Dr. Elena Martin- Best Plastic Surgeon

Have you ever wondered about the delicate artistry behind aesthetic plastic surgery? The field requires not only a deep understanding of the human body but also finesse, precision, and talent. Dr. Elena Martin, a top plastic surgeon based in Romania, embodies these qualities and brings her passion for harmony and detailed precision to every procedure she performs. With a wealth of experience to staying at the forefront of innovative techniques, Dr. Martin is renowned for her ability to recreate natural aesthetic proportions. Let’s delve deeper into her remarkable journey and accomplishments.

Education and Training

Residency and Medical Degree: After successfully completing her residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at prestigious hospitals in Bucharest, Romania, Dr. Martin ventured into her career as a plastic surgeon. Her journey began with a remarkable achievement—a top-of-the-class graduation from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila,” earning her an impressive M.D. diploma.

Dr. Elena Martin’s pursuit of excellence has taken her to renowned clinics and hospitals across Europe and the United States. She has embraced opportunities to learn and perfect her surgical skills, utilizing the most advanced techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery. Motivated by her unwavering determination for advancement, she successfully acquired the prestigious European Board Certification in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery in Brussels. This significant achievement has fortified her knowledge and proficiency within the realm of plastic surgery.

Dr. Martin’s training and professional development have been extensive. She has participated in numerous international congresses, workshops, and conferences in esteemed institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and the Royal College of Surgeons. By attending these events, she has honed her non-surgical face aesthetics techniques, incorporating hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections, ensuring optimal results for her patients.

Awards and Recognition

  1. First Prizes at National Medical Congresses: Dr. Martin’s exceptional research and contributions to the medical field have garnered recognition. She received first prizes at both the 17th and 15th Medical Students and Young Doctors National Congresses for her groundbreaking work on transplantation models in rats and composite tissue allotransplantation monitoring.
  2. Special Prize for Pioneering Research: Her innovative research on sentinel skin grafts in composite tissue allotransplantation earned her a special prize at the 15th Medical Students and Young Doctors National Congress. Dr. Martin’s dedication to advancing her field is evident in her groundbreaking contributions.

Transforming Lives with Surgical Precision

Dr. Elena Martin’s passion for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, coupled with her unwavering pursuit of excellence, has made her a sought-after plastic surgeon in Romania and beyond. Her patients’ satisfaction is her utmost priority, and she goes above and beyond to ensure natural-looking results and rapid recovery. Driven by a desire to recreate natural aesthetic proportions, she employs the most innovative techniques and treatments available, leaving her patients with enhanced confidence and renewed joy.


  • European Society of Organ Transplantation
  • European Plastic Surgery Research Council
  • The Romanian Associations of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons- international fellow

Dr. Elena Martin’s Service Costs

Pricelist Average Cost in Euro    
Consultation Fee € 80    
Breast Surgery from 5500 euros    
Mastopexy( With Implants) from 7000 euros
Reduction Mammoplasty 5500 euros
Breast Lipofilling 5000 euros
Liposuction 1500 euros
Total Facelift 4000 euros
Upper Blepharoplasty 2300 euros  
Chin Implant 1100 euros      
Facial Lipofilling from 5000 euros      
Neck Liposuction 2000 euros      
Lips Lipofilling 1000 euros      
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) From 6000 euros      
Butt lift from 3000 euros      
Thigh lift from 6500 euros      
Labiaplasty 2200 euros      

Patient Reviews of Dr. Elena Martin

Patients who have undergone plastic surgery with Dr. Elena have left overwhelmingly positive reviews about their experiences. Patients report that their surgeries were successful and that they achieved the desired results.

One patient who underwent a breast augmentation with Dr. Elena wrote, “I am beyond thrilled with my results! Dr. Elena is a true artist, and she was able to give me the exact look I wanted. She helped me choose the perfect implant size for my body. The recovery was a breeze, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to select Dr. Elena as my surgeon.”

Another patient who underwent a facelift with Dr. Elena said, “Dr. Elena is a miracle worker! She was able to take years off my face without making me look like a completely different person. The surgery was quick & painless, and the results were amazing. I have received many compliments, and I feel like a new person. Thank you, Dr. Elena!”

Patients also commend Dr. Elena for her use of state-of-the-art technology in his practice. According to several reviews, Dr. Elena uses the latest and safest techniques to deliver the best possible results for her patients.

Specialties of Dr. Elena Martin

Surgical treatments

  • Breast Surgery
  • Face Surgery
  • Body Surgery
  • Breast Reconstruction

Non- Surgical treatments


1. What type of surgeries does Dr. Elena Martin specialize in?

Dr. Elena Martin specializes in a wide range of plastic surgeries including facelift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and tummy tuck.

2. Where is Dr. Elena Martin based?

Dr. Elena Martin is based in Romania.

3. Is plastic surgery with Dr. Elena Martin safe?

Plastic surgery with Dr. Elena Martin is generally safe, and she takes every precaution to minimize the risk of complications. However, like any surgical treatment, there are risks associated with plastic surgery, and it’s important to discuss these risks with Dr. Elena during your consultation.

4. How much does plastic surgery with Dr. Elena Martin cost?

The cost of plastic surgery with Dr. Elena Martin varies depending on the procedure and the patient’s individual needs.

5. How can I schedule a consultation with Dr. Elena?

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Elena online here.