Dr. Evren Helvacı – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon In Istanbul 

Dr. Evren Helvacı is a plastic surgeon and beauty guru in Istanbul with 19 years of experience. In these years, she has built a reputation for performing highly successful breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, and post-obesity surgery. Certified by the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Helvacı firmly believes in the mighty power of physical beauty. A good-looking body radiates confidence and impacts psychological well-being positively. Aligned with this philosophy, she does various non-surgical and surgical procedures that enhance aesthetics and restore the lost smile in men and women. 

Dr. Helvacı’s journey from a research assistant at the plastic surgery department of Ege University to leading her own successful Blanc Clinic & Beauty Clinic in Istanbul is punctuated with many milestones. She spoke at many seminars outside of Turkey, attended various medical conferences, and developed innovative approaches to help eliminate the signs of aging. Today, Blanc Clinic at Acıbadem is globally recognized for body contouring and liposuction with over 60% of patients being Arabic females. 

Dr. Helvacı gained a particular interest in breast reconstruction while studying the causes of malignant tumors of the body. She enhanced her skills and knowledge as a reconstructive surgeon following this. In her current position, Dr. Helvacı specializes in reconstructive breast surgery, as well as skin cancer surgery and general plastic surgery.

Her mission is to provide safe cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that allow people to feel at peace with themselves. Get complete details about Dr. Evren Helvacı’s education, experience, patient reviews, photos, and prices here.


  • Medical education from Hacettepe University – Faculty of Medicine
  • Residency from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ege University

Work experience To Date (2024)

  • Research assistant in the Department of Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery of Ege University – 2001
  • Specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant melanoma – 2008
  • Worked in private clinics – 2010 – 2013
  • Private practice in Ataşehir, Istanbul after establishing Blanc Clinic & Beauty Clinic – 2013 to present (2024)


  • Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • Wound Care Association.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Medicine

Mentions In The Press 

  • Hurriyet – June 1, 2012


Dr. Evren Helvacı Reviews 

Dr. Evren Helvacı has received many reviews for her breast augmentation and tummy tucks. They all are positive and showcase her deep expertise. People who chose her felt happy with their results. 

Dr. Evren Helvacı Bad Reviews 

Dr. Evren Helvacı’s bad reviews do not exist as yet. We have only received good feedback for her procedures so far. 

Has Dr. Evren Helvacı Done Any Botched Surgery?

No. Dr. Evren Helvacı has not done any botched surgeries. In 2023, she performed successful cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Evren Helvacı Prices For Plastic Surgeries – 2024

Here are the updated prices of various plastic surgeries done by Dr. Evren Helvacı.

Surgery List by Dr. Evren Helvacı  The average cost (in 2024) in US Dollars
Breast Reconstruction Up to $25,221
Breast Augmentation Up to $8,211
Breast Lift $6,456
Rhinoplasty Up to $15,329
Vaser liposuction Up to $7,000
Tummy Tuck From $7,899
Gynecomastia Surgery $5,490
Blepharoplasty Up to $8,299
Breast Reduction Up to $7,897
Lip Augmentation Between $513 to $800
Chin Augmentation Up to $8232
Post Baratric Surgery $4,000
Arm Lift Up to $6,991
Thigh Lift Up to $4308
BBL  Up to $3,219
Facelift Up to $13,121
Renuvion J Plasma  Between $3,000 to $8,000


Major Procedures Done By Dr. Evren Helvacı 

Dr. Evren Helvacı specializes in the following treatments at her clinic. 

Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation operations by Dr. Evren Helvaci are quite popular. She uses various augmentation techniques to help women get the desired proportions of their breasts in terms of size, fullness, and shape. For women with large breasts who wish to improve their appearance and minimize discomfort, she does breast reduction. Through breast aesthetics, Dr. Helvaci has made thousands of women feel great about themselves. 

Tummy Tuck

Through mini and full abdominoplasty, Dr. Helvaci removes the excess skin skin around the abdomen. Arabic females often choose her clinic for tummy tuck post-childbirth. Dr. Helvaci expertly corrects the deformities caused due to weight loss and weight gain during this period. All her tummy tuck techniques minimize scarring, and recovery time, and prioritize patient safety. Moreover, at Blanc Clinic, Dr. Helvaci uses advanced imaging technology to plan and execute the final surgery.


Dr. Helvaci has refined the nose shapes of nearly 2,000 men and women with her cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. She is an expert in closed rhinoplasty, endoscopic rhinoplasty, 3D rhinoplasty, piezo rhinoplasty, and finesse rhinoplasty. Through these techniques, she makes minor alterations to the nose shape yet it results in a marvelous transformation as reflected in the before and after photos of her patients. 

J Plasma-Renuvion 

During menopause, women experience loss of skin elasticity, weight gain, and cellulite. Dr. Helvaci uses Renuvion J Plasma to tighten the skin, improve its tone, and reduce laxity. It’s a revolutionary skin-tightening treatment utilizing RF energy and helium plasma to tighten loose skin. Dr. Helvaci does it as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with liposuction. 

Vaser Liposuction 

Vaser liposuction is another popular procedure at Blanc Clinic for those who want to reshape their bodies with a minimally invasive approach. As a board-certified plastic surgeon in Istanbul, Dr. Helvaci has numerous before and after photos of her patients achieving their desired bodies after this procedure. Vaser liposuction is a highly precise procedure that is less damaging and results in a smoother recovery. Dr. Helvaci thoroughly evaluates skin quality, and medical history, and then sets realistic goals for Vaser liposuction. This results in desirable outcomes in terms of body contouring.

Contact Dr. Evren Helvacı 

The current contact details of Dr. Evren Helvacı are given below.

Acıbadem Mah Çeçen Sok Akasya Acıbadem Sitesi Kent Etabı A2 Kule K37 D249, 34660 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey

Distance from the Istanbul airport – 52.4 km

The average time it will take to reach – 51 minutes

How to Book Dr Evren Helvaci Appointment?

You can Book Online Appointment with Dr Evren Helvaci . Find more details here.

Where can I find Dr Evren Helvaci Reviews from past clients?

Find Dr Evren Helvaci Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is cost of Plastic Surgery withDr Evren Helvaci ?

Dr Evren Helvaci Plastic Surgery cost depends on procedure you choose. Find more details here.

Can I have Dr Evren Helvaci video Consultation?

Yes. Dr Evren Helvaci available for video consultation. Contact here for details

Is Dr Evren Helvaci is board certified Surgeon?

Yes. Dr Evren Helvaci is board certified surgeon