Breast Implant in London

About Breast Implant Surgery

Following a pregnancy or weight loss, Breast Implant can help restore confidence and fullness. If one of your breasts is substantially larger than the other, or if you just want a larger cup size, the operation can help you achieve your desired size and shape. The surgery is performed in London by an experienced surgeon who is well-known for his high success rate with Breast Implant surgery. Breast Implant cost in London is also very low; many international patients travel to London to have Breast Implant surgery with experts at a low cost. It is also known as Breast Enlargement or Breast Augmentation Surgery is a procedure that enlarges or augments the breasts. It is a cosmetic surgical operation in which breast implants are put into the breast pocket to expand the breast under general anesthesia.

Breast Implant Cost in London

Breast Implant Type in London Average Cost (GBP British Pound)
Saline Breast Implants £2,520
Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants £2,610
Composite Breast Implants £2,430
Polypropylene Breast Implants £2,385
Gummy bear breast implants £2,655
Round breast implants £2,475
Smooth breast implants £2,565
Textured breast implants £2,520

The average Breast Implant Cost in London is around £ 2400.

The surgery takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. In London, breast implant surgery might cost between £2200 and £2600. You should speak directly with the top cosmetic surgeon in London if you want to know the actual cost of the treatment. They can also provide you with a cost estimate for Breast Implant surgery in London before you come, so you can decide whether or not to proceed with the procedure.

The factors affecting the cost of Breast Implant surgery in London:

The total cost of your breast surgery will be determined by a number of factors. These will be mostly related to your desired outcomes and will include the use of implants, the type, shape, and size of implants used, and whether your augmentation will be combined with an uplift. The total cost of your boob job may also be determined by the technique used by your surgeon.

Why choose Breast Implant in London?

In London, breast implant surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure. The London medical team strives for excellence under expert guidance and international standards. In London, only the best and safest cosmetic surgeries will be performed, with the patient at the center of everything. Their goal is to provide the best possible final results while keeping all patients as safe as possible. Breast Implant surgery is very affordable, especially for international patients.

Who is a suitable candidate for Breast Implant surgery in London?

Women who are healthy, mentally stable, and realistic about what surgery may achieve are the greatest candidates for breast implants. While it can help women of all ages, it is almost never done until the breasts are completely matured.

A breast Implant, like any other medical operation, should be done for personal reasons rather than to suit others. It’s also worth noting that a breast enlargement treatment isn’t a one-time thing, as implants aren’t permanent.

The process to get Breast Implant surgery in London

What to consider before the Breast Implant procedure?

You’ll meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss your choices for breast size, feeling, and appearance. The surgeon will go through the different types of implants available, such as smooth or textured, round or teardrop-shaped, saline or silicone, and surgical procedures.

What happens during the Breast Implant surgery procedure?

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to increase the size of your breasts. The procedure itself takes around an hour and a half and is performed under general anesthesia while you’re asleep.

Your surgeon will make a small cut (incision) in the crease below the breast to create a pocket during the procedure. This pocket can be found either behind the breast tissue or behind the pectoral muscle in your chest. The implant is inserted into this region, and the wounds are stitched together.

What is the recovery process of Breast Implant Surgery?

A few weeks following surgery, you may have pain and edema. It’s also possible to get bruised. Scars should fade over time, but not completely. Wearing a compression bandage or sports bra for extra support and positioning of breast implants while you’re recuperating can be beneficial. Pain medication may be prescribed by your surgeon.

Return to usual activities according to your surgeon’s advice. You may be able to return to work in a few weeks if you do not have a physically demanding profession. For at least two weeks, avoid activities that could boost your heart rate or blood pressure. Keep in mind that your breasts will be sensitive to physical contact and unexpected movements as you recuperate.

Patient Queries on Breast Implant Surgery in London

Your breast implantation will take about an hour and a half.

General anesthesia or a combination of IV sedation and a local anesthetic are the two most common types of anesthesia used for breast impant procedures. It induces a twilight state in the patient. Both of these options put patients in a relaxed, pain-free state.

Patients are usually able to return to work within two weeks, but light activity is advised until they have fully recovered.

Due to the simplicity of the procedure, recovery is usually only a few days; however, patients should expect to wait up to 4-6 weeks for the skin to smooth out after the stitching.

Breast Implant surgery is generally painless due to the use of a local anesthetic to numb the area. After the anesthetic wears off, you may experience mild soreness, which can be managed with pain medication prescribed by your surgeon.

Is Insurance available for Breast Implant surgery in London?

As Breast Implant surgery is a cosmetic surgery, so it is difficult to get insurance in London on it.

Are there any botched cases found for Breast Implant surgery in London?

London is well-known for its plastic surgery procedures, and the city is home to some of the country’s most experienced surgeons. There are very few botched Breast Implant cases in London because the city’s hospitals adhere to international standards. A few botched cases may be discovered as a result of an accident or incorrect expectations, but this is extremely rare.


Is Breast Implant surgery safe in London?

Yes, London’s surgeons and hospitals are considered to perform the safest Breast Implant surgery.

What is Breast Implant surgery cost in London?

Breast Implant surgery cost varies based on multiple factors including the technology used. Find Breast Implant costs in London here.

Who is the Best Breast Implant Surgeon in London?

Find the Best Breast Implant surgeon in London based on Ratings and Reviews from past clients here.

Where can I find Reviews for Breast Implant surgery in London?

Find Breast Implant surgery Reviews from past clients here.

Can I get Breast Implant Surgery before and after photos?

Yes. Contact us here for Breast Implant surgery Before and After photos

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