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Dr Ozan Erol is a best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Turkey (otolaryngology). He offers the latest nose job procedures for shape and size correction. He is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who graduated from Gazi University School of Medicine in 2006 – 2012. He received specialized training and became an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in Turkey. He also received head and neck surgery training at Baskent University from 2013 to 2018. He worked in the facial plastic surgery department at Johns Hopkins University and focused on facial plastic surgery and facial paralysis treatments. During the years 2018 to 2020, Dr Ozan completed the mandatory service of plastic surgery focused on Rhinoplasty operations, sinus surgery for snoring, and ENT rhinoplasty at Çankırı State Hospital & Ankara Elmadağ State Hospital.

Dr Ozan Erol interest in ENT and Rhinoplasty surgery made him achieve more success in his field. In 2021 he received board certification for ENT and head and neck surgery from European board. He offers plastic surgery in Istanbul for aesthetic appearance and reconstruction of nose structures. Whether you are seeking a cosmetic rhinoplasty or functional treatment, Dr Ozan is here to help you. Find the best plastic surgery nose job treatments for different types of noses for rhinoplasty that includes crooked nose, roman nose, snub nose, humped nose, widened nose, bulbous nose, and broken nose surgery.

Dr Ozan Erol works on nose bone and cartilage to create a definition in nose appearance as well as functions by removing tissues and adding implants. This Rhinoplasty operation will change the nostril’s size, nose tip width, shape, and structure which will improve breathing and enhance appearance. Dr Ozan Erol provides nose surgery before and after photos which can help you see the Rhinoplasty surgery outcomes for different types of nose. Additionally, Dr Ozan offers face aesthetic procedures like brow lifts, bichectomy, jaw aesthetics, lip lifts, mid-face lifts, ear aesthetics, and eyelid aesthetics.


  • Dr Ozan Erol Graduation from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 2006 – 2012 and received the title of medical doctor
  • Got Specialised training in the Residency Department of ENT & Head and Neck Surgery from Baskent University 2013-2018


  • Dr Ozan Erol has 12 years of experience in treating ENT surgery.
  • He became a medical doctor in 2012.
  • He received an Operator Doctor title in 2018 from Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, Department of ENT.
  • He worked as an observer for facial aesthetic and facial paralysis treatments with Patrick Byrne (director of the Johns Hopkins University Facial Plastic Surgery Department)
  • During 2018 to 2020, Dr Ozan completed mandatory from Çankırı State Hospital and Ankara Elmadağ State Hospital.
  • He became a founding fellow at European Academy of Facial Aesthetic Surgery and worked with leading plastic surgeons of Turkey for 1 year. Some of the best plastic surgeon’s names include Fazıl Apaydın, Jose Carlos Neves, Abdülkadir Göksel.
  • Dr. Ozan Erol passed oral and written examinations of the European Board Examination of ENT & Head and Neck Surgery and got the title of Fellow of ENT and HN.
  • In 2021, Dr Ozan Erol received a board certificate from European Ear Nose and Throat.
  • His focus is on functional and aesthetic treatments for Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Tipplasty, and Concha surgery.
  • Additionally, he provides brow lifts, eyelid aesthetics, discectomy, ear aesthetics, and jaw aesthetics.

Dr Ozan Erol Reviews 2024

  • Dr Ozan Erol is the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, providing advanced nose enhancement procedures.
  • He offers nose job procedures in his private clinic located in Nişantaşı Şişli/İstanbul.
  • The available nose operations for cosmetic and functional reasons include primary rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, septoplasty, tipplasty, and cocha surgery.
  • The patient has positively reviewed about Dr Ozan’s providing a natural nose.
  • Dr Ozan can speak Turkish and English to encourage comfortable communication.
  • He offers Septoplasty with cartilage transplant and repair of holes from injuries or piercings.

Dr Ozan Erol Cost 2024

Finding a medical procedure cost can be challenging, well. The real cost will be decided during the consultation after a complete nose structure, type, and desired outcome analysis. Dr Ozan offers all types of rhinoplasty and facial aesthetic treatments in Turkey. He collaborates with private health insurance firms to provide the benefits to patients. The average expected Rhinoplasty surgery cost in Dr Ozan clinic includes Primary Rhinoplasty $3,500, Revision Rhinoplasty Price $2,998, Tipplasty Cost of $2,390, Septoplasty cost $3,100, Concha (Turbinate) of Surgery cost $2,350. Rhinoplasty costs in Turkey are reasonable and help patients to have the best treatments for an attractive appearance. Patients will get rhinoplasty turkey all-inclusive packages, which have facilities like travel, stay, food, treatments, surgeon fees, and medicine charges.

Bad Reviews & Botched Surgery

According to our research, Dr Ozan Erol does not have bad reviews or botched surgery claims. Botched surgeries are the result of poor procedures with too many fillers, or inexperienced surgeons without skills. Consult with Dr Ozan for revision rhinoplasty and get back your natural appearance. Contact Experts at MedContour for Medical tourism in Turkey, Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, and more guidance.


What nose surgery treatments Dr Ozan Erol provide?

Dr Ozan offers rhinoplasty surgery, revision rhinoplasty, and facial aesthetic procedures.

What is nose plastic surgery turkey price at Dr Ozan clinic?

Dr Ozan provides affordable rhinoplasty cost in Turkey that range between $2,500 – $3,900.

Does Dr Ozan provide turkey nose job before and after photos?

Yes Dr Ozan provides before and after photos of rhinoplasty to give ideas about different types of nose and surgery results.

Does Dr Ozan offer facial aesthetics procedures?

Dr Ozan provides brow lift, ear and eye aesthetics, lip lift, midface lift, and neck lift procedures.

Is a mini face lift cost less than full facelift?

Generally, the facelift cost in Turkey starts at $2,500 and may increase or decrease depending on the requirements.

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