Gum Grafting cost in Turkey

If your teeth are looking ugly and your dentist has said that your gum line is going down, then you need to go for a minor surgical procedure called gum grafting surgery. Are you worried about the procedure and don’t know what to do and what not, then you are in the right place.

Gum Grafting Cost in Turkey 2022

Gum Grafting in Turkey Average cost in Turkey USD ($)
Pedicle Graft $600
Double Papilla Subepithelial Graft $650
Free Soft Tissue Autogenous Graft $650
Connective Tissue Grafts $700

Average Pedicle Graft cost in Turkey is $600.

Average Double Papilla Subepithelial Graft cost in Turkey is $650.
Average Free Soft Tissue Autogenous Graft cost in Turkey is $650.
Average Connective Tissue Grafts cost in Turkey is $700.

Average Gum Grafting cost in Turkey?

Gum Grafting in Turkey Cost in USD
Istanbul $600
Antalya $650
Ankara $650
Izmir $700

Gum Grafting cost in Istanbul $600.
Gum Grafting cost in Antalya $650.
Gum Grafting cost in Ankara $650.
Gum Grafting cost in Izmir $700.


What is gum grafting surgery?

Gum grafting is a simple surgical procedure to save your teeth from gum recession. Gum recession is the process in which the tissue surrounding the tooth structure pulls away from the teeth and leads to exposure of the root surface. It can increase the sensitivity of the tooth i.e. you will be more sensitive to hot and cold foods or liquids and it will make the teeth look ugly.

Gum recession is a common dental problem but it might lead to loss of teeth if remain unnoticed or left untreated.


What is the type of gum grafting surgery you can avail yourself of in Turkey?

  • There are mostly three types of gum tissue graft surgery performed based on your need. Your dentist can recommend which one will be necessary for you based on your specific needs.
  • Free Gingival Graft- in this procedure, your dental surgeon will take a small piece of tissue from the roof of the mouth and stitch it with suture material and then directly attach it to the gum area which needs to be treated.

It is done in those patients whose gum lining is very thin and extra gum tissue is required to prevent further progression of gum recession.

  • Connective Tissue Graft- in this procedure, a small cut has been placed at the roof of your mouth(palate) and flesh or the tissue underlying the flap is removed called a Subepithelial connective tissue graft. After the retrieval of the graft, it is placed at the exposed root surface.
  • Pedicle or Lateral Graft-  here a tissue has been taken right next to the target tooth(the tooth which has gum recession) and attached to the desired area. This procedure becomes more successful as it does not need to cut off the blood supply from any other area of your teeth.

To undergo such a procedure, your dentist will make sure that you have sufficient gum tissue available at the tooth beside it.

  • GTR(guided tissue regeneration)- this procedure has been recently introduced. In Turkey, you can avail this latest surgical technique. Here a specialized membrane is placed between gum and bone. This membrane prevents the further growth of gum tissue which can grow very quickly. Thus it reserves the space for the new bone to grow back and heal.


Why choose Turkey over other countries for dental treatments?

As Turkey is having a fair share of history along with its diverse landscape, you will find almost all the trappings for a great holiday. In Turkey, more than enough reasons are there to occupy your time and to recuperate after the treatment. Patients from all over the world like the UK, Germany, France, the USA, and the Middle East are also coming for dental treatments in Turkey these days as it has become a viable option for dental tourism.

In Turkey, you will receive treatment quality assurance from qualified and experienced practitioners. And even if you are thinking about the cost factor, Turkey is a good option for that too. Moreover in case of accommodation and transportation also, you will stay ahead if you have opted for Turkey.


What are the places where you can go for gum grafting surgery in turkey?

  • Istanbul
  • Antalya
  • Bursa
  • Ankara
  • Antakya
  • Izmir
  • Eskisehir

Among these Ankara and Eskisehir are the popular places in Turkey to go for gum grafting surgery. Ankara, being Turkey’s capital and second biggest city in the whole of Turkey, will provide you with all the charms you need to enjoy in Turkey.

Eskisehir is a famous spot for summer holidays with family.


Is gum grafting surgery painful?

To undergo gum grafting surgery, your dental personnel in Turkey will escort you into the procedure room. The whole procedure will be done under the effect of local anesthesia which will make the area numb. Hence you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Though in some cases this surgery can be performed under general anesthesia if necessary. But it’s not recommended due to the risks associated with general anesthesia.


How much time will it take to heal completely?

1 – 2 weeks is necessary for complete healing of the surgical wound. Though it depends on the overall health of the patient as sometimes it might take one year or so.


When can you go home after getting gum grafting surgery in Turkey?

You will be allowed to go home on the very same day once the surgery is done. In Turkey, your dental surgeon along with the dental personnel will shift you to the recovery room and keep you under observation for an hour or two to avoid any after-procedure complications. There should be someone to take you home after the procedure. You are not advised to drive alone.


What are the after procedure instructions you need to follow once you head to your hometown from Turkey?

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • You should floss regularly
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal
  • Do not miss those follow-up visits.
  • Avoid eating hard and hot foods or liquids for a few weeks and try to take soft and cold foods as head food can cause irritation to that area.
  • Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash which can reduce the overall plaque buildup and reduce the bacterial load. Hence fewer chances of infection during the recovery period.
  • Avoid smoking for a faster healing process.
  • You should follow all the post-procedure instructions given by your dentist to maintain the gum grafting results for a longer duration. In Turkey, experienced medical and dental personnel will help you during the follow-up visits and will answer all your queries related to the procedure.


What are the DOs and DON’Ts you need to follow after gum grafting surgery?

  • You should not brush or floss specifically to that area until your dentist asks you to do it. Before healing, if you do so, it can open the wound and cause infection.
  • Do not perform any heavy exercise or strenuous activity without medical supervision.
  • You can take OTC (OVER THE COUNTER) pain medications if it is necessary after consulting with your dental surgeon.
  • Take all the medications including antibiotics prescribed by your doc.


What are the complications you might face after the gum grafting surgery?

  • Though the after procedure complications are rare in gum grafting surgery, chances of infection are there if you don’t follow the instructions properly.
  • Sudden bleeding
  • Swollen gum in the area.
  • Sensitivity in the tooth even after gum grafting surgery.
  • Increase in spaces between the teeth
  • Sudden pain
  • Fever and oozing pus from the area.
  • Teeth might feel a little loose after the surgery though this is temporary.


What are the tests you should go for before undergoing a gum grafting treatment procedure?

Before this cosmetic surgery, your surgeon will evaluate all the following points

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Full mouth X-ray or OPG(orthopantomogram)
  • CT scan to evaluate the bone level of the patient for implant placement


After getting confirmation from the lab reports and medical examination that you are undergoing gum grafting surgery your dental surgeon or medical personnel will guide you and your family about the Dos and Don’ts before surgery.


How to choose doctors in Turkey if you want to go for a gum grafting treatment procedure?

  • You can go through the reviews of those who have already been through gum grafting surgical treatment procedures in multiple medical forums and if you are worried about some negative review, you can always consult with your doctor about the matter.
  • Look for the experience of dental surgeons and positive patient stories.
  • You can also look for the success rate of gum grafting surgery done by your surgeon.


Who are the best doctors for performing gum grafting surgery in turkey?

Well-experienced and board-certified general dental surgeons along with periodontists can perform the procedure. And make sure to check the accreditation of the hospital or the dental office from where you are getting your gum grafting treatment procedure done.


Any botched-up cases of gum grafting surgery in TURKEY?

To date, no such cases have been reported here in Turkey, as dentists are way more skilled and experienced. But to avoid these kinds of cases, you should choose your surgeon carefully.


Can you get insurance or compensation for any botched-up cases in Turkey?

Generally, any kind of botched-up case is very unlikely to happen in Turkey. Botched-up cases will be considered under medical negligence. You don’t have to invest more money to rectify the problem as you can report these cases under the medical law in Turkey and they will help you out in these cases.


Do you feel that the cost is way out of your budget? Are you looking for insurance?

In general, dental treatments are not covered by dental insurance in recent times. You can consult with your financial advisor related to the matter and explore the possibilities along with your dental surgeon. Though nowadays EMI facilities are available in some financial agencies. Even after that, you are feeling it’s difficult for you to avail yourself of the insurance, you can always ask your doctor to write one letter to your insurer describing the importance of this surgery on your overall health as well in your life.

Common Gum Grafting questions in Turkey

Who is the Best Gum Grafting surgeon in Turkey?

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What is Gum Grafting cost in Turkey?

Gum Grafting cost varies based on multiple factors including technology, methodology used. Find Gum Grafting pricelist in Turkey here.

What is Gum Grafting success rate in Turkey?

Gum Grafting success rate in Turkey is more than 99%.

Can I get Gum Graftings Before and After photos?

Yes. During consultation surgeon will provide you Before and After photos for Gum Graftings in Turkey.

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