Dr. Carmen Giuglea- Best Plastic Surgeon

Have you ever met someone who truly embodies their profession? Someone who exudes passion, dedication, and a genuine love for what they do? Dr. Carmen Giuglea, a top plastic surgeon in Romania, is one such individual. Her journey in the field of medicine has been marked by unwavering determination, countless hours spent in the operating room, and an unyielding commitment to her patients. Join me as we delve into the world of this remarkable surgeon and discover her unique approach to plastic surgery.


Dr. Carmen Giuglea’s impressive credentials speak for themselves. With a primary focus on plastic surgery, aesthetics, and reconstructive microsurgery, she has honed her skills to cover a wide range of surgical interventions. Her deep knowledge and expertise in these areas have earned her the esteemed position of a university lecturer at the renowned “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest.

Throughout her career, Dr. Giuglea has demonstrated her pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to her craft. In 2011, she joined the Emergency Clinical Hospital “St. John” in Bucharest, initially without a dedicated plastic surgery department. Through her sheer determination and dedication, she successfully advocated for the establishment of this essential department. Today, she takes great pride in leading a team of exceptional doctors and nurses who share her values of providing quality medical care with compassion and dedication.

Passion for Teaching

In recent years, Dr. Giuglea has embraced the role of a mentor, dedicating herself to guiding and inspiring the next generation of plastic surgeons. As a university lecturer, she pours her attention and dedication into shaping the minds of students and residents, nurturing their interest in this awe-inspiring surgical specialty. Her goal is to ensure that the wonders of plastic surgery continue to be pursued with enthusiasm and care long after she has passed the torch.

Personalized Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Giuglea’s repertoire of professional competencies extends beyond reconstructive surgery. She has also ventured into the realm of cosmetic surgery, providing personalized approaches to clients seeking outer transformations that reflect their inner selves. From simple facial or body corrections to intricate body sculpting procedures, she helps individuals regain their self-assurance, femininity, masculinity, and the joy of living life to the fullest.

Post-Bariatric Surgery

In recent years, Dr. Carmen Giuglea has focused her attention on a specific area within the field of aesthetic surgery—the body contour after massive weight loss. This specialized area, known as post-bariatric surgery, requires a comprehensive and integrated approach involving multiple surgical interventions, psychological support, and nutritional guidance. Dr. Giuglea has assembled a talented surgical team, working hand in hand with bariatric surgeons, psychologists, and nutritionists, to provide patients with the utmost care, support, and safety throughout their transformative journey.

Doctor-Patient Partnership

For Dr. Carmen Giuglea, the essence of her profession lies not only in her ability to make a tangible impact on people’s lives but also in the trust she builds with her patients. Beyond the technical skills of surgery, she understands the importance of establishing genuine connections and creating a strong doctor-patient relationship. When patients express gratitude for her compassionate care and the successful outcomes of their collaboration, she feels a profound sense of fulfillment, knowing that she has fulfilled her mission as both a doctor and a human being.

With a commitment to constant growth and an unwavering focus on her patients’ well-being, she continues to redefine the boundaries of her profession. Dr. Giuglea’s unique approach to medicine serves as an inspiration to both aspiring surgeons and individuals seeking transformations, reminding us all that the pursuit of beauty and healing can go hand in hand.

Dr. Carmen Giuglea’s Service Costs

Pricelist Average Cost in Euro    
Cervico-facial lifting € 5,000      
Face lipofilling € 2,200    
Mentoplasty with augmentation € 1,700
Upper Blepharoplasty $1,600
Lower Blepharoplasty € 2,000
Closed Rhinoplasty € 4,000
Open Rhinoplasty € 5,000
Mesotherapy € 600  
Breast augmentation with round silicone implants € 4,000      
Breast augmentation with anatomical silicone implants € 5,000      
Breast lipofilling (breast augmentation with own fat) € 3,500      
Breast asymmetry correction € 4,000      
Liposuction + buttock lipofilling € 3,500      
Abdominoplasty with umbilical repositioning € 4,500      
Buttock lift € 4,000      
Thigh lift € 4,000      
G-spot augmentation € 600      
Treatment of gynecomastia € 2,500      
Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome 600 – 800 €      

Patient Reviews of Dr. Carmen Giuglea

Dr. Carmen has become a go-to choice for those seeking plastic surgery.

But what do her patients have to say about her? We reached out to a few of Dr. Carmen’s patients to get their feedback on their experience with her.

One patient, who recently underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Carmen, had this to say:

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Dr. Carmen. From the very first consultation, she put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Carmen uses the latest technology in her practice, which was evident in the results of my surgery. The implants she used were high-quality and looked and felt completely natural. The scarring was minimal, and I was able to return to my normal activities within a week of the surgery.

Another patient, who underwent a facelift with Dr. Carmen, had this to say about her experience:

“Dr. Carmen is a true artist. The procedure was painless, and the recovery period was relatively quick, which I attribute to Dr. Carmen’s skill and expertise. Dr. Carmen uses the latest technology in her practice, including 3D imaging, which allowed me to see what my results would look like before I even underwent surgery. This was incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of confidence in my decision to proceed with the procedure.


1. What are Dr. Carmen’s areas of specialization?

Dr. Carmen specializes in a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks. She also offers non-surgical treatments like Botox and fillers.

2. How many years of experience does Dr. Carmen have in plastic surgery?

Dr. Carmen has over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery.

3. Where is Dr. Carmen located?

Dr. Carmen is based in Romania.

4. Is cosmetic surgery with Dr. Carmen safe?

Yes, Dr. Carmen is committed to patient safety and uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the best possible outcomes.

5. Can I see before and after pictures of Dr. Carmen’s patients?

Yes, Dr. Carmen provides before and after pictures of her patients during consultations.

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