Dr Ilker Arslan

About Dr Ilker Arslan

Dr Ilker Arslan is a highly skilled and passionate prosthodontist based in Istanbul, Turkey. With a focus on transformational smiles, Dr. Arslan combines artistry and science to create beautiful and confident smiles for his patients. His practice is equipped with advanced facilities, including a dedicated operating room, and he takes pride in the exceptional quality of his staff. Patients write positive Dr Ilker Arslan reviews as they have received the best results.

Dr Arslan is also known for his work in functional nasal surgery, facial rejuvenation surgery, mega liposuction, and breast surgery. He is a member of several professional organizations, including the Istanbul Medical Chamber, the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association, and the Rhinoplasty Society. He is a highly experienced prosthodontist with 23 years of practice in the field.

Dr. Arslan’s education and training are also impressive, having graduated from Ankara University in 1999 and Hacettepe University in 2005. His experience and expertise have earned him recognition as one of the best tummy tuck and nose job surgeons in the world. Many international patients visit Dr Ilker Arslan for natural-looking aesthetic surgery.

Details about Dr Ilker Arslan

Dr Ilker Arslan’s Education:

  • Kırşehir Hacı Fatma Erdemir Anatolian High School
  • Ankara University (1999)
  • Hacettepe University (2005)

Dr Ilker Arslan’s Experience:

  • Military Service – Prosthetic Dental Therapy
  • Dent Suadiye Dental Clinic
  • Co-founder – Angel Effect

Dr Ilker Arslan’s Membership:

  • Turkish Society of Prosthodontics and Implantology (TPID)
  • Aesthetic Dentistry Academy Association (EDAD)
  • International Team for Implantology (ITI)

Past Patient Dr Ilker Arslan Reviews – Year 2024

Dr. Ilker Arslan has received numerous positive reviews from past patients, with many praising his expertise and personalized care. Patients have reported feeling comfortable and well cared for throughout their treatment process, with Dr Arslan taking the time to explain procedures and answer any questions they may have. His expertise in prosthodontics and smile transformation has also received praise from past patients.

Procedures cost performed by Dr Ilker Arslan

Dr Ilker Arslan is a highly skilled and experienced prosthodontist in Turkey. The cost of procedures performed by Dr Ilker Arslan varies depending on the specific treatment. The cost of Teeth Whitening is around $130, Composite Filling is $60, Laser Gum Treatment is $315, and White Filling is also $60. Dr Ilker Arslan provides affordable treatments in Turkey. Dr. Arslan also offers Digital Smile Design, which includes a consultation with a personalized treatment program and cost estimate.

FAQs on Dr Ilker Arslan

How do you find Dr Ilker Arslan’s ratings and reviews from past clients?

You can find honest ratings and reviews from past Dr Ilker Arslan clients here.

What is Dr Ilker Arslan’s speciality?

Dr Ilker Arslan’s speciality is Cosmetic Dentistry.

How do you book an appointment with Dr Ilker Arslan?

You can book Dr Ilker Arslan’s appointments both online and offline.

Is Dr Ilker Arslan a board-certified Surgeon?

Yes. Dr Ilker Arslan is a board-certified surgeon.

What is Dr Ilker Arslan’s Consultation Fee?

Dr Ilker Arslan’s consultation fee is around 80 – 100 USD.

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