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Adam & Eve Sac Ekimi, is a well-known cosmetic surgery center in Istanbul, Turkey. Here you will find the best plastic surgeons in Turkey for consultation and surgery. They are well-equipped with the most up-to-date technology for performing effective Aesthetic operations. They are Turkey’s most wanted Aesthetics center because to their highly skilled nursing staff, well-spoken coordinators, well-maintained and hygienic facilities, availability of premium services and all needed conveniences in one location.


Without resorting to surgery, women may now minimize, prevent, or even eliminate the symptoms of ageing and skin damage. Given the growing popularity of aesthetic treatments, it’s vital to remember that these are medical operations, and consumers/patients should be informed of the dangers associated with any medical procedure, including cosmetic procedures. It’s critical to pick the correct treatment and products at the right time to decrease your risk of problems and provide the greatest possible outcomes. Choosing a skilled health care practitioner who is equipped to prescribe or administer cosmetic treatments and who can assist you in making an educated decision is also critical.

With our superior expert physicians who are not only competent and experienced but also have a wonderful reputation in this respect, we at Adem&Havva can miraculously turn back time and physically offer you a make-over of your life.

Medical Aesthetic Treatments;
• Hand Rejuvenation
• Non Surgical Face Lifting
• Fillers Nose (Non-Surgical Nose Correction)
• Grow Factor Hire Treatment


• Fillers Facial
• Fillers Lightening Eye Hollow
• PRP for Hair
• Chemical Peeling
• Permanent Lip Contouring

• PRP for Face
• Mesotherapy for Hair
• Mesotherapy for Face

• Eyebrow Permanent Make-up

• Body Mesotherapy
• Ozone Therapy
• Queen Therapy

• Hair Stimulation
• Hijama
• Dermapen
• Botox Migraine Treatment

• Youth Vaccine
• Gold needle rf
• Fokus Ultrason

• Botox Sweating
• Botox Face Lift Full

• Lipolysis
• Ozone Lipolysis
• Glutathione Therapy

• Botox
• Salmon DNA



Adem and Havva Clinic is a pioneer in hair transplantation among medical tourists in Turkey. Adem and Havva Clinic professionals in cosmetic and plastic surgery perform around 200 consultations every day. Over 16,000 operations have been done here throughout its more than 9-year history. Dr. Safiye Kurt, the clinic’s creator, is a pioneer in the area of hair transplantation in the country. Dr. Kurt studied endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery in Germany and has participated in several hair transplantation and cosmetic medicine training sessions. She is Turkey’s first licenced hair transplant expert and one of the country’s first to employ the follicular unit technique.

For years 2016, 2017, and 2018, Madame Safie was named the most successful female businesswoman. According to Fashion TV, the Adem and Havva Clinic was created in 2011 and instantly gained the title of finest hair transplant and aesthetic centre. It has earned a high reputation among patients from various nations throughout the years. Many well-known artists, politicians, and businesspeople are among Adem and Havva’s clientele. There are visitors from South Korea, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Peru, South Africa, Estonia, and other nations.

Adem and Havva Clinic experts also provide a basic package of plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments, including rhinoplasty, breast lifts, face and body lifts, liposuction, aesthetic dentistry, and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Annual inspections by the Turkish Ministry of Health, as well as worldwide ISO standards, attest to the high quality of services provided in Adem and Havva.



Lifetime warranty certificate; free translator services; airport pick-up; free transportation to and from the clinic; consultation and treatment by the best experts in their field; Accommodation at a five-star luxury hotel on the clinic’s grounds; Professional assistance is available at all times.


Hair transplantation is a treatment that thousands of men and women undergo every year. Modern technology allows you to get natural and beautiful hair density fast and painlessly. Hair, brows, moustache, and beard transplantation is performed by Adem and Havva Clinic specialists. Androgenic alopecia (male-type baldness); hormonal disorders (primarily of the thyroid gland); age-related changes in the body; physical and chemical injuries to hair follicles; stress and disturbed nutritional balance; and as a side effect of medical treatment are the most common causes of hair loss. All current methods of hair follicle diagnosis and therapy are offered at the Adem and Havva Clinic.

Blood tests, scalp and hair microscopic examination, and skin biopsy are all examples of diagnostic techniques. Doctors may give medicine to treat illnesses that cause significant hair loss if the source of the symptom is discovered. A hair transplant may not be necessary in this situation. In hair transplantation, modern cosmetic surgery employs the following techniques: Extraction of follicular units (FUE). The hair follicles are transplanted to the baldness zone by a professional. They’re usually obtained from the back of the head. 4,000-4,500 follicles are implanted to obtain natural results. Hair transplantation by direct insertion (DHI). This is a more sophisticated follicle transplant procedure. It is not as damaging to the skin.

The treatment is done in two or three sessions, each lasting three to seven hours. Without a haircut, a hair transplant is performed. Women are particularly fond of this approach. In one session, 1,000-1,500 grafts (hair follicles) can be transplanted. To obtain the desired result, several sessions may be required. All of the operations are done using local anesthetic. Each patient receives a doctor’s suggestion for hair and skincare after treatment. Free of charge, clients receive a special shampoo and other postoperative healing items.



Beard and moustache transplanting is a sensitive surgery that should only be performed by experts with extensive expertise. An personalised approach aids in the creation of a pleasing and natural appearance. The hair transplant specialist assesses the client’s facial shape and creates a matching beard or moustache line. The FUE technique is used to accomplish the beard and moustache transplanting under local anaesthesia. It is the most dependable way for guaranteeing that the transplanted hair grows properly and looks indistinguishable from natural hair after shaving. For beard or moustache transplants, 1,500-3,000 follicles are usually necessary. The process takes around 4-5 minutes hours.


The Adem & Havva Medical Center has exceptional plastic surgeons that specialize in rhinoplasty, facelift, neck lift, breast lift, and liposuction, among other operations. They discuss what they would like to alter about their look during the session. The doctors at the Adem and Havva Clinic realize that most people desire natural results based on their many years of expertise. With the aid of 3D modelling technology, the patient and doctor may see what the surgery will look like before it happens. VASER liposuction is used by Adem and Havva Clinic. It has a benefit over other treatments in that it tightens the skin and keeps it from drooping.


The Adem and Havva Clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic operations for those who prefer non-surgical options. They allow you to appear young, fresh, and healthy. Only qualified cosmetologists execute the operations, which take into consideration the unique features of each patient’s skin and pick the safest and most effective ways. The following are some of the center’s most popular services: CONSULTATION WITH A PLASTIC SURGEON FOR RHINOPLASTY Modeling in three dimensions Rehabilitation after surgery


GET A FREE CONSULTATION : Botox and filler injections; Youth vaccine; Hand rejuvenation; Mesotherapy of the face, body, and scalp; Chemical peeling; Ozone therapy; Dermapen; Botox migraine treatment; Golden needle



A radiant grin is a sign of excellent health and happiness. The Adem and Havva Medical Center offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of patients. Every visit to the dentist is made comfortable, safe, and painless by using only the most current tools, technologies, and protocols. The following procedures are available at the Adem and Havva clinic: WHITENING OF THE TEETH An appointment with a dentist is required. Technology and modern equipment Procedures that are painless

Aesthetic Procedures

Clinical Services, Adem & Havva Hospital

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List of Treatments at Adem & Havva Hospital

Skin Treatment at Adem & Havva Hospital

Skin Tightening
Skin Lifting
Skin Toning
Open Pore Correction
Mole Removal
Skin Biopsy
Sebaceous Cyst Excision
Skin Lightening
Resurfacing & Polishing
Acne & Its Treatments
Concerns Of Pigmentation
Removal Of Skin Tags
Bridal Packages (Men/Women)
Laser Hair Removal


Women’s procedures at Adem & Havva Hospital

Urinary Leak Correction
Fat / PRP Injection
Laser Hair Removal


Hair treatments at Adem & Havva Hospital

Hair Loss Control
Density Improvement
PRP Treatments For Thinning
Scalp Hair Transplant
Moustache & Beard Hair Transplant
Female Hair Transplant
Eyebrow Transplant
Alopecia Areata Treatment
Supplements & Medications
Scalp Micropigmentation


Face & Neck procedures at Adem & Havva Hospital

Eyelid Surgery
Nose Surgery
Lip Surgery
Chin Augmentation
Neck Lift
Ear Surgery
Fat Grafting
Scar Revision
Dimple Creation


Men procedures at Adem & Havva Hospital

Face Sculpting
Male Breast Reduction
Chest Implants
Six Pack Abdomen Creation
Calf Implants
Scalp Micropigmentation
Laser Hair Removal
Acne Scar Correction
Botox & Fillers
Skin Lightening


Body procedures at Adem & Havva Hospital

Weight Loss Management
Arm Reduction
Tummy Tuck
Back Contouring
Post Weight Loss Surgeries
Thigh Reduction
Buttock Size Correction
Hernia Repairs
Naval Creation
Scar Correction
Aging Hands


Breast procedures at Adem & Havva Hospital

Breast Sagging
Breast Size Enlargement
Breast Size Reduction
Breast Asymmetry Correction
Breast Scar Correction
Nipple Enlargement
Inverted Nipple Correction
Breast Cancer ReCorrection


Dentistry procedures at Adem & Havva Hospital

Dental Bleaching
Enamel Bonding
Dental Veneers
Invisalign Braces
Gum Depigmentation
Tooth Jewel
Scaling & Polishing
Root Canal Treatment
Crowns & Bridges
Implant Placement
Crown Lengthning


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