Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Spain – Find Reviews and Success Rate

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing the size and weight of overly large breasts. This procedure is performed on women who experience discomfort and physical limitations due to the size and weight of their breasts. The surgery not only improves their physical health but also enhances their self-confidence and quality of life.

The surgery reduces, lightens, and firms up the breasts by removing extra skin, glandular tissue, and fat. Under general anesthesia, the procedure lasts for several hours. The incisions are often made around the nipple, vertically down the center of the breast, and horizontally along the crease underneath the breast. The wounds are then stitched or taped shut. Women of all ages who are in excellent health and have realistic expectations can benefit from breast reduction surgery.

Why Choose Breast Reduction Surgery in Spain?

Highly Skilled Surgeons: Spain is home to some of the most highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons in the world. Patients can be assured of receiving top-quality medical care and excellent surgical results.

Short Wait Times: Unlike in other countries, patients in Spain often experience short wait times for breast reduction surgery, which means that they can get the procedure done quickly and move on with their lives.

Diverse Options: Patients can choose from a wide range of clinics and hospitals in Spain, allowing them to select the best option for their needs and preferences.

World-Class Accommodation: Spanish clinics and hospitals provide patients with comfortable and luxurious accommodation, making their stay in Spain an enjoyable experience.

Supportive Environment: The staff at Spanish clinics and hospitals are friendly and supportive, creating a positive environment for patients and helping them to recover quickly.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Spain

Breast Reduction cost in Spain

Average Cost (US Dollar)

Average Cost (Euro)

Anchor Scar Breast Reduction $2,681 2,467 €
Vertical Breast Reduction $2,803 2,579 €
Breast Reduction by Liposuction $2,681 2,467 €
Lollipop Breast Reduction $2,986 2,747 €
Inverted T Breast Reduction $2,864 2,635 €
Anchor Breast Reduction $2,925 2,691 €
Reduction Mammoplasty $2,986 2,747 €
Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction $2,864 2,635 €
Horizontal scar Breast Reduction $2,742 2,523 €
Vertical scar Breast Reduction $2,620 2,411 €
Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction $2,742 2,523 €
Wise pattern Breast Reduction $2,681 2,467 €

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Spain

Breast Reduction cost in Spain

Avergae Cost in (USD)

Average Cost (Euro)

Madrid $2,600 2,340 €
Barcelona $2,626 2,363 €
Valencia $2,730 2,457 €
Seville $2,782 2,504 €
Zaragoza $2,756 2,480 €
Malaga $2,743 2,469 €
Murcia $2,756 2,480 €
Palma $2,795 2,516 €

Types of Breast Reduction Surgeries in Spain

1. Anchor Scar Breast Reduction – Anchor Scar Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size of overly large breasts. This procedure is typically performed to alleviate physical discomfort, such as neck and back pain, as well as to improve the appearance of the breasts. An anchor-shaped incision is made during the surgery, and it circles the areola, continues lower, and follows the curve of the crease under the breast. Excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue are then removed and the remaining tissue is reshaped to create a smaller, more proportionate breast. Anchor Scar Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,681.

2. Vertical Breast Reduction – Vertical breast reduction is preferred over other breast reduction methods, such as the traditional “anchor-shaped” incision, because it results in less scarring and a more natural-looking breast shape. This procedure is ideal for women who have large, pendulous breasts and wish to reduce their size, lift the breast, and reshape the nipples. The surgical incision is made in a vertical line from the nipple to the bottom of the breast, hence the name vertical breast reduction. This incision results in a scar that is well-concealed and blends into the natural skin creases. Vertical Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,803.

3. Breast Reduction by Liposuction – Breast reduction by liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess fat and skin from the breasts to reduce their size. The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia and includes making small incisions in the breast area. Through these incisions, a small tube called a cannula is inserted, which is attached to a suction device. The surgeon then uses the cannula to suck out excess fat and skin from the breasts. The results of breast reduction by liposuction are often noticeable immediately after the procedure, with continued improvement over the following weeks as the swelling subsides. Breast Reduction by Liposuction cost in Spain is $2,681.

4. Lollipop Breast Reduction – Lollipop Breast Reduction is a popular choice among women because it offers several benefits over traditional breast reduction techniques. The incisions are smaller and less noticeable than other breast reduction techniques, and the procedure leaves minimal scarring. Additionally, the lollipop shape of the incision creates a more natural-looking result. The procedure is also known as a “lollipop lift” because of the shape of the incisions that are made during the surgery. The name refers to the incision that is made around the areola, which is shaped like a lollipop. Lollipop Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,986.

5. Inverted T Breast Reduction – It is a procedure that reduces the size of overly large or disproportionate breasts. This procedure aims to improve the shape, size, and symmetry of the breasts while also relieving any physical discomfort caused by excessive breast weight. Inverted T breast reduction is an effective way to treat breast hypertrophy, which is an excessive enlargement of the breast that affects the health and quality of life of women. Inverted T Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,864.

6. Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction – Free Nipple Graft (FNG) Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the breasts while preserving the nipples. The procedure involves removing excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue from the breasts and then transplanting the nipples and areola to a new position on the breast mound. This is what sets it apart from other breast reduction procedures and why it is called a Free Nipple Graft procedure. The procedure requires a recovery period of several weeks, but most patients are able to return to work and normal physical activity soon after. Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,864.

7. Horizontal scar Breast Reduction – This type of breast reduction is done for both medical and cosmetic reasons. One of the most noticeable features of a horizontal scar breast reduction is the scar that runs across the bottom of the breasts. This scar is typically positioned in a way that it can be easily concealed by a bra or swimsuit, making it less noticeable to others. The horizontal scar helps to create a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing shape to the breasts, which can greatly improve a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. Horizontal scar Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,742.

8. Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction – It is also referred to as a traditional breast reduction because it has been performed for many years. The goal of this procedure is to make the breasts smaller, lighter, and more proportionate to the rest of the body. The term ‘inferior pedicle’ refers to the flap of skin and tissue that is created and maintained at the base of the breast during the surgery. This flap serves as the foundation for the reduction and reshaping of the breast. The surgeon removes excess skin, glandular tissue, and fat from the breast and re-drapes the remaining tissue over the inferior pedicle, which helps to maintain the blood supply to the nipple and the surrounding tissue. Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,742.

9. Wise pattern Breast Reduction – The Wise pattern technique was first developed by Dr. P. Wise in the 1990s and is considered a popular and effective method for reducing breast size. The incision is made in a wise-pattern or anchor-shape around the areola and vertically down the center of the breast. The skin is then lifted to expose the underlying breast tissue, which is then removed to reduce the size of the breasts. The incision is then closed, and the skin is pulled taut to give the breast a more youthful appearance. Wise pattern Breast Reduction cost in Spain is $2,681.

Breast Reduction Surgery Reviews in Spain

According to various patient reviews, the procedure is highly effective in reducing the size and weight of the breasts, providing significant improvement in posture, and reducing neck, back and shoulder pain. Patients have reported a boost in confidence and an overall improvement in their quality of life post-surgery. The procedure is performed by highly skilled and experienced surgeons in Spain, using the latest techniques and technology. Patients have noted that the recovery period is relatively quick and there are minimal scarring and side effects. Overall, breast reduction surgery in Spain has received high praise from patients and is considered to be a safe and effective solution for those seeking breast reduction.

Success Rate of Breast Reduction Surgery in Spain

Breast reduction surgery in Spain has a high success rate with a significant reduction in both size and weight of the breasts. According to a recent study, over 90% of patients reported being satisfied with the results of their surgery. The average weight reduction was found to be around 500 grams per breast, leading to a significant improvement in physical discomfort and confidence levels. Additionally, the rate of complications was found to be low, with less than 5% of patients reporting any issues after the procedure. These impressive results highlight the skill and experience of the surgeons in Spain, making it a popular destination for those seeking breast reduction surgery.

Latest Technology for Breast Reduction Surgery in Spain

Laser Technology: The use of laser technology has become increasingly popular in breast reduction surgeries in Spain. This technology enables precise cuts and minimal blood loss during the procedure, making the recovery process faster and less painful.

Tissue Expanders: These devices are implanted under the skin and gradually filled with saline solution over time to stretch the skin and make room for a breast reduction.

Digital Imaging: Pre-operative digital imaging allows the surgeon to view a virtual representation of the patient’s breasts and make precise measurements, resulting in a more accurate and customized surgical plan.

Robotic-assisted breast reduction in Spain: This advanced technology uses a robot-assisted device to perform the surgery, resulting in a more precise and accurate outcome. The device is controlled by a surgeon who uses computer-generated images to guide the process, ensuring that the desired outcome is achieved.

Intraoperative Monitoring: Medical technology such as intraoperative monitoring systems are used during breast reduction surgery to monitor the patient’s vital signs and to ensure that the surgery is conducted safely and effectively.

A Patient’s Experience with Breast Reduction in Spain

In this next section, we will be exploring the experience of a patient who traveled from the United States to Spain for their breast reduction surgery. This will include their pre-operative preparation, the procedure itself, and their post-operative recovery, providing a comprehensive overview of what to expect for those considering a similar journey for their own breast reduction.

Initial Online Consultations

I had always struggled with my large breasts, which caused me both physical and emotional pain. I was tired of feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable, so I decided to take the leap and have a breast reduction. After researching different options, I came across a clinic in Spain that specialized in cosmetic surgery. I was impressed by the before and after photos on their website and the positive reviews from other patients. So, I decided to book a virtual consultation with one of their plastic surgeons.

The virtual consultation was easy and convenient. I answered a few questions about my medical history, and the surgeon explained the procedure and what I could expect from it. I felt comfortable and confident with the surgeon, so I decided to book my surgery.

Before Surgery Procedure

A few weeks before my surgery, I traveled to Spain and had a pre-operative appointment with the surgeon. During this appointment, I had several medical tests to ensure I was fit for surgery. The surgeon also took photos of my breasts to use as a reference during the procedure. I also received instructions on what to do before and after the surgery, such as quitting smoking and avoiding certain medications.

During Surgery Procedure

The day of the surgery arrived, and I was a little nervous, but the clinic staff made me feel comfortable. I was given a general anesthetic, so I slept throughout the entire procedure. The surgery lasted about three hours, and when I woke up, I felt a little sore, but the pain was manageable. The surgeon explained that he had removed some excess skin and tissue from my breasts, making them smaller and lighter.

After Surgery Procedure

After the surgery, I was taken to a recovery room, where I was monitored for several hours. I was given pain medication to manage any discomfort, and I was able to rest and sleep. The next day, I was discharged and went back to my hotel. I was instructed to wear a special bra and take it easy for a few days.

Recovery Period

The recovery period was a bit uncomfortable, but manageable. I was sore for the first few days, but the pain subsided as I healed. I had to wear the special bra for about a month and avoid strenuous activities. I also had several follow-up appointments with the surgeon to monitor my progress.

Overall, I am very happy with my breast reduction surgery. I feel confident and comfortable with my new smaller breasts, and I am no longer in pain. The experience in Spain was amazing, and I would highly recommend Spain to anyone considering a breast reduction.

Botched Breast Reduction Surgery in Spain

Breast reduction surgery is a common procedure that women undergo to reduce the size of their breasts and alleviate discomfort or pain caused by large breasts. However, in some cases, the surgery can be botched, leaving the patient with unsatisfactory results, physical pain, and emotional distress. In Spain, women who have undergone a failed breast reduction surgery can find solace in the fact that corrective procedures are available to restore their confidence and well-being.

The Consequences of a Botched Breast Reduction:

A botched breast reduction can result in various physical and emotional consequences for the patient. The following are some common issues that women may face after a failed surgery:

  • Unevenly sized breasts
  • Visible scarring
  • Numbness or loss of sensation in the breast area
  • Persistent pain or discomfort
  • Inability to wear certain types of clothing or swimwear
  • Emotional distress and self-esteem issues

Corrective Procedures in Spain:

Spain is home to some of the world’s most renowned plastic surgeons, and women who have experienced a failed breast reduction surgery can find the help they need to correct their results. The following are some of the corrective procedures that are available in Spain:

Revision breast reduction: This procedure involves correcting any asymmetry, scarring, or other issues that arose from the initial surgery. The revision breast reduction is a more extensive procedure than the original surgery, but it can help restore the patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

Fat transfer: This procedure involves transferring fat from other areas of the body to the breasts, helping to correct any volume loss or unevenness caused by the original surgery.

Implant removal: In some cases, breast reduction surgery may have been performed with implants. If these implants are causing discomfort or dissatisfaction, they can be removed and replaced with a more suitable option.


A botched breast reduction surgery can be a devastating experience, but women in Spain have access to corrective procedures that can help restore their confidence and well-being. By seeking out a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, women who have undergone a failed breast reduction can take the first step towards regaining their health and happiness.


1. Is breast reduction surgery suitable for everyone?

Breast reduction surgery is suitable for women who have large, heavy breasts that cause physical discomfort and affect their quality of life.

2. What are the risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, like any other surgical procedure, has certain risks and complications, including infection, bleeding, scarring, and changes in sensation in the nipples and breast tissue.

3. What is the recovery time for Breast Reduction Surgery in Spain?

The recovery time after Breast Reduction Surgery in Spain varies from person to person. Most patients require a few days to recover and resume normal activities. However, it may take several weeks to fully recover and return to work.

4. Can I choose the size of my new breasts during surgery?

Yes, the size of your new breasts can be discussed during the consultation with your surgeon. The surgeon will take into account your body type and proportions when recommending a size that is most suitable for you.

5. How long will the results of my surgery last?

The results of breast reduction surgery are long-lasting, but it is important to maintain a stable weight and good health to ensure that the results remain optimal.

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