Dental Implants cost in Turkey

Do you brush your teeth properly and twice daily? Many of your answers might be ‘yes, but still, almost one-third of the Turkey population is suffering from a missing tooth, the long-term effect of which might be deleterious for overall oral hygiene as well your health.

And Dental Implants are one of the favorite options these days. A dental implant can be used as a replacement for tooth roots., which provides a strong foundation for the whole prosthesis which mimics the structure and function of a natural tooth root.

Dental Implants Cost in Turkey 2022

Dental Implant Type in Turkey Cost in USD
Implant Megagen ST $380
Implant AGS $370
Implant NTA $520
Implant Osstem – Hiossen $530
Implant Straumann Medentica $540
Implant Astra Tech $630
Implant Nobel Biocare $680
Implant Straumann Roxolide $750
Implant Straumann SLA Active $850
Megagen Okta $450
Nobel $350
Tekka $440
Nucleoss $420


Average Implant Megagen ST cost in Turkey is $380.
Average Implant AGS cost in Turkey is $370.
Average Implant NTA cost in Turkey is $520.
Average Implant Osstem – Hiossen cost in Turkey is $530.
Average Implant Straumann Medentica cost in Turkey is $540.
Average Implant Astra Tech cost in Turkey is $630.
Average Implant Nobel Biocare cost in Turkey is $680.
Average Implant Straumann Roxolide cost in Turkey is $750.
Average Implant Straumann SLA Active cost in Turkey is $850.
Average Megagen Okta cost in Turkey is $450.
Average Nobel cost in Turkey is $350.
Average Tekka cost in Turkey is $440.
Average Nucleoss cost in Turkey is $420.

What are the advantages of dental implants over complete dentures?

  • It will enhance the overall appearance of the patient. Hence increasing self-esteem itself.
  • improve the speech quality
  • It will act like your own teeth as you will not feel uncomfortable while having food.
  • It can remove the embarrassing situation of wearing the denture in public or eliminate the need for denture adhesive if it’s not properly fitting.


Average Dental Implants cost in Turkey 2022?

Dental Implant in Turkey City Average Cost in USD
Istanbul $380
Antalya $360
Ankara $350
Izmir $350


Dental Implant cost in Istanbul $380.
Dental Implant cost in Antalya $360.
Dental Implant cost in Ankara $350.
Dental Implant cost in Izmir $350.

What are the available options for dental implant prostheses in Turkey?

Dental implant prostheses can be used in different ways based on the patient’s needs. Your dentist will evaluate all the factors necessary for a dental implant and will decide for you whether you will be a good candidate or not?

  • Implant bridges- if you are looking for a non-removable fixed option for multiple missing teeth, then your dentist will suggest you go for an implant-supported bridge that utilizes dental implant and tooth-like porcelain restoration.

It can prevent the long-term resorption of the jaw bone and improve the overall aesthetic of your smile too.

  • Implant overdenture- in the case of a completely edentulous patient, the implant-supported overdenture can improve the retention of the denture. Here the denture can be placed on implants or over a bar like superstructure with the help of a screw or dental cement. If the patient’s demand can not be satisfied through the conventional complete denture or fixed implant prosthesis, your dentist might suggest you go for this option.

Patients will experience less bone loss and reduced atrophy of muscles around the mouth. An implant-supported overdenture allows activity without displacing them, unlike the conventional denture.

  • Mini dental implantsthese are the smallest implants available which are smaller than the regular size. It consists of a one-piece screw-like structure that includes a ball-shaped end. This ball-shaped end will be protruding from the jaw bone.

Your dental surgeon will consider this option when you don’t have the required bone support which is necessary for conventional dental implants.

If you can’t afford multiple dental visits due to your busy schedule, you can also opt for this one after having a thorough consultation with your dentists.

Another advantage of placing these mini implants will be the less invasive surgical procedure.

  • Same-Day Implants- in this procedure the missing tooth replacement will be immediate. Nowadays due to patient demand, there is more inclination towards immediate implant placement. This is also called immediate load dental implants the functional occlusal load or the chewing force will be restored immediately. The patient will leave the dental office with restored teeth right after the tooth removal. In this procedure, implants tend to fuse better with bone and soft tissues and gums are less likely to recede or damage postoperatively. The overall healing will be good enough along the implant surface as an immediate replacement can keep the contamination away from the extraction socket.

Though it may reduce the number of dental visits but can increase the dental chair timing.

Keyhole dental implantsall those patients who have dental treatment anxiety and those who get a little bit nervous on the dental chair, can opt for this implant prosthesis. This is a stitch less, minimally invasive procedure with a higher success rate in comparison to the conventional one.

It is a safe and comfortable procedure for the patient and takes almost less than 7 mins to place the implant for an experienced dental surgeon. If the surgical area will be having adequate bone density with required bone height and width and a favorable amount of healthy gum tissue, you can be a good candidate for this implant prosthesis. Thus you can avoid the incision on your oral tissues. The oral tissue is punched out to gain access to the area where the implant needs to be placed.


  • Guided Dental Implant Surgery- In Turkey, dental surgeons are experienced enough to utilize the improved imaging technique and available advanced technology to perform dental implant surgery more precisely in an accurate location. The computer-guided implant placement is a faster process where the patient can get their teeth on a single dental visit as the technology available in Turkey helps the patients to have a better understanding of their treatment planning. The latest imaging techniques in Turkey allow the dentist to get a clearer picture of placing the implants more precisely.


Why to chose Turkey over other countries for dental treatments?

As Turkey is having a fair share of history along with its diverse landscape, you will find almost all the trappings for a great holiday. In Turkey, more than enough reasons are there to occupy your time and to recuperate after the treatment. Patients from all over the world like the UK, Germany, France, the USA, and the Middle East are also coming for dental treatments in Turkey these days as it has become the viable option for dental tourism.

In Turkey, you will the treatment quality assurance from board-certified and experienced practitioners. And even if you are thinking about the cost factor, Turkey is a good option for that too. Here you will get to save almost 70%-75% cost in comparison to the price available in your hometown. Moreover in case of accommodation and transportation also, you will stay ahead if you have opted for Turkey.


What are the places in TURKEY you should opt for DENTAL IMPLANTS?

  • ESKISEHIR are the locations in turkey, which you can opt for quality care dental implant


What is the advantage of having digital x-rays in the dental office?

In Turkey, most of the dental offices’ digital x-rays are available which ensures proper implant dimension and precise placement of the implants in your jawbone.


What is the available advanced technology in Turkey?

  • 3D imaging, CAD, CAM, RVG SENSOR, CT Scan, Digital x-ray are the most used imaging and implant fabrication technology available in Turkey.


Why should you go for dental implant surgery in TURKEY?

Turkey is having dental equipment with the most advanced technology and improved digital imaging along with experienced, board-certified dental surgeons. Thus you will experience effective treatment planning and hassle-free treatment both in the same place.


Who is the ideal candidate for dental implants?

  • An overall healthy person without any systemic disease
  • Those who are non-smokers.
  • The person who is not suffering from uncontrolled diabetes or severe heart disease.
  • The person who maintains healthy oral hygiene
  • Those who have healthy gum tissue and enough bone to support the implant prosthesis
  • Those who have not undergone any radiation therapy.


What are the tests you should go for before undergoing a dental implant surgical procedure?

 Before this cosmetic surgery, your surgeon will evaluate all the following points

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Full mouth X-ray or OPG(orthopantomogram)
  • FBS(fasting blood sugar)
  • HbA1C
  • Postprandial blood sugar level
  • CT scan to evaluate the bone level of the patient for implant placement


After getting confirmation from the lab reports and medical examination that you are undergoing dental implant surgery in Turkey, your dental surgeon or medical personnel will guide you and your family about the Dos and Don’ts before surgery.


How to choose doctors in Turkey if you want to go for a dental implant surgical procedure?

  • You can go through the reviews of those who have already been through dental implant surgical procedures in multiple medical forums and if you are worried about some negative review, you can always consult with your doctor about the matter.
  • Look for the experience of general surgeons and positive patient stories.
  • You can also look for the success rate of dental implant surgery done by your surgeon.


Who are the best doctors for performing dental implant surgery in turkey?

Well-experienced and board-certified general dental surgeons, prosthodontists along with oral surgeons, and periodontists can perform the procedure. And make sure to check the accreditation of the hospital or the dental office from where you are getting your dental implant surgery done.


Any botched-up cases of DENTAL IMPLANT surgery in TURKEY?

To date no such cases have been reported as here in Bangalore, surgeons are way more skilled and experienced. But to avoid these kinds of cases, you should choose your surgeon carefully.


Do you feel that the cost is way out of your budget? Are you looking for insurance?

In general, dental implants are not covered by dental insurance in recent times. You can consult with your financial advisor related to the matter and explore the possibilities along with your dental surgeon. Though nowadays EMI facilities are available in some financial agencies. Even after that, you are feeling it’s difficult for you to avail yourself of the insurance, you can always ask your doctor to write one letter to your insurer describing the importance of this surgery on your health. If your insurance company provides coverage also, it will bear a partial amount of its budget. So make sure you read the details and go for it.


Takeaway-  even after going through this blog,  you are confused about the next step and don’t know whether to go for the dental implant prosthesis or not, you can always reach us. We are always there to help you out.

Common Dental Implant questions in Turkey

Who is the Best Dental Implant surgeon in Turkey?

Find the Best Dentist in Turkey based on Rating and reviews from past patients here.

What is Dental Implant cost in Turkey?

Dental implant cost varies based on multiple factors including technology, methodology used. Find Dental Implant pricelist in Turkey here.

What is Dental Implant success rate in Turkey?

Dental Implant success rate in Turkey is more than 99%.

Can I get Dental Implants Before and After photos?

Yes. During consultation surgeon will provide you Before and After photos for Dental Implants in Turkey.

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