Mommy Makeover Package in Istanbul

Mommy Makeover Cost in Istanbul

Istanbul has become a very popular destination for plastic surgery because the cosmetic surgery costs are reasonable and the Turkish plastic surgeons are highly skilled. When patients compare the mommy makeover cost to the price in their home country, they notice that the mommy makeover costs in Turkey are very low, and the doctors’ quality is very high. The mommy makeover package in Istanbul is very affordable, that includes all expenses starting from the patient enters the country. 

Mommy makeover is one the most popular cosmetic surgery combinations, created primarily to address common issues encountered by pregnant and breastfeeding women. The term “mommy makeover” refers to a specific combination of body contouring operations performed together to improve physical changes that occur even after childbirth.

Mommy Makeover in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollar)
Mommy Makeover Type 1: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction $3,800
Mommy Makeover Type 2: Tummy Tuck + Vaginoplasty $4,200
Mommy Makeover Type 3: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty $3,900
Mommy Makeover Type 4: Liposuction + Breast Reduction $4,100
Mommy Makeover Type 5: Liposuction + Vaginoplasty $4,300
Mommy Makeover Type 6: Liposuction + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty $4,300

What should be considered for Mommy Makeover Package?

  • Hospital charges
  • Mommy Makeover Surgeons fees
  • Mommy Makeover Anesthetist’s fees
  • Post-operative Mommy Makeover medications
  • Aftercare
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • City Tour
  • Hotel Room Upgradation
  • Additional Health Checkups for Companion

Services Provides by Mommy Makeover Hospitals under Package

  • Mommy Makeover surgery
  • General anesthesia for Mommy Makeover
  • All medicines during the stay in the hospital
  • Consultation with the surgeon
  • Pre-operative tests and examinations
  • Hospital clothing and bandage
  • Stay at hospital
  • Hotel Stay
  • Airport pickups and drops
  • Postoperative check-ups

More About Mommy Makeover Surgery

Depending on the procedures she underwent as directed by doctor, recovery time ranges from 4 to 6 weeks before she can resume full unrestricted activities and exercise. But you can start travelling from 7th to 10th day of the surgery.

Before mommy makeover it is advised not to consume blood thinners or any herbal supplements. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Smoking before surgery may affect the procedure, so no smoking is allowed before 2 weeks of surgery.

The success rate of Mommy makeover surgery is high, especially in Istanbul. The surgery is performed under top surgeons of country, using best technologies and medicines. Well care is taken for the patients after the surgery and during recovery period they are kept under observation.

For mommy makeover surgery, patient needs to stay at hospital for 2 days under observation and post surgery the patient can fly back only after 8 to 10 days. The surgery of mommy makeover is highly successful if performed under experienced surgeon.

After mommy makeover surgery, patient need to stay back in Turkey for 8 – 10 days, so that doctor can observe the recovery process.

Advantages of Mommy Makeover Hospitals in Istanbul

  • World-renowned surgeons
  • Modern medical facilities
  • Latest technology
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Latest techniques and technologies
  • Experienced medical staff


Procedure of Mommy Makeover women for postpartum deformations and restoring the body to its former form
Anesthesia Used General Anesthesia
Surgery Duration 3 – 5 Hrs
Stay at Hospital 2 Days
Recovery 8 – 10 days
Results can be seen 3 – 5 Months


What is the cost of Mommy Makeover in Istanbul?

The Mommy Makeover cost in Istanbul may vary depending on the area of surgery and many other factors. The average cost of Mommy Makeover in Istanbul is $1500.

What is considered in the package of Mommy Makeover in Istanbul?

We provide all inclusive Mommy Makeover package in Istanbul at very affordable cost. The package includes hospital charges, surgeon charges, tests, aftercare, hotel expenses, transport fees and many other.

Can I cancel the Mommy Makeover Package in Istanbul?

Yes, with a valid reason you can cancel the Mommy Makeover package in Istanbul anytime before coming to the country, all advance payment will be refunded.

When can I fly back after Mommy Makeover?

The recovery time after Mommy Makeover takes 4-5 days, and you will be ready to fly back after 5-7 days to your country.

Is Video consultation for Mommy Makeover in Istanbul available?

Yes, Video consultation for Mommy Makeover is available in Istanbul.

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