services (USHAS) agency. In 2022 the number of people increased to more than 1.25 million which is a rise of 88%. Most of the foreigners traveling to Turkey are from Germany, Britain, and Switzerland to get botox, hyaluronic acid cosmetic treatments, and plastic surgery including Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction surgery, tummy tuck surgery, breast lift and fat transfer, and Breast Reduction.


  • Hasan Ozan graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine (2004-2011)
  • He completed medical specialization at Uludağ University (2015-2020)


  • Hasan Ozan Started working at Ahi Evran University / Emergency (2011-2015)
  • Then he worked at Taksim Training and Research Hospital (2020-2022)
  • He joined and served at Uluday University / Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeon (2022)

Dr Hasan Ozan Kurt Reviews 2024

  • Dr Hasan Ozan Kurt is the best plastic surgeon in Turkey when you are seeking to travel abroad.
  • This doctor has done specialization in plastic, reconstruction surgery.
  • He is famous for boob job procedures for breast reduction, breast enlargement, and breast lift.
  • Additionally, he provides liposuction surgery, tummy tuck surgery, BBL, 360 lipo, arm lift, gynecomastia, and labiaplasty.
  • Dr Kurt’s non-surgical procedures include botox, youth vaccine, eyelid aesthetics, and mesotherapy.
  • Turkey plastic surgery cost may range between $2,500 and to 4,900 at Dr Hasan’s clinic.

Dr Hasan Ozan Kurt Cost 2024

Dr Hasan Ozan Kurt is the best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Turkey, offering affordable prices and high-quality treatments. Get Beautification, Glow-enhancing, and Youthful rejuvenation for your breasts, tummy, butt, face, arms, and legs. He also provides non-surgical cosmetic procedures for younger appearance. Here are the average plastic surgery cost in Turkey at Dr Hasan clinic:

  • bbl surgery turkey cost $4,000
  • tummy tuck surgery cost Turkey $4, 200
  • Breast Enlargement $2,500
  • Breast Lift $2,000
  • Breast Reduction Surgery $3,000
  • Leg Lift $3,000
  • Arm Lift $2,300
  • 360 Lipo $2,500
  • Leg Lipo $1,800
  • Arm Lipo $1,552
  • Jowl Lipo $1,500
  • Gynecomastia $2,500
  • Labiaplasty $2,394
  • Bichectomy $1,900
  • Prominent Ear Aesthetics $1,597
  • Liplifting $2,150
  • Upper Eyelid Aesthetics $907
  • Forehead Lift $2,350
  • Botox $250
  • Youth vaccine $210 to $650
  • Mesotherapy $1,624

Bad Reviews & Botched Surgery

We found a negative review about Dr Hasan Ozan Kurt. A patient has complained that they were not able to contact the doctor directly and they can not find a contact number.

Note: You can always reach out to Dr Hasan Ozan Kurt clinic located in Barbaros, Varyap Meridian E Blok, Ardıç Sk. No:6 G Blok Kat:1, 34758 Ataşehir/İstanbul, Türkiye. You can also write to us to have a video consultation with a doctor. Our experts will guide you and provide a second opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all plastic surgery procedure does Dr Hasan Ozan Kurt offer at a private clinic in Turkey?

He offers plastic-cosmetic surgery at his own clinic in Turkey.

Why plastic surgery go wrong?

Some patients’ health and wound healing processes does not adopt the changes that endup in infections causing plastic surgery go wrong.

What are long-term side effects of plastic surgery?

When plastic surgery is done by an inexperienced plastic surgeon or a patient is not eligible, the long-term side effects include nerve damage, scarring, blood loss, infection, pain, swelling, and anesthesia complications.

is it safe to get plastic surgery in Dr Hasan clinic?

Yes, he has been a qualified plastic surgeon offering since 13 years but every procedure carries its own risks and side effects so be mindful.

What are the specialties of Dr. Hasan Ozan Kurt?

Dr. Hasan Ozan Kurt offers reconstructive and plastic surgery in Turkey.

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