Right Cosmetic Surgery Mumbai

Hello and welcome to Right Cosmetic Surgery. Right, because you get the right advice, the right opinion, surgery done the right way, with the right counseling and the right results.

And very importantly, at the Right Cost. It is our opinion that the world over, cosmetic surgical costs are hyperinflated. Why? We do not know. Maybe, it’s the strong association that cosmetic surgery has with glamour; it could be because cosmetic surgery is not ‘necessary’ and considered to be a luxury.

Why don’t we at Right Cosmetic Surgery charge the earth? Lots of reasons: we find cosmetic surgery very easy to perform; patients usually do not require hospital stay; cosmetic surgery patients are generally fit and as these are surface surgeries,they involve less risks. So we see no reason why a breast enlargement should cost more than say, an appendectomy.

Of course, a good cosmetic surgeon needs certain talents over and above those seen in other surgical specialties. These include an aesthetic sense, an ability to visualise what would look good on the patient, the ability to understand the patient’s psyche and desires and an understanding of the limitations of the art and science of cosmetic surgery vis-a-vis nature. But then, we don’t intend to charge for these talents.

Dr. Kiran Naik and Dr. Supriya Naik are expert cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai offer various cosmetic surgeries for your youthful look.

Butt Enhancement Surgery – Liposuction Surgery – Mommy Makeover Surgery – Tummy Tuck Surgery – Breast Enlargement Surgery – Breast Lift Surgery – Breast Reduction Surgery – Male Breast Reduction – Anti aging Cosmetic Surgery – Facial Procedures Surgery – Hair Transplant Surgery – Rhinoplasty Surgery – Female Genital Surgery – Hymen Reconstruction Surgery – Male Genital Enhancement


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