Brow Lift Package in Istanbul

Brow Lift Cost in Istanbul

Because more women want to look younger and more attractive, brow lift surgery is one of the most popular procedures. Brow lift surgery is a long-term solution to this problem. People prefer to have this surgery in Istanbul because the average cost of brow lift surgery in Istanbul is $3550, which is a cheaper option when compared to abroad. The brow lift is a surgical procedure used to improve a person’s appearance by lifting up his brows. It is also known as a forehead lift.

Brow Lift in Istanbul Average Cost (US Dollar)
Brow Lift $3400
  • Hospital charges
  • Brow Lift Surgeons fees
  • Brow Lift Anesthetist’s fees
  • Post-operative Brow Lift medications
  • Aftercare
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • City Tour
  • Hotel Room Upgradation
  • Additional Health Checkups for Companion

Services Provides by Brow Lift Hospitals under Package

  • Brow Lift surgery
  • General anesthesia for Brow Lift
  • All medicines during the stay in the hospital
  • Consultation with the surgeon
  • Pre-operative tests and examinations
  • Hospital clothing and bandage
  • Stay at hospital
  • Hotel Stay
  • Airport pickups and drops
  • Postoperative check-ups

More About Brow Lift Surgery

It may take 10 to 14 days for the initial wound to heal. When necessary, sutures or clips will be removed. After 10-14 days, you should be able to return to work and normal activities.

  • Experience of the doctor
  • Hotel Stay
  • Type of technique used
  • Graft Number

You can have your eyebrows lifted in Istanbul, with confidence because the Turkish healthcare system is cutting-edge and welcoming to foreigners. Furthermore, many patients from other countries choose Turkey for brow lift surgery. As a result, we can confidently state that brow lift surgery in Turkey is extremely safe.

Brow Lift surgery takes 1 to 2 hrs and it takes at least 10 – 12 days to initial recover and fly back to their country.


Procedure of Brow Lift raising the brows and reducing frown lines between the eyes and wrinkle lines on the forehead to achieve a more youthful appearance
Anesthesia Used General Anesthesia
Surgery Duration 1 – 2 Hrs
Stay at Hospital 1 – 2 Days
Recovery 10 – 12 days
Results can be seen Few Months



What is the cost of Brow Lift in Istanbul?

The Brow Lift cost in Istanbul may vary depending on the area of surgery and many other factors. The average cost of Brow Lift in Istanbul is $2200.

What is considered in the package of Brow Lift in Istanbul?

We provide an all inclusive Brow Lift package in Istanbul at a very affordable cost. The package includes hospital charges, surgeon charges, tests, aftercare, hotel expenses, transport fees and many others.

Can I cancel the Brow Lift Package in Istanbul?

Yes, with a valid reason you can cancel the Brow Lift package in Istanbul anytime before coming to the country, all advance payment will be refunded.

When can I fly back after Brow Lift?

The recovery time after Brow Lift takes 7-8 days, and you will be ready to fly back after 9-10 days to your country.

Is Video consultation for Brow Lift in Istanbul available?

Yes, Video consultation for Brow Lift is available in Istanbul.

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