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Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava has done 3200 plus case of hair transplant by different methods i.e. (1) Macrografts (2) Micrografts (3) Micro follicular grafts (4) Single hair transplants (5) Body hair transplants as per the need of the patient.

Other types of cases which he has done include Lip Face Nose work & cleft lip & palate. Most of the hair transplant are done in local anesthesia the patient is conscious and is talking to his doctors listening music or watching T.V. or Movie and chatting with his doctor and keep on taking snacks & Beverages etc.

DSCN3960Based on the name of lord Sai, Sai Shraddha Cosmetic Clinic is indulged in many ventures of cosmetic surgery. Like-

1. Hair Transplants
2. Nose Jobs.
3. Facial Scar Removal.
4. Facial Fat reduction (Facial Liposaction).
5. Treatment of Male Breast (Gynaecomastia)
6. Lip Reduction

This clinic is run by Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava and his wife Dr. Ruchi Shrivastava: Both the doctors are in the business for more than a period of 15 years. About 3200+ successful cases of hair transplant. More than 300 cases of rhinoplsty (Nose Jobs) and 1000 other type of cases besides the cases of cleft lip and palate are to the credit of the clinic in a very short span of 4 year of independent work.

Why Choose us:

You may think as a patient in India or abroad why you should decide for Sai Shraddha cosmetic clinic when you wish to have a hair transplant or other job.
The reason is examplory, that state of art technology is used in doing hair transplant i.e. in a period of 4-8 hours long sitting our clinic can give you micrograft count of 3000-4500 hair. While using the best methods for you, means what suits you and your scalp both. The staff of clinic is very friendly and courtious and well trained in the job assigned to them. Present situation of the clinic is in the city and yet it is devoid of and noise and other pollutions.
Beside this we have our motto in our heart to give the benifit of cosmetic surgery to even the weakest pocket to simplify that as these surgeries are very costly the common man can not dream of hair transplant in India Asia & Abroad our motto is to give these cosmetic surgery to the general population in the highest of technicalities with the lowest of the cost in the world. The cost are so less still there is no compromise with the quality of material & medicines used.
More than 3500 successful cases are the proof of our credibility.

Our Aim:

As a matter of fact till date aesthetics & plastic surgical procedures are thought to be for the rich & famous only. We the Sai Shraddha people have taken the challenge to take these aesthetics surgical procedures to the common man the middle income group of Asia & Europe. Yet we have pledged not to compromise with the quality & technique in any regard.


Cosmetic ProceduresNon-invasivecosmetic procedures are the ideal alternative to plastic surgery if you simplywant to make a few subtle enhancements to your appearance. Many people choosenon-surgical options due to their lower cost in comparison to surgicalsolutions. At Sai Cosmetic Center, we offera range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including dermal fillers andwrinkle softening treatments to smooth out unwanted lines.

Why Choose TheCosmetic Clinic?

When you choose Sai Cosmetic Center,you can expect an unrivalled level of care throughout your cosmetic surgeryjourney. At your free consultation, our specialist surgeons will help you makean informed choice, and each of our surgeons have proven track records in thehighest standards of their chosen cosmetic surgery fields.



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