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Dr. Yetkin Bayer is a highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon. He has completed his medical degree from a reputable institution. His extensive training and expertise allow him to deliver exceptional patient results. Dr Yetkin Bayer Clinics, a renowned medical centre in Istanbul, Turkey, has gained international recognition for its hair transplantation, dental treatment, surgery, aesthetic medicine, and translatology expertise.

Dr. Yetkin Bayer is a hair transplant surgeon with 23 years of expertise. Dr. Yetkin Bayer has conducted approximately 6,000 surgeries in total. The FUE method is available to patients at the Dr. Yetkin Bayer Clinic. Dr. Yetkin Bayer has spent most of his time and a significant portion of his career studying how to do natural hair transplantation, and as a result of his unique interest in the topic, he developed the “Oblique canal opening” method. Hair transplant using the Oblique canal opening method gives you a completely natural appearance and helps you avoid the “Grass Head” effect after hair transplantation.

Trustpilot, a reputable review platform, gives Dr. Yetkin Bayer Clinics a 5-star rating, reflecting high-quality service and patient satisfaction. RealSelf, a trusted platform for cosmetic treatments, features several positive Dr Yetkin Bayer reviews from patients who have undergone hair transplantation at clinics. These reviews highlight the professionalism and expertise of Dr. Yetkin Bayer.

Dr. Bayer’s reputation extends far beyond Turkey. He attracts patients from Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia who seek his expertise and renowned outcomes. In a world where self-image plays a significant role in personal well-being, Dr. Yetkin Bayer’s contributions to the field of hair transplantation have redefined standards of excellence.

Dr Yetkin Bayer Information


Trakya University, Faculty of Medicine Edirne


International Symposium on Hair Replacement Surgery
Plastic Surgeon Oğuz Nevit Ergün
Dr. Bayer Clinics


Plastic Surgeon

Special Interest

  • Medical aesthetics
  • Orthopedics
  • Dentistry applications


  • Medical Aesthetic Practice Certificate

Surgeries Performed

  • Mesotherapy
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Peeling, wrinkle treatment and fillers
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser treatments (including epilation and tattoo erasing)
  • Capillary treatment
  • Anti-ageing skin treatments
  • Birthmark removal

Why choose Dr Yetkin Bayer?

As a result, before undergoing any aesthetic surgery, one should research surgeons and their medical records. Dr Yetkin Bayer has the best medical track record, with a high surgical success rate. He is a well-trained Turkish plastic surgeon who is also well-known for his consultation and guidance. Dr Yetkin Bayer is a medical graduate of prestigious universities with international experience in his field.

Reviews on Dr Yetkin Bayer – Year 2024

Patients have praised Dr Yetkin Bayer for his exceptional service and professionalism, highlighting the clinic’s cleanliness, modern atmosphere, and the team’s knowledge and customer care. Dr Yetkin Bayer clinic’s commitment to patient satisfaction is evident in its 98% approval rate for hair transplant procedures. Dr. Yetkin Bayer is a highly skilled and respected hair transplant surgeon. Many international patients also visit to Dr Yetkin Bayer’s clinic.

How to get Surgery cost?

Dr Yetkin Bayer is a skilled surgeon who has a track record of accomplishment. Dr Yetkin Bayer is a skilled and professional plastic surgeon in Turkey, and because of his years of experience, many patients from various countries seek treatment from him. Dr Yetkin Bayer’s operation is also believed to be highly inexpensive and low-cost. Many people wanted to know how much Dr Yetkin Bayer’s procedure would cost in advance. So, in order to obtain Dr Yetkin Bayer’s surgery, you must first call the hospital and provide them with some basic information about your surgery in order to receive a cost estimate for Dr Yetkin Bayer’s surgery.

Does Dr Yetkin Bayer offers Video consultation?

Dr Yetkin Bayer is a well-known surgeon with a huge worldwide clientele and patient base. Many people desire a video consultation before visiting the country so that they can get better information. Patients can now have video consultations with Dr Yetkin Bayer. Contact Dr Yetkin’s clinic or us and request an appointment based on your basic information to schedule a video consultation with Dr Yetkin Bayer. They’ll set up a time for you to have a video consultation.

Summary on Dr Yetkin Bayer

Dr Yetkin Bayer Qualification Plastic Surgeon
Dr Yetkin Bayer Address Kuruçeşme, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cd. 69 B, 34345 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
Dr Yetkin Bayer Ratings 4.8
Is Dr Yetkin Bayer Friendly? Yes
Dr Yetkin Bayer Consultation fee Around 70 USD
Dr Yetkin Bayer Contact Number Contact us here.
Is Dr Yetkin Bayer Board Certified Surgeon? Yes
Dr Yetkin Bayer Currently working Dr. Bayer Clinics
Common treatments performed by Dr Yetkin Bayer Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

FAQs on Dr Yetkin Bayer

How to Book Dr Yetkin Bayer Appointment?

You can Book Online Appointment with Dr Yetkin Bayer. Find more details here.

Where can I find Dr Yetkin Bayer Reviews from past clients?

Find Dr Yetkin Bayer Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is cost of Plastic Surgery with Dr Yetkin Bayer?

Dr Yetkin Bayer Plastic Surgery cost depends on procedure you choose. Find more details here.

Can I have Dr Yetkin Bayer video Consultation?

Yes. Dr Yetkin Bayer available for video consultation. Contact here for details

Is Dr Yetkin Bayer is board certified Surgeon?

Yes. Dr Yetkin Bayer is board certified surgeon

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